Chapter 1

Saviour And Epic Battle

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A group of people were in the temple in the ruins of Zanarkand. Zanarkand, an ancient city was the home of one of the males. In front of the blond haired man was a dead summoner by the name Lady Yunalesca. In the group was the new summoner Yuna how was named after the former. As of right now Yuna and her guardians were in a life or death fight against Yunalesca, but what none of them had any knowledge was that at this time a young man was wayching them in their fight.

The young man resembled two of the guardians. He resembled SIr Auron and the young al-bhed Rikku. He was roughly 5'2 with sandy brown hair. He wore a dark blue hakama like Auron's red one. His eyes where a strange two colours. His right was the green of an al-bhed and the left was the black of an unsent. Though if you looked upon him they were blocked by a pair of shades like Morpeus from Matrix wears.(I DONT OWN MATRIX) As he watched the fight he couldnt help but finger the handle of his katana that rested on his shouder. The katana was about 5 feet in length and 3 inches wide. The blade had a black finish as to not give off light.

He sat upon the ruins watching as the guardins and Yuna fought a great battle against the powerful Lady Yunalesca. After a seris of heavy blows dealt by Auron Yunalesca, enraged, sent a large deadly shard at a high speed toward Rikku.

"RIKKU! MOVE!", shouted Auron as he saw where the attack was headed.

Rikku heard him and saw the shard, but she was so terrified she couldn't move her feet. All she managed to do was turn towards Yuna and say, " I'm sorry Yunnie." She then turned back and they all closed their eyes not want to see the death of a great person.

"NO!", shouted a voice. The young man had appered and knocked the shard away with his sword. When everyone heard the shard hit the ground and shatter they all looked at the man and was amazed at his feat of strength. He then stands from his kneeling postion and tuns toward Rikku. " Are you ok miss?", he askes in a voice that shocked everyone for it was one of a teen. At her nod he looks at the rest of them and says, " It looks like you can use some help. Mind if I lend a hand?"

"Sure we could use some help, but who are you sir?", Yuna askes whats on everyone's mind.

He flinched slightly, but quickly hid it. " Thank you Lady Yuna, but right now is not the best time for introductions.", Yuna gasped at the reveal that this teen knew her or of her.

"You think you can win? Then I will heal you by killing you!", exclaimed Yunalesca madly. She then sent another shard at the teen. He quickly dodged with a speed that shouldn't even be possible for someone with a weapon the size of his. He dashes at her and strikes her leaving a long bloody cut from the top of her left shoulder across the top of her chest to the top of her right shoulder. Yunalesca shrieks in pain and fires a firaga spell setting the kid ablaze. The kid then does the stupidest thing. He runs around like a chicken ith his head cut of till the fire dies down. He kneels down to catch his breath, "Damn! That was hot." He stood back up and saw she had turned around to attack the others again, but before she could he charged at her back, " Black X Flame!" He screams as he cuts a giant X in her back. Yunalesca screams out and fall foward on to the cold ground. The teen thinking the fight is over turns and starts to walk away, but as he does hes hears something.

"", Yunalesca says pulling herself back up. "DAMN YOU TO HELL!", she roars and sends out a very large and powerful thundaga stright at his back where it would have paralyze him for life, but luckly he was turning right then and only got struck in the arm. He bellowed in pain feeking his left arm if usless for now he prepares his final attack that will finish her off.

He stands panting and takes a deep breath. " it...time...for...your ass to GO!", the teen exclaims. He thrusts his sword in to the ground and reachs in his clothes to pull out a fire bomb and a sac of black powder. Yunalesca laughs mockingly at him. As she laughs the others watch as he pours the sacs contents on his blade.

"You fool. I am the greatest summoner ever. I am Yunalesca. You cannot destory me. Hahaha!", she said to the boy only to now see a fire bomb headed at her. "You'll have to do better then that." She gets ready to knock it to the side, but then she sees the teen falling with it. He slashes the the bomb setting his sword on fire.

