Gods and Demons

It was not chance that pitted Uchiha Sasuke against Uzumaki Naruto. Just as it was not chance that the Sharingan would once again be the enemy of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. No, their rivalry spans back eons, to an age when God's walked among men. Their story is merely the final, ultimate clash.

Chapter One: Susanoo

A man breathed a sigh of relief as the eight-tailed, eight headed serpent finally fell. Garbed in the armor of a samurai, with long, raven black hair, held back in a pony tail, the blood staining him did nothing to diminish his imperial face. A sheathe for his katana rested upon his right hip, the throat (1) clad in metal shaped to look like sake jug.

He flicked the blade to rid it of blood, and then sheathed it. On his left hip, he pulled out a small, round fan (2), fanning himself as he gazed across the massive corpse with half-lidded eyes, his gaze being met by the outline of a man, shrouded as he was by dust.

Only his vermillion eyes and a glint suggesting fangs around his mouth were visible. He chuckled as the man fanned himself.

"So, you have defeated the Yamata no Orochi, Susanoo."

The man gave no response, content to fan himself and cool off from the heat of battle. The vermillion eyed one seemed unperturbed by his lack of response, though his eyes did seem to harden as he uttered his next phrase.

"I suppose you would seek my death next?"

At this, the man did respond.

"Is that a touch of fear I hear in your voice, Kyuubi?"

The man across from him snarled, the dust clearing enough to reveal spiky hair, the color of dried blood, and a face composed of lean, angular lines, his chin narrow and his face seemingly to a point, like a fox's.

"Do not think to try me, for though you may have once been a god, your banishment has left your mortal, while I am still the Lord of Seventh Hell and the Nine Tailed Beast."

Susanoo, as he had been named, chuckled at this.

"At peace, for I would not seek to set myself against you, oh Nine Tailed one." Kyuubi bristled at the conceding tone of his voice, his agitation only increasing as the man uttered his next words.

"Oh no, I have a special fate planned out for you, kitsune."

Kyuubi sneered, his eyes betraying his anger.

"And what plans might you think to enforce upon me, Susan-." He could speak no more, for as he spoke, Susanoo fully opened his red, three tomoed eyes, and he was struck frozen.

Susanoo chuckled, seeing rage and surprise spread across the Kyuubi's face.

"True, while I may be mortal, I am far from powerless. How else could I be to face the Yamata no Orochi?" He chuckled again, releasing a small portion of his hold over the kitsune. Kyuubi snarled.

"Damn you Susanoo! Damn you to the fires of all the Nine Hells!" Susanoo chuckled again, continuing to wave himself with his fan.

"Oh, it gets worse Kyuubi. Soon, there will be an entire clan with mine eyes, eyes that will allow them to force you to their every whim." Kyuubi growled deep in his throat, longing with every fiber of his being to attack the man before him.

"And what shall you call this accursed clan?" he spat out. Susanoo tilted his head, pondering this question. Then he gazed at his fan, noting how it was round, a near perfect circle except for where the handle jutted out, the upper half a bright red (3). Then he turned to the fox, grinning a cold, arrogant grin that the fox would remember whether he lived another week or a thousand millennia.

"Uchiha. The name of your masters for now and forever shall be Uchiha."

In sword scabbards, the area where the blade is inserted in the sheath is called the throat. A Japanese scabbard is called a saya. There's a lot of other terminology related to Japanese sword. If you interested, look up "Japanese Sword Mounts" on Wikipedia.

The word for a paper fan in Japan is "Uchiwa." Uchiha, Uchiwa, get it?

See the Uchiha clan symbol.

Well, here's the first chapter, or more appropriately, epilogue, to my next stab at epic fics, Gods and Demons. You'll notice small changes and variations in the paragraphs as I experiment to see what paragraph style makes it easier to read and such. For now, I'm somewhat vague of the plot, but I have a general direction, and the pairing of this story will definitely be NaruHina. Updates will be sparse at best, as my life hurtles towards a cross roads of "College or GTFO of the house."

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