Gods and Demons

Susanoo, Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi. God of storms, Goddess of the sun, and Goddess of the moon. Their brother has upset the natural balance of the world, creating a clan and enslaving the Nine Tailed. They must combat this.

Note: you'll notice a change in the summary. This is merely because I've hammered out a more solid concept for the story. Now it should lean in a more NaruHina-centric direction, rather than merely

Chapter 2: A Few Seconds or an Eternity

In the void, nothing can exist. But a goddess, much less two, is hardly nothing. They gazed across at each other, whether a few seconds or an eon, time mattered little to the timeless goddesses of the sun and moon, Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi.

Of Amaterasu, all mortal eyes could hope to see what a brilliant light, and the pale outline of a woman, with silver eyes. Tsukiyomi was of only a pale, silver glow, yet any mortal's eyes would slide over her, not as if ignoring her, but as if too shamed to look upon her beauty.

Amaterasu spoke first, her voice as soft as flickering flames. "You have heard of our brother's transgression, sister?" The pale silver figure nodded.

"I have, sister. We cannot allow this to pass. Creating a human clan, much less enslaving the Nine Tailed."

"Indeed, sister. The Nine Tailed beast is a force of nature, of chaos. It was not meant to be controlled. And a clan of such power must be balanced out."

"What shall you do, sister?" Amaterasu's silver orbs flashed.

"I shall create a clan, and bestow it with the power of mine eyes. A clan to gaze ever upwards at the sun… I think I will call them Hyuuga (1)." Tsukiyomi nodded in assent.

"I too, shall create a clan. One to pull at the tides, creating their ebb and flow, and perhaps to create a whirlpool in the conflict of currents. I will call them Uzumaki (2)."

"Then it is agreed, sister?"

"It is agreed… but what of Inari (3)?" Amaterasu paused, considering this question.

"… Inari is fickle, as her kitsune often are. Whether she will help the Nine Tailed is yet to be seen." Tsukiyomi nodded.

"Then I suppose we have no other recourse but to continue, sister." With that, the void became a void again, with a mournful silence that almost begged the presence of the Goddesses. A voice said to herself.

"It is well that they did not confront me. Kyuubi should have known better than to get caught." Inari giggled, revealing herself into the void, a faint mist obscuring her.

"I have special plans for my favorite kitsune, though they may take a fair while." She giggled again.

"Namikaze (4)… a fitting irony it will be." Then she was gone.

Hyuuga means "Towards the sun." When the sun rises, it gazes down upon everything, and sees everything.

Though it should be fairly common knowledge among Naruto fans, for those ignorant, it means "Whirlpool." Moon governs the tide, and all that.

Inari is generally considered the god/goddess (depends on which legend you refer to) of kitsune, fox spirit. Namely, Kyuubi.

Namikaze means wave-wind. Susanoo is god of storms, which generally emits waves and wind. Get it?

I know this chapter was rather short, but I've started to flesh out my idea more thoroughly, and it recalled more background. I expect to get into the meat of the story with the next chapter.

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