"Take this Dragon Star Blade.", the teen screeches as his burning blade cuts through Yunalesca. As the blade is cutting dark fireballs attack her body. Her screams of pain lasted only seconds as the flesh is burned away from her then erupted in to millions of pyreflies. "Quickly Yuna! Preform a sending!" She nodded, and starts dancing to start the sending. They all let out a breath of relief. The teen then feel to his ass exhausted from his last attack.

The way the others looked at him varied. Some looked at him worried for his wounds, some were disbeliving, and one looked...well no one knows whats behind those glasses. Soon Yuna, Rikku, and Lulu walk over to him. "Are you ok?", Yuna asks in a soft voice. He nodded and said he was just tired. Yuna looked at his arm and then to the other two, "His arm is nearly destoryed. I think we can help it but it will take all three of us." Lulu and Rikku nodded and got by Yuna. They all started using cure,cura, andcuraga to try and heal/remake his entire arm. He grinds his teeth so as to not scream from the pain of having his arm redone so quickly. After they do all they can he manages to move it a litle bit.

He glances up and sees he is surrounded. 'When the hell did everyone get so close?' He thought to him self.

A man with a strange orange hair do that came up to a point in the front. "Ya did good, Ya.", he spoke in a gruff voice heavy with an accent.

The teen looked up at him with a cocky and arogant smile on his face and replied, "Well I did train with the best." The other male simply turned and laughed at his comeback. Then the blond man walked up and eyed the teen carefully. "Can I help you sir?"

"How do you know Yuna?", the blond man demanded of him. The teen looked around and saw everyone wa paying attion to him now.

"Who doesn't know Lady Yuna and her guardians. You are Tidus, the orange hair is Wakka,the tall blue scary looking ronso is Kimahri, the hyperactive lady is Rikku, the lady dressed in all black is Lulu, and the unmoving, uncaring man in red is Sir Auron.", he stated looking at each in turn.

The blond now named Tidus looked at him unchanged. "You lie. You may know of us, but you don't know us. Now who or you?" Thank goodness for glasses for now his eyes were wide in surprise.

"I don't know what you are talking about.", he said as innocently as he could.

Tidus was about to comment, but luckliy for the teen the sound of a large airship landing stopped the interrogation. Everyone turned towards it seeing it was Cid's, and let out a sigh of relief. The teen took this opportunity to try and get away but before he could Kimahri grabbed him and put him over his shoulder. 'Damn his fast. Oh well at least for now no damn interrogation.', the teen thought as he was carried onto the airship. The group of 8 walked in to the bridge where Brother and Cid currently waiting for them. As they walked in Kimahri set the teen in chair and allowed Rikku to tie him down.

"Hey everyone. Whos the kid?", asked Cid to Yuna. He walked over and looked at the tied up teen. The teen looked on carefully hiding his nervousness.

Yuna spoke up first. "We are not to sure ourselves. He suddenly showed up and helped us beat Yunalesca." She then went on to tell the story of the battle and apperance of the teen who saved Rikku. All through the story Cid kept looking toward the teen who seemed too calm to be on a possible enemy ship. "... but it seems he knows me and all of my friends." That line caught Cid and surprised him.

He walked closer to the teen and the group gathered around him aswell. "Ok kid now is the time to talk. Who are you?" Cid said in a voice taht left little room for arquing.

The teen seeing no way out sighed to himself. "Fine if you all must know I will tell you. Since Brother don't know english very well. Veha ev oui ymm sicd ghuf E femm damm oui." That got shocked results. Bot for the fact that 1. he knew Brother and 2. he can speak Al Bhed. After that he didn't say anything.

Tidus was getting pretty pissed as they waited. "WILL YOU TELL US ARE NOT!? STOP WASTING OUR TIME!", he bellowed. Yuna looked at him shocked because he was screaming like that. He noticed and quickly aplogized. She nodded and turned as the teen started to talk again.

The teen looked right into Rikku's eyes as he spoke with a strong determination in his voice. "My So name hysa is ec..."