Western air temple

It was a beautiful morning in the western air temple; the sun had just begun to rise casting a calm orange glow on a young water bender.

"Kaiya" a female voice shouted.

"Over here mum" the young water bender called back, as she bended a stream of water, out of the fountain that was behind her.

"Kaiya, you know you're not supposed to be out here on your own"

"Sorry mum, but this place help's me meditate better, and helps me concentrate on my bending" Kaiya replied, freezing the water into a bench to sit on. At that moment Aang walked over, followed by a young boy. After the war had ended Aang and Katara had married and started a family. Katara looked at them both, with a warm smile, then walked over to Aang kissing him lightly on his lips, before turning to hug her youngest and only son Akira. Aang unfroze the water from under Kaiya, bending it into a stream around her, before pulling her to join the rest of them. He then bended the water back into the small fountain it had come from.

"So why is my favourite little girl out here where she shouldn't be, because this part of the temple isn't safe," aang asked Kaiya playfully,

"Because dad, it's a good place to Waterbend" she replied "And I'm not that little anymore either" she added.

"So you're to big to still give you're dad a hug then?" aang asked, holding out his arms. Kaiya shook her head and smiled, as she hugged her father,

"I'm never too big for that," she laughed, releasing her grip from her dad. Aang released his grip as well, before reaching to take Katara's hand.

"Come on kids, what do you say about a bit of breakfast and then afterwards doing a bit of training with me and your mother" Aang suggested. Normally kids would moan at the idea of training so early in the morning, but Kaiya and Akira loved being trained by their mother and father, because they made it fun, and didn't yell at them if they got it wrong.

"As long as we do it in a safer part of the temple" Katara said, as she looked at her daughter, who held up her hands as if to say 'fine by me'.

"I'll beat you to the kitchen dad" Akira challenged, sprinting off ahead of them,

"You wish" aang shouted back, sprinting after him. Katara and Kaiya watched them as they raced each other, laughing at them, as they made their way to the kitchen.

Fire nation palace

"Hey watch it; you're not supposed to kill me!"

"You should move out of the way more quickly then." Rozin walked over to his brother, who was lying flat on his back, after he was almost hit by one of Rozin's fireballs. Kuzon had managed to evade his attack just in the nick of time.

Rozin held out his hand to help his brother up. Kuzon took it then quickly threw his brother on the ground, before accurately throwing some daggers at him, pinning Rozin to the ground.

"And you should have seen that one coming" Kuzon said with a smirk.

"Cheater" was the only word Rozin replied.

"Now, now boys" Mai said as she came down the stairs that led to where Rozin and Kuzon were, waving her hand to some guards, motioning them to help Rozin up. The guards gave Kuzon his daggers back, after pulling them out of the floor, and Rozin's sleeves and boots, then bowed to the two young princes and returned to their posts.

"Awwww come on mum, I was just about to win," Kuzon sulked.

"Yes well, maybe you could win twice as easily with this." Mai held out an ornate wooden box in her hands, before placing it in her son's. Kuzon opened the box, and took out a pair of unicorn swords.

"For me?" Kuzon asked in disbelief, as mai nodded her head, "They were mine when I was your age" mai said.

"Wow thanks mum" Kuzon said as he hugged his mum tightly. Usually Kuzon followed in Mai's footsteps, and didn't care about a lot of things, unless weaponry was involved, on the other hand Rozin took after his father, Zuko. He was very strong willed and loved practicing his Firebending.

"Are you ready to be beaten again?" Kuzon asked getting into his fighting stance.

"Please Kuzon, you don't have a chance, not unless you cheat again that is," Rozin smirked, as he also took up his fighting stance.


Toph and Haru were walking down one of the hallways in the palace. After aang had defeated fire lord Ozai (Who had suspiciously died in the prison he was sent to in the earth kingdom, about a year ago), Toph and Haru had been personally asked by king Bumi to come to Omashu he had wanted Haru to take the throne when he stepped down, and he had gladly accepted. They married 4 years after the war had ended, and later had two children, Tia- their 13 year old daughter and Zade- their 12 year old son.

"Where are the kid's?" Toph asked her husband, as she led the way into their garden, dragging Haru along with her.

"Last time I saw them, they were heading down to the city, with some of the guards, to do some shopping. Apparently Zade has seen something he likes, and he wanted Tia's opinion on it before he bought it" Haru replied, pulling Toph into his arms. "Which means, we get to be alone until they come back" he added, as he lifted her face up to his. Toph smiled before kissing Haru. It lasted all of five seconds, before they heard someone clear their throat behind them. Haru had to gently push Toph away, laughing at the face she made when he did.

