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Featuring: AurorInTraining!Harry, Conan, and others from both series

File 1: Introducing the Savior

"Hey, did you hear about the new guy in the fifth division?" Chiba asked conversationally as he dug into the bento he had purchased from the cafeteria. He was a chubby man, bordering on portly, though he had thinned out some over the past few months.

Takagi Wataru, a member of the aforementioned fifth division along with Chiba, furrowed his brow. "There's someone new in Homicide?" He had arrived to the station later than usual due to being involved in an all-night stake out the night before and was currently running solely due to the wonderful deity known as caffeine. However, no one had mentioned a new guy in their department, and with his mind addled by lack of sleep, he hadn't noticed anyone new. Of course, he'd also been filling out paperwork all morning rather than talking to anyone, but it was still news to him.

"That's right, you weren't here when Megure introduced him!" Takagi's girlfriend and co-worker, Satou Miwako, sounded quite cheery as she slid into the seat across from him. "He seems like a really nice guy, though he's pretty young to be in our line of work yet."

"Young? So... what? He's 21, 22, somewhere around there?" Takagi was only 25 (1), and he was considered to be in the younger end of the spectrum at the station; most homicide detectives were in their thirties or forties, and there were only a few younger than Takagi. The youngest officer in the station had just turned 23, but he was a member of the third division, the department dealing with theft and robbery, not anything as potentially emotionally scarring as homicide.

"Nope, even younger than that," Satou's tone was as if she didn't believe it despite being the one relaying the news. "He's turning 20 in a few months."

It was lucky that, at that exact moment in time, Takagi had not been drinking his coffee, else he would have accidentally spit it all over his girlfriend, and while she might have laughed it off... well, Satou was the apple of almost all the male officers' eyes, so Takagi wouldn't get off easy from certain other coworkers. As it was, he choked on his sandwich and Chiba had to clap him on the back a few times to keep him from choking to death. And "death by sandwich" hardly had the same noble ring to it that most of his near-death-experiences thus far would have had.

"He's 19?! Is that even legal?!" He gasped once his throat was clear. The new guy wasn't even old enough to drink! (2)

"A lot of others were wondering about that too," Chiba chipped in, "but apparently he's a trainee for the British Auror Division. The entire Ninth is backing it too, saying it's standard procedure for a second year trainee. I even heard rumors that some of the Ninth were asking him for his autograph, so he might be famous, and Megure seemed pretty pleased that we got him."

Takagi was still stuck on the first sentence. "An Auror trainee?" His eyebrows rose pretty high as he thought about it. "Wow... I've never even met anyone in the auror division before... I mean, I've seen them, but... wow."

The Auror Division, the ninth division in all large Japanese Police Departments (the number varied from country to country) was practically a legend throughout all of Interpol. They selected their own officers seemingly out of nowhere – some aurors were even rumored to have not existed in their country's birth registry until they joined – and selected their own cases out of all of them that were submitted each day, seemingly at random. All inspectors were given checklists to consider during a case, and if five or more points were hit, the case was submitted to the Aurors to see if they were interested. They solved the unsolvable and took on cases from murder to petty thievery, fraud to assault.

Of course, many high profile cases had been submitted, but most of them were turned down, including the Kaitou Kid case from the second division. The Head Auror claimed that, while it'd be easy as anything for them to catch Kid, it wasn't a case that fell into their jurisdiction; they had dealt with another Kaitou not long before that, and it was such instances as these that confused most people on what Aurors actually did.

No one outside the aurors knew exactly how they worked, not even the chief of police. This spurred a variety of rumors that usually revolved around the aurors being more like the British MI6 or America's FBI than police officers. Whispers circulated about brutal interrogation methods and corruption, but the only basis of fact was that there were no facts to go on, just the secrecy shrouding the department's actions. Rumors were just rumors.

"Apparently he'd flown through his training over the past couple of years," Chiba continued in a hushed whisper as though he was imparting the secret of eternal life. "He wasn't even finished with school when they recruited him, and aside from his year with us, he's just got one more year of training in Auror methods before he's one of them."

"Talking about Potter-kun?" Asked Yumi, a traffic cop and Satou's best friend, as she set down her tray. "Everyone else is, of course. I only saw him when I popped into the Homicide department earlier, but he's a real cutie."

"Uh-huh," Satou murmured her agreement as she took a sip of bottled tea. Takagi's spirits plummeted. He and Satou had been dating for a couple of months now, but she was still talking about other guys around him without even thinking about it, though to be so blunt... Of course, were Takagi properly awake, he would have realized that his girlfriend was only acknowledging that they were talking about Potter, the Auror trainee.

