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"Alex what the hell were you thinking?!" My mom screamed. I couldn't look her in the eye. She didn't wait for me say anything she just continued. "You let this boy into our house! Not to mention you met him on the street! He could be a drug dealer or a gang member for all you know!"

We were in my room, while Max, Harper, Dad and Justin were in the Sub Station. It was 2 in the morning but Mom refused to wait till the sun was up to have this conversation.

"Mom you don't understand, Justin's nothing like that!" I screamed throwing my hands into the air refusing to believe my mom's accusations.

"Then tell me why does he have a black eye, or a bloody eye?"

"I'm not allowed to tell you, but it's no big deal."

"NO BIG DEAL?! Alex you found this boy on the street then now he has a black eye and a bloody lip! I don't know what you classify as no big deal, but in my book, under my roof, it's considered a big deal!"

"Would you stop yelling at me and let me explain?" I asked, keeping my voice soft knowing that it was the only way my mom would listen. She nodded slowly and sat on my bed. I stayed standing knowing my mom would find that more expressive.

"You see, a couple weeks when I was taking out the trash Justin was laying on a park bench and he told me he had run away because he parents were abusive. I told him to come back and he did and I offered him a place to stay and he lived in my room for about 3 weeks, then he had to leave, and I decided to go look for him." I breathed deeply to signify that I was done with my statement. My mom stayed silent, only looking at me slightly under her eyebrows.

"Is that all you got?" I was taken aback by her response; I was expecting a little more sympathy or at least sympathy for Justin.

"Excuse me?" I asked and my mom looked shocked that I would speak to her like that.

"I said is that all you got, what I mean is that am I really supposed to believe that you just stumbled upon this boy on a park bench and you just offered him a place to stay? Because let me tell you something, I don't believe you. No I'm going to give you 5 seconds to tell me the real story." She stood with her hands on her hips expecting me to break down in tears and tell her the real story but I didn't.

"No." Was all I said after about 30 seconds of pure silence. "That's the story. Either deal with it or you stand here for a long time with that look on your face."

"No, I don't think I will, and young lady I don't like that tone with you, you have no right to speak to me like that!" I rolled my eyes and my mom only got madder. "Fine you want to be treated like an adult, I'll treat you like an adult, you're fired from your job at the Sub Station, and you don't get any money unless you get a job. You are also grounded for 2 months. No leaving except for school. Got it?"

"You're grounding me, real mature mom! Don't worry about me, I'll get a job real easy, but trust me service is going to suck without me." I knew it wasn't true, but I knew things weren't going to get any better so why not have a little fun.

"It may not be mature but trust me it's necessary, with you for a daughter."

"What about Justin." My mom sighed loudly as I said this but she didn't seem angry.

"He can stay for the night, in the extra bedroom, and we will all talk in the morning, you, me, your father, and Max." I smiled. That's all I needed to hear.

"Thank you mom."

"You're welcome, and in the morning we will also talk about you." I nodded. She smiled and slowly left the room, and she even closed the door behind her.

The next morning, I was up at 8, as was everyone else, except for Max. At the breakfast table, Mom was making pancakes, dad was eating and Justin was awkwardly sitting next to my dad. I couldn't help but smile, he looked so cute.

"Morning everyone." I said, and I noticed my voice was more sing song then it has ever been. My mom eyed me but smiled never the less. I knew that I had something coming to me later.

"Alex sit sweetie, we all need to talk." I nodded and took the seat in between Justin and the empty chair that my mom was about to sit in. "First I need to apologize to you; I talked to Justin and realized that you were telling the truth. You are still grounded for not telling me he was here, but only for 2 weeks, and you can have your job at the Sub Station back." I smiled and hugged her, but she wasn't done. "Secondly, Justin and I also talked about his situation. I agreed to let him stay here until we all figure something out." I smiled again but refrained from hugging her knowing she had to continue. "Lastly, don't burn your tongue on the pancakes their hot." I giggled and she smiled at me. Then I looked at Justin who had a huge smile on him face. I hugged him harder then I had ever hugged anyone in my life!

Third Person POV

Justin smiled as he hugged Alex. She laughed into his shoulder and he knew she was really happy. He didn't know what her and her mom had fought about last night but he knew that it had been hard for her.

Later that day, Justin felt he knew the way of the Russo life. Since it was Sunday the Sub Station was closed. He noticed that they watched a lot of TV, which was ok with him, his mom had always occupied the only TV his family owned. He also noticed they ate a lot too, which he liked, he also liked how free they were around each other, and how they let him in so easily.

That night, Alex's mom, who told him to call her Theresa, showed him the bedroom told him where she kept a spare toothbrush. He liked how she treated him like a guest and not like the poor boy whose parents abused him. At about 10 o'clock he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in."

"Hey." He squinted and noticed Alex standing in his doorway. He could barely see her face considering the harsh hall light.

"Hey." He said softly. She approached his bed and hesitated before sitting in the chair next to the bed.

"Listen, I wanted to say I'm really happy you're staying." She got up to leave but Justin refused to let her.

"Wait." She turned, and he motioned with his hand. He sat up while she sat on the bed so they were eye level with each other. Before either knew what was going to happen, their lips touched. The moment was soft and didn't last long but both knew it was perfect.

"Wow." Alex said her voice soft and quiet.

"Yeah, wow." Alex giggled and Justin chuckled. Both looked at each other in the darkness. Alex could only see the outline of his face, but she knew he was gorgeous. Justin could only see her eyes, and it looked like she had been crying.

"Alex, are you ok?" He asked reached his hand and gently touched Alex's check, where tears were dried. She didn't pull away, instead she grabbed his hand and held it there a moment.

"I'm just afraid that you'll leave again." She started crying, the sound was quiet was strong. Justin suddenly felt to need to cry, but he knew he had to comfort her.

"I'll never leave you again Alex, I promise. " He wrapped his arms around the sobbing brunette who he loved.

"Thank you Justin." She whispered and buried her head into his chest.

"You're welcome, Alex. I promise I will keep you safe." With that he just pulled her closer and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

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