"What can I do for you general" Haru asked, walking up to him, his arm around Toph's waist.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion you're highnesses, but the council need both of you're presence, to discuss the events that will take place, at the upcoming festival," The general answered, bowing before Haru and Toph.

"Will we ever get at least five minutes alone" Toph sulked,

"If you wish my lady, I could arrange the meeting to be held tomorrow" the general suggested

"No, its fine, it has to be done sooner or later, so why not get it over with now," she sighed before adding "Will you please inform our children, when they return of our whereabouts general"

"Of course" He replied, before bowing again and leaving. Toph groaned in annoyance, as she slumped on the ground, Haru laughed and sat next to her.

"Will we ever be alone?" she sighed, leaning against Haru's chest. Haru put his arm around her, before he kissed the top of her head. They sat like this for a while, content in each others company, something that didn't happen often, before Haru stood up and stretched.

"Suppose they'll be waiting for us" Toph sighed, as Haru helped her up

"Let's get this over with" she said as she made her way to the meeting chamber.

Kyoshi Island

Suki was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for her family. Sokka crept up behind her, catching her of guard as he wrapped his arms around her slim waist, locking her in his steely grasp. "Boo" he whispered in her ear. Suki snickered and then swiftly kissed her husband, before her kids came running in.

"Mum look what we got" Sana and Tao, Suki's youngest kids shouted together. They walked in dragging a rather tired looking Jade in behind them.

"What did I say about tying you're sister up!?" Suki said raising her voice at the two young children, whilst Sokka went to untie jade's wrists.

"Hey this is my good rope" Sokka muttered as he finished untying jade.

"What do you say to you're sister?"Suki asked them, "Sorry jade" they both said together "There, now I will tell you one more time, no more tying up you're sister or ... I'll feed you both to the Unagi." Sana and Tao looked at their mother with pure fear in their eyes, "Ok mum" Sana said before quickly dragging her brother to the table and sitting down quietly.

"You ok hun?" Suki asked jade,

"I'm fine!" she replied "I'm going down to the beach." Jade stormed out of the house slamming the door behind her. "What's for breakfast, I'm starving" Sokka said, as he stretched his arms. Suki stood in the middle of the kitchen, her arms folded across her chest, a ladle in her right hand, as she stared at Sokka "What?" he asked confused. Suki didn't say anything, but nodded her head in the direction of the door, "Fine I'll go talk to her, but you better leave some of that for me, you hear that Tao?" he said looking at his son. Tao smiled innocently, before Sokka turned his head back to Suki "You're mum will tell me if it was you who ate my breakfast" Sokka joked "You bet I will" she replied "Now go, before I feed YOU to the unagi" Suki jittered, as she pushed her husband out the door.

Kyoshi beach

Jade was sat on a rock, overlooking the sandy white beach, and out into the crystal blue water, listening to the sound the waves made as they lapped at the sides of the rock she was sat on. She watched as the Unagi's giant fins surfaced from the water, before they disappeared again, creating a large splash that narrowly missed her. She sighed as she pushed herself off the rock, landing lightly on her feet. She took up a stance in front of the water, inhaling deeply as she moved her arms up and then to the side, as she created a long stream of water, bending and forming it, until she had finished the basic movements of Waterbending. She took another deep breath, and proceeded to create a large wave, before she heard a stick snap behind her. She turned the wave into a large ribbon of water, and shot it in the direction of the sound, freezing and holding whatever it was in its place, so it couldn't escape.

"Hey" a voice said "Jade, l-let me g-go it's f-freez-zing". Jade turned around to find her father trying to get free. "Oh, sorry dad, I thought you were someone or something else" Jade said apologetically, unfreezing the water, and gently letting Sokka down. Sokka stood up soaking wet, and went to stand next to jade, putting his arm around her shoulders, making her shiver.

"Hold still" Jade said. She bended the water out of her fathers clothes, and back into the ocean. "That's better, thanks" Sokka said. They stood in silence for a moment before Jade finally spoke. "Dad"

"Yeah, what's up?" he replied looking at his daughter quizzically,

"Why am I different, why am I the only bender in the family ... no wait let me rephrase that, the entire island" she said, her voice getting louder with every word.

"I guess its genetics" He replied, taking her hand, and leading her to the rock she had been sat on earlier, "I am from the southern water tribe, and you're aunt Katara is a Waterbender, I guess I carried the gene and passed it on to you" he explained.

"Oh" was her only reply, "I guess I should be happy, but I always feel like the odd one out, especially when Tao and Sana play their favourite game like they did this morning" she said sadly. Sokka looked at his daughters saddened expression, before he had an idea.

"I've got it!" he shouted jumping up from the rock, they were sat on,

"What?" Jade said shocked at her father's outburst, that had almost given her a heart attack,

"Were going on vacation," He said smiling at his daughter.