"A-anyway," Takagi coughed into his fist to get the attention of his group of friends. "I need to go finish my paperwork from this morning before Megure will let me clock out. So... I'll see you all later." He waved good-bye and, after a special smile for Satou, beat a hasty retreat for his desk, almost spilling his coffee on a guy from the arson department as he did so. He really did have to get that paperwork done before he could go home, and the sooner he did it, the sooner it would be done and he could sleep.

Surprisingly, he wasn't the only person in the office rather than the cafeteria. Two desks over from his sat a young man of obvious European descent with messy black hair that stuck up in every direction without much care for gravity and silver square-framed glasses perched precariously on his nose. The man was bent over what looked like some sort of college text book given its thickness, and was waving a pen in strange motions as he read. Considering Takagi could pretty safely say he didn't recognize this guy from anywhere, it stood to reason that this was the mysterious new guy whom he had failed to meet that morning.

Having had his curiosity peaked back in the cafeteria, Takagi observed the possible Auror trainee as he started in on the paperwork that remained in his "In" tray. The "Out" tray was, thankfully, more full than the "In", showing just how much progress he'd made that morning, and keeping an eye on the other man in the room didn't detract from the quality of work either.

"It's rude to stare y'know," an amused baritone came from what was unmistakably the person Takagi had been covertly watching. The police officer was a bit chagrined at being caught, but couldn't help thinking of the rumors floating around a few months back about the strangely acute fifthsense that Aurors seem to possess. "Not that I'm unused to it, mind you, it's just that most people don't bother being discrete about it."

At the almost-joke (probably some sort of inside joke), Takashi did just outright stare. "Eh... okay?" He couldn't really think of anything to say, though it wasn't for lack of trying. "So, you're the new guy, right?" If he was wrong and simply hadn't noticed one of his coworkers, Takagi was going to be mortified.

"Right in one," the now-confirmed new guy nodded and snapped his book shut before placing it in the locked drawer of his desk. Takagi didn't get to see what the title was. "I'm Potter Harry, born and raised in the UK, and an auror trainee. Pleased to meet you..."

"Takagi Wataru," the officer in question supplied.

"Nice to meet you, Takagi-senpai," Potter grinned. "I'll admit I was rather curious this morning since I saw you weren't around when Megure introduced me, but you appeared later. I didn't really have the chance to come say hi before you left for lunch though."

"You specifically remember I was late getting in?" Takagi was a bit skeptical of this, though there was no denying the accuracy of Potter's statement. Still, the fifth department was pretty big, so the odds of Potter really noticing him and remembering those exact circumstances was pretty weird, too.

Potter shrugged as if this were completely normal. "I have a near-photographic memory for faces and situations. Once introduced, I don't forget a person's name or face, and I will usually remember the circumstances surrounding and event if the event itself is mentioned or I make a random mental link to it. Comes in handy, but it didn't help with my A-levels in the least bit." It took a moment for Takagi to make the connection to the British standard examinations.

"That's a very impressive skill all on its own though; is it why you were recruited into the aurors?" It was an innocent question, but Potter stiffened slightly in his seat.

"The recruitment policies of the International Auror Corps is not to be spoken outside of select company," he recited apologetically, turning surprisingly brilliant green eyes to meet Takagi's. "But... no, it wasn't a factor. No one really noticed until about a year into training." He seemed to pause in thought as though weighing his words before the tenseness eased back into relaxed stance that belied how young Potter really was.

The secrecy wasn't unexpected, but it was somewhat disappointing. "Ah, okay," Takagi shifted a bit in his seat. It was really weird to think that this personable kid who was six years younger than him was going to be joining the most prestigious branch of the police in two years time.

"Oh, sorry, I'm keeping you from your work, huh?" Potter looked terribly abashed and ruffled his hair in an obvious nervous gesture. Takagi immediately felt bad for making the young man feel like that at all and rushed to make reparations.

"Not really, I wasn't getting much done anyway," he admitted. "I had an all night stake-out, so any stimulus more interesting than this –" he waved his hand over his "In" tray, "- is another step towards staying awake."

"Oh, I thought you looked kind of out of it," Potter suddenly turned away and started riffling through one of his desk drawers, eliciting the chinking sound of glass bottles being moved around, particularly the variety of chinking that came from bottles with liquid in them. For a moment Takagi was worried Potter was going to grab some alcohol or something, but brushed it off. No way in hell. This was proven when Potter turned around and had a slim glass phial in hand, like what was found in a chemistry lab.

The contents of the phial looked just as appetizing as something found in a chemistry lab, too.

"What is that?" Takagi eyed it warily as Potter approached with the phial gripped lightly in his left hand. It looked... red. And probably not something that a mention of being tired should make the man think of.

"Pepper-up," was the response, as if this was a normal thing to say. "It's a kind of medicine; warms you up, cures colds, the works. It stimulates your mind so you'll be more awake. The only side effect is that you'll have steam coming out your ears for a minute or so, but it's not really a big deal. Clears your sinuses too, for that matter." He was now standing next to the still-seated Takagi and had the phial out for him to take, a shiny glint of gold on his ring finger drawing attention for a moment; was Potter married? Already? "Take a swallow; it'll be useful."

