Random Relativities

Relation Three – Harry Potter and Magic Kaito

Phantom Magic

Most of the members of one Kuroba Kaito's class looked slantways at the magician, worried. Not that the sight of Kaito laughing was an unusual one; more that while it was a common sight, uncommon things usually happened shortly after. Unfortunately for the recently transferred blonde, he was blissfully ignorant of any such unwritten class time rules such as not disturbing the magician when he looked like he was even possibly plotting and planning. It didn't usually end up well.

Still, they couldn't help watching. This particular instance was. . . different.

Kaito wasn't grinning over the latest headlines about Kid – there hadn't been a heist in at least a week – but rather over what appeared to be a letter, written on parchment paper and, by the seems of things, the writer had used some kind of strange pen. It was written in English, but the magician – who Hakuba Saguru knew to be the same as the thief, the Kaitou Kid – could read what was written perfectly. No real surprises there.

Standing behind and slightly to one side so that could attempt to read the contents, Saguru leaned over a touch too far, allowing Kuroba to know that he was there and swipe the letter out of reach and out of sight.

"Now, now, Hakuba – I thought detectives such as yourself weren't supposed to eavesdrop and read other peoples' letters."

"So it was a letter?"

Kuroba rolled his eyes.

"Well, duh."

"Who from? If I might ask."

He was suddenly all too aware of the number of eyes on the two of them as they bantered back and forth. It was almost enough to get him nervous, but not quite.

Kuroba leaned back in his chair, smirking with his eyes narrowed.

"You really wanna know?"

Saguru was saved by Aoko, who elbowed her childhood friend in the side. Kuroba winced slightly, opening his mouth to complain, but couldn't say anything before Aoko had started to explain the situation to Saguru.

"It's Kaito's cousin," she was saying. "His family had him enrolled in some big old school in England-"


"-before they died, so that's where he is right now. He still writes to Kaito all the time, though."

Saguru blinked. He hadn't heard this before.

"Kuroba has a cousin?"

"Yes," said Kuroba. "And I'm right here."

Another blink.

"I thought that you only lived with your mother?"

"Well, most of the time, I do. But then some of the time, itoko stays home with us – you know, school holidays. When he can."

Belatedly, the three became aware that a fourth presence could be felt approaching them.

"Kuroba-kun's cousin is from a particularly estranged branch of his family, Saguru-san," came the sweet tones of the class redhead, one Koizumi Akako. Everyone's heads turned in their direction at the sound of her voice, believing that if Koizumi was saying something about the topic, then it had to be important.


"Uh, yeah..." Kuroba said, expanding on what the girl had said while at the same time attempting to get as far away from her as possible. "Way, way back. Some woman a few hundred years back wanted to travel a bit and ended up staying over in Britain, married into a family, had kids, blah blah, rest is history. . ."

"Kaito, didn't you tell me once that your ancestor was some sort of miko? I'm sure you said that."

"Well, yeah."

"This sounds interesting."

"Not really," Kuroba said with a bit of a grimace. "Back then it wasn't all that rare. Everyone was superstitious." He paused. "Nah, what I think'd be horrifying would be if he was related to you. For some reason I just can't imagine Harry all stuck up like you are."

Letting the pseudo-insult slide by for the moment, Saguru latched on to the one piece of good information in what Kuroba had just said. Of course he had known about Japan's history; he had lived in the country for a number of years when he was younger, and had made sure to keep up with the culture.

"You say his name was. . . is. . . Harry?"

"Yup!" Kaito started to beam, teeth bared in a wide grin almost worthy of the Kid. "Harry Potter. I said he's English, so..."

"I do understand." English names tended to be pronounced the way that the English said them, that is, while he might be known as Hakuba Saguru in Japan and Saguru Hakuba in England, someone with a name and history such as Kaito's cousin would not have their names written or said backwards.

"So – what's he up to now?" Aoko asked Kaito, pestering him for the contents of the letter. Kaito glanced warily up at Saguru before answering.

"Says here he's having a bit of bother in Home Ec. Teacher's still picking on him. History's still boring, but he's got a couple of good friends, at least."

Aoko pouted.

"That's all?"

"What do you mean, 'that's all'? It's my letter!"

"Hmph." The girl turned her head away slightly, still pouting, but now with more than a bit of irritation showing through. "At least I don't read my letters in class so that everyone else is left wondering what's in them."

Kaito slid the letter inside an inner pocket of his uniform, smirking. A puff of air could be felt throughout the class, and the students' eyes widened.

"And you shouldn't wear such skirts that make it so easy to flip them, Aoko!"

"Argh! Don't call me just by my name – how many times do I have to tell you?!"

As the two flew at it, Koizumi watched with mostly hidden amusement and Saguru himself simply held up a hand to his head.

Maybe. . . I should go back home for the English school holidays, he thought to himself. If his cousin his anywhere near as strange as he is, I dread to think how Ekoda could even still be standing right now. . .

AN: ... I told you I make connections out of the strangest of things. Here, it was only two things; Kaito and Harry's messy hair (both can't control it, except for when Kaito plays at being Shinichi) and the fact that they both practice some sort of magic. Kaito's a magician, Harry's a wizard. I figure that Kaito could've been a wizard if his family had ever wanted to be wizards, but the Kuroba clan focus on trick magic, through which wizard magic could, theoretically, manifest itself. You know, through all of those weird antics you see him get up to but shouldn't physically be possible? Them.

. . . I almost can't believe I wrote this. It is kinda far out. But I do so like confused Hakuba.