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This isn't really my first Bleach fan fiction because I worked on another one a while back., now on with the story

Prologue: A new member

It was a normal day in Karakura Town for Deputy Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki, just a normal day of Rukia alerting Ichigo to a Hollow and Ichigo off to perform his Hollow purification duties. "Ichigo, there's a Hollow located 8 kilometers west of Karakura High School, we've got to get there now" said his black haired female partner. "Yeah yeah, I get the picture" sighed Ichigo.

Ichigo grabbed his Deputy Soul Reaper badge to transform into a Soul Reaper and flash stepped off to fight. After swinging Zangetsu to cut off his mask, Rukia signaled that she was off to get home. "Wait right there, I'll be right back". But before he could he sensed a huge spiritual pressure about the size of a captain in the 13 Court Guard Squads and all of a sudden a man with long cut blonde hair enough to hide his eyes appeared. He looked somewhat about Ichigo's age except that he was most likely a former Soul Reaper which indeed he was so no telling how old he was.

When the man stood up to Ichigo, he smiled saying: "Well well well, if it ain't ole Ichigo Kurosaki, how've you been?" "Good, Hirako and yourself?" said Ichigo. "I've been doing great but I'd like to ask you about the offer I presented the other day, are you up for it Ichigo?" "Yeah, I've been thinking and I'll give you guys a shot, maybe you can teach me some hollow powers." "Yeah, we might be able to do that on the grounds that you join us as an actual member and not just a temp". "Alright, I accept", said Ichigo. "Good, follow me, if you got someone to call then do it now and I will come collect you tomorrow". Shinji said smiling.

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