Cautiously, Takagi grabbed the phial and sniffed the steaming opening. It was ice cold and had the sort of steam that rose out of a glass of ice water. "Is this stuff legal?"

Potter chuckled, "Of course. I learned how to make this stuff at school when I was thirteen, and I went to a pretty prestigious school. It was part of the curriculum to learn how to make these things. Most every auror can do it, and I don't know of any that don't take it when they catch a cold or flu."

With such a glowing endorsement, Takagi decided that it would be okay, and he filled his mouth with the cold liquid (which was slightly gritty and tasted like pepper) before swallowing. He could feel it slithering down his esophagus, and when it reached his stomach, he immediately felt the change. Heat spread from his torso and most of it went to his head, escaping out his ears in what was undeniably steam.

It shouldn't be scientifically possible, but it happened. And Takagi was definitely wide awake, something that six cups of coffee hadn't managed.

"Wow..." he blinked and shook his head a bit before tugging at his collar. He was overheating a bit, but at least he was awake. "Thanks. This is really that common?"

"Enough so that it's taught at certain schools, yeah," Potter nodded. "Anyway, I should leave you to your paperwork now. Lunch is just about over, and Satou-san said she wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers from the traffic department. See you." He gave a little salute before weaving through the desks to the door.

Takagi decided he rather liked his new coworker and set to getting his paperwork out of the way.

Or, rather, he intended to, but the phone rang.

"Potter-kun, time for your first case," Megure was quite suddenly behind Harry, and the teen turned around from where he had been chatting with Officer Satou and her friend Yumi. "Satou-kun, you too. You'll both be in Takagi-kun's car."

"Yes sir," Harry nodded and stood up from the table.

"Follow me, I know which car Takagi usually takes, so we might beat him there," Satou informed the wizard, suddenly all business, and started leading him out of the cafeteria. Harry was good at weaving in and out of crowds due to his lean frame, and so had no issues with following Satou out to where Takagi was waiting with the car.

"I got a call from Mouri Kogoro's daughter about five minutes ago," Takagi started explaining as soon as they got in the car. Harry had heard from Yumi that Satou and Takagi were dating, and immediately went for the back seat. "The victim is Matsuda Hiroko, the landlady of an apartment complex near Haido Park. Ran-san said that Mouri-san and Conan-kun had already narrowed the suspects to three people."

"Maybe Megure is right about them always being there," Satou mused aloud, then paused. "Oh, Potter-kun, you don't know any of these people we're talking about, do you?" It was true, so Harry replied as such. The name Conan made him think of the mystery novels Hermione kept trying to get him to read, Sherlock Holmes, but he doubted there was any link. "Mouri Kogoro is pretty famous in Japan as 'the Sleeping Kogoro' who solves mysteries with his eyes closed, and his daughter is Mouri Ran, who is a high school student and good friends with a famous high school detective from the area. Edogawa Conan is about 6; he lives with them and is really observant. They have a habit of being nearby for a lot of murder cases though."

"You guys let a kid run around the crime scene?" Harry raised an eyebrow. Wouldn't seeing dead bodies that young be scarring? But then, if they tended to be near crime scenes, then it was likely that seeing a few more bodies wouldn't make the kid crack or anything.

The name Sleeping Kogoro did ring a few bells now that he thought of it. Harry hadn't met the man of course, but he had heard people talking about him on the train as he explored Tokyo. He had been in Japan for a week now and took that time before he was due to start work to explore the city and gain a passing familiarity with land marks and important locations that he should be able to use to navigate on his own.

Straight after defeating Voldemort in May two years ago, Harry had been offered a position in the Auror training program, even though he hadn't taken his NEWTs. His first two months ended up being a crash coarse in everything he should have learned for NEWTs and, once he passed that stage – and had turned 18 – he joined the rest of the latest recruits. Ron had joined him in the program, and while they weren't really great at dueling to start, both of them learned quickly. Hermione hadn't approved of them going straight to auror training instead of taking up McGonagall on the offer to take their Seventh Year normally, but when she saw the results she had to agree that the practical approach was the best way for her friends.

It had been just about two years since Harry had defeated Voldemort, and life was pretty good. The remaining Death Eaters had been wrangled up mostly (except for the Malfoys, but they were a special case), all of Harry's friends were happy, the Ministry was finally straightening itself out, and Harry was engaged to marry Ginny when his auror training was completed.

For some reason, that last one didn't make him as happy as it had a week ago, but life was still good.

