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Chapter 2: The learning begins

After meeting the Vizards and learning some interesting bits and pieces of Shinji's personal history, Ichigo was then shown to his room by Kensei. "OK Ichigo, now that you know all of us by name allow me to show where you will be sleeping", said Kensei. The room was a very bland and very ordinary room with nothing but an unmade mattress with sheets and pillows and another pillow in the room's very corner. The walls were very dirty, a sort of green but it was clean none the less. "It's not the best looking room but it'll do nonetheless, enjoy your stay and we'll get down to business tomorrow" said Kensei. "OK, thanks err Kensei" asked Ichigo. "You got it right for now but I'd watch it and you'd make darn sure to remember all of our names as we remember yours kid" warned Kensei. "OK thanks" murmured Ichigo.

Tomorrow has finally arrived in the Vizards and Ichigo received a wakeup call from Shinji by exerting his spiritual pressure. Ichigo found himself choking because although he had the Spiritual Pressure of a Captain and should normally stand up to something like this, something happened. Ichigo got mad and reached out for Zangetsu with Shinji grabbing his with lightning fast reflexes. "Easy there, Ichigo", said Shinji. "No need to begin a battle". "You could've just said wake up or something Hirako!" yelled Ichigo. "Whatever, anyway your training begins today and there is so much we are going to teach you that even cram school won't be enough after were through", exclaimed Shinji. Ichigo went down to the training room with his famous frown and the lessons began. "OK first of Ichigo, to claim your hollow powers, first your going to need to defeat your inner hollow. In order to do that, you are going to enter your inner world and engage your hollow in combat, while your battling, your body will begin a transformation into a hollow creature that we will take turns holding it, if you can defeat your hollow in time then you will emerge as your normal Soul Reaper self with your mask. If you don't do it then we will have to unfortunately kill you to prevent your hollow from attacking a member of our group. Each and every Vizard in this room had to go through this process and you will as well. Any questions" asked Shinji. Ichigo shook his head

"Then go and vanquish the monster within" said Shinji

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