Go Ask Alice

Summary: Sequel to Alice Is Bleeding. Despite the budding relationship between Harry and Luna and the return of Alice to the safety of Hogwarts, Ginny has this horrible feeling that something is wrong...very very wrong.

Chapter One

One Pill Makes You Larger

Ginny watched Neville and Alice enviously.

It was three weeks since they had come home from Wonderland and Neville, thrilled that Alice was once again back at school, had immediately asked her out to the approval of Luna and Ginny both.

Luna and Harry were snuggling as well and Ginny's envy flared again. She knew she shouldn't be jealous but they were such a perfect pair and no one would ever object to their relationship. Unlike the one Ginny was after.

Ginny sighed, annoyed that she was thinking about him again.

In the three week since Wonderland, Harry and the others had been civil to Draco, which surprised the hell out of Ginny.

Ginny had been counting on things going back to normal in that regard but Draco didn't seem to want to let go of Ginny.

Not that Ginny really minded. It was nice being the one who was wanted but at the same time she knew just how impossible her life would be with Draco in it.

She shook those thoughts from her head. She had more pressing matters.

Like the fact that Wonderland was calling to her again.

She had been feeling the tremors in her for almost a week now. They had never left the entire time Alice was trapped there but they had disappeared when she brought Alice home.

So why now? Why was Wonderland calling to her? She didn't owe it anything. They tore down the old monarch.

Ginny got up and started walking from the Great hall, head down, deep in thought.

She didn't notice that the normal staircase that would lead her to the Gryffindor Common Room had changed until her foot missed a step. Expecting to step up, she was caught unaware as her foot fell through the air. Her balance gone, Ginny was quickly thinking up every spell that might be able to help her when the strong hand closed around her upper arm, pulling her back to safety.

She stumbled slightly but she was on firm footing right now. She looked around to see who had helped her, surprised beyond belief to see the frowning visage of Gregory Goyle.

The frown wasn't directed at her and when he did look at her his face slipped into a more neutral face.

"Watch your step, Weasley-girl."

Ginny stared at him in mild surprise. The name was not said out of any particular malice and Ginny quickly scanned her memory for any time that he had actually insulted her. She failed to fine any. Mostly he just stood behind Draco and scowled menacingly.

"Thank you," she finally blurted out.

He smiled, the barest flicker of his lips and Ginny nearly gasped. Gregory Goyle might be dimwitted (an impression she was quickly revising) but when he smiled he was handsome. Not Draco's sharply aristocratic handsome, but still handsome.

"Not me you should be thanking," he said before shoving his hands into his pockets and turning away.

"Then who do I thank?" Ginny demanded of him as he left.

He looked at her over his shoulder. "I think we both know."

Ginny stood there for a long time after he left. Goyle definitely wasn't as stupid as he let on.

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