"You're a lot more lively than at lunch," Satou's observation cut through Harry's thoughts, and he listened in a bit. Technically, he wasn't supposed to share his potions with any muggles, but something had told him it was a good idea. That something was definitely right, since a murder case had come in only a few minutes afterwards. "Did the coffee finally kick in, or did you maybe take a nap at your desk?" She sounded more amused by the latter idea than anything.

"No, I have Potter-kun to thank for that," Takagi glanced away from the road to direct a thankful smile toward Harry. "He gave me some sort of medicine that acts like an energy drink, I think, because I'm feeling wide awake now. Made me a little warm though."

"Ah, by the way, can you not spread that around much?" Harry asked quickly. "Technically speaking I'm not supposed to distribute those. They're perfectly legal, but it's sort of an auror department secret..." He shifted uneasily in his seat, but both of his fellow officers seemed to understand and promised. "Thanks."

"No problem, Potter-kun," Satou replied easily. "Whatever it was, it's a good thing you gave it to Takagi. I don't know if you could handle my driving."

"Are you a bad driver or something?"

"No, I'm just very reckless when I want to get somewhere quickly," she turned around in her seat and smiled brightly; Harry immediately understood. She was probably an amazing driver, just of the "goes so fast that passengers piss themselves" variety. Kind of like Harry on a broom; great to look at, but no one wants to fly with him.

Soon enough, they had gotten to Haido City and parked the police car across the street from the apartment building where the call had come from. A teenaged girl with long black hair and fairly fashionable clothes was standing outside and waved as soon as she saw the police car.

"Oh good, you're here!" The girl called when they had all gotten out of the car. Megure's car pulled up behind theirs and made a strange grinding noise when it went off that Harry identified as an under-cared for clutch. "Dad and Conan are inside with the suspects, on the second floor."

"You aren't going up?" Harry lifted an eyebrow at the girl.

"No, Dad wanted me to pick up some fishing wire and a squirt gun from the conbini (3), but I figured I should wait for the police to get here..." she paused. "Um... I'm afraid I don't know who you are."

"I'm Potter Harry; it's my first day," he shrugged. "And you'd be... Mouri Ran, correct?"

"Yeah, but I'd better get going," she ran off down the street and waved to the police officers who were standing around the door. "I'll be back soon!"

They made their way up from the ground floor by the stairs (Harry almost went up an extra floor before remembering that second floor meant, to his sensibilities, the first floor (4)) since the elevator had what was definitely a puddle of barf sitting in it, and it wasn't hard to pick out which room contained the famous detective and child; the body of a middle aged woman with graying black hair was lying spread eagle on the floor, eyes staring at the ceiling and a bloody mess had been made of her throat which looked like it had been hit by some bird shot (5) at point blank range.

So that's what a normal corpse looks like, Harry mused.

Author's Note: Okay... so it took FOREVER to read all of Detective Conan (703 chapters! Seven hundred and THREE! Well, 704 now, but it was 703 when I wrote this chapter), but I got it done and by the time I was done I had three crossover bunnies for it, two of them being Harry Potter and the other being xxxHolic. I'm firmly refusing to think about crossing it over with anything else yet. Or letting my brain craft detective-bunnies just for Conan, for that matter.

Um... okay, so I've never actually written mystery before. So... I'm going to do my best. This isn't going to be a long fic (I think; that's what the other HP/Conan bunny is for) and should only include 3 cases (in detail; Harry will be involved in more that will be mentioned, and one of the three will seem like a cop-out, but it has a purpose). If I'm doing a bad job of mystery, please tell me what I'm doing wrong and I'll go about fixing it. I'm really not much into mystery, but I wanted to write this, so we'll see how it goes. Please be patient!

It's not going to be a long story, less than ten chapters as far as I can figure. Case 1 (Files 1-3) can just be considered an introductory arc, Case 2 (File 4) is sort of more for how the aurors work in the muggle world, and Case 3 (Files 5-8) is the rest of the story. There will be no epilogue (it didn't want to be written).

(1) I can't find anything that says his age, so I'm making a guess based on the assumption that he is around Satou's age and that Satou's father was killed 18 years ago, when she was six. If anyone can correct me on this, please do! I'd rather be proved wrong and fix it than believe myself correct and look stupid.

(2) Legal drinking age in Japan is 20, as well as legal smoking age.

(3) Conbini is short for Convenience Store (I've also seen benri (which literally means "convenient") used, but Conbini seems to be more common).

(4) When James Black of the FBI was introduced, Conan deduced he was English from two things - first from his accent when speaking English, and second from the fact that he called the floor one number lower because the first floor is considered the floor above the ground floor (assuming Aoyama was correct that this is actually how Brits go about things, I included it, but if I'm wrong please correct me!)

(5) Bird hunters use a type of shell that contains multiple bullets that go in a spread to make it more likely that they will actually hit a bird when they shoot. (Learned about this from History channel...)