IMPORTANT AN: This is my first fanfic so i really need your opinions to know if I should continue or if it's complete crap. The song for the whole story is called Where the Colors Don't Go by Sam Phillips. I have a few chapters already written so if it's well liked I can post rather quickly.


Walk On

Bella's POV

Song: Walk On by U2

I sat in the small seat staring out the window of the 747, the rushing sound of the engines blocking out all noise and let me get lost in my thoughts. I thought about everything I was going to miss about phoenix, the heat, my friends, my old bedroom, but most of all my mother, Renee. She was never really a parental figure, she was more like my best friend whom would occasionally act like a mother when she needed too. And as much as I was going to miss her, I knew that this move was for the best. She had just married a great man named Phil who loved her, and they deserved the chance to be newlyweds without a teenager and a child in the same house.

The fasten seat belt light just binged on bring me out of my thoughts. I looked down at my lap and stared at my little sleeping angel, Bianca. She was my everything, I had her when I was just 14. As hard as it has been raising her on my own, I would never change what has happened in my life. I have been pushed down many times, but I always find a way to pull myself back up, dust off and walk on. Which is why we are now on a plane to Port Angeles Washington.

I made the decision to move to forks to live with Charlie, my father, in order to give Renee and Phil privacy about two months ago. When I called to ask Charlie is he would mind Bianca and I moving up there, he was thrilled. I cant tell you why exactly he was thrilled to have us, since I have only ever visited him once a year during the summer until I was 13. And during those trips I would pretty much have to hang out with his best friends son Jacob while he fished or watch some game with Billy. He has also only seen Bianca three times since she was born, the last being over a year ago. Nevertheless, he was excited.

Just then the captain came on and announced that we would be landing in 15 minutes. I gently started to shake Bianca, because I wanted her to have her seat belt on when we landed. She eventually open her beautiful blue eyes and looked up at me sleepily with questions in her eyes.

"Were about to land and I want you to put your seatbelt on." I explained to her.

She slowly slid into her seat still very tired. I helped her put her seat belt on and she sat quietly twiddling her thumbs together, a nervous habit she picked up from my mother. I gently brushed back the hair from her face and looked into her crystal blue eyes, the only thing that she really got from her father. In every other way she looked just like me, pale skin, brown hair with a slight curl to it, petite frame, and the most out going personality I have ever seen from a 3 year old.

I leaned down so I could talk to her, "What are you nervous about?"

She let out a big sigh that made it appear that she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. "Do you think grandpa will like me?" she asked so quietly I almost missed it over the sound of the engine.

I gave her the biggest smile, kissed her cheek and said, "I know you don't remember this baby, but you've met your grandpa a couple of times, and the look on his face when he first held you was like he couldn't love anything else in this world as much as he loved you."

Her face brightened but like a little light bulb she grabbed my hand and she started to bounce in her seat with excitement. I softly chuckled at her ability to go from nervous and panicked to excited so quickly.

I glanced out the window and realized the tarmac was right below us and the wheels were about to touchdown. I leaned back a little in my seat, the second the wheels touched her little hand tighten on mine, and I just squeezed back slightly to let her know that everything was okay.

Once the seat belt sign was off, I stepped into the aisle and reached into the overhead bins to grab Bianca's pink backpack. And the small black tote that I brought to store our jackets in, so we could wear them once we got off the plane. Since it was 87 degrees when we left phoenix we didn't need them until now.

Once I had my purse and tote situated on right shoulder and Bianca's backpack hanging off my right arm, I reached forward and lifted her onto my hip. She made it easier for me to grab her by standing up on her seat. I started to slowly walk down the narrow aisle, taking careful steps so I wouldn't fall with her in my arms. We stepped off the plane and into the brightly lit airport. Thankfully, the airport wasn't big so finding baggage claim wasn't hard.

Once we got there I started to look for my father. I didn't see him, so I thought maybe he wasn't here yet, but as I started walking to the carousel to look for our luggage I heard a deep male voice somewhere to my left call "BELLS". I turned and there was my father standing there in blue jeans, a plaid button up shirt, and a warm looking jacket, wearing the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face.

"Hi dad," I said as I walked closer. I made it a point not to call him Charlie to his face. I slipped once, and the look on his face after made me extra careful when i was around him.

He leaned down and gave me a one armed hug and kissed Bianca at the same time, causing her to giggle, probably from his mustache tickling her cheek. He leaned back as he said, "How are my two favorite girls? How was the flight? Hows your mother?"

I gave him a slight smile as he took the tote hanging off my arm.

"Were good, Bianca was excited to see you, the flight was smooth, and mom is great, very happy." I replied quickly, answering all of his questions.

He turned his smile to Bianca, and told her, "I am so glad you are here princess," then he turned back to me, "I also glad that your mother is happy, she really deserves to be."

I gave him a quick smile as I asked, "Can you hold her while I go grab our bags from the carousel?"

"Of course," he replied just as Bianca leaped out of my arms and into Charlie's giggling like a hyena, causing him chuckle deeply.

I stepped forward and instantly spotted Bianca's bright pink suitcase, so I quickly snatched it and set it down next to me while I looked for my own. A couple minutes late I had both our suit cases and I was walking back to Charlie who was listening to Bianca tell him a story about unicorns. I smiled at my angel while I took my tote from Charlie.

"Bianca, hop down so I can put your jacket on please." I asked as a knelt down and dug our jackets out of my bag. Once I slipped both of our jackets on, I lifted her back up and grabbed my tote, purse, and her backpack while charlie took care of our suitcases. We didn't bring much with us, most of our clothes were meant for a place like Phoenix, so i would have to find a way to get us some warmer outfits.

The second we stepped out the glass doors after Charlie, a huge gust of ice cold wind blew at us causing Bianca to shiver a little and me to tighten my hold around her.

I followed my father through the parking lot, when he suddenly stopped in front of a white Honda CR-V. He fished his keys from his pocket and started to load our bags into the trunk, all while I stood there looking like an idiot. I had just assumed that he would be driving his police cruiser. Being the chief of police of Forks, that's what he drove all the time.

"I didn't know you got a new car dad." I said as I slid my bags down my arm so he could put them into the trunk with the rest of our stuff. He turned to me with another smile plastered on his face, "I didn't get a new car Bells, this is for you. I wanted you to have a way of getting to and from school and to take Bianca places. This is a really safe car, I made sure the dealership picked the safest car on the lot, I also had them install Bianca's car seat for you."

All I could do was stare at my father, this was one of the nicest things he had ever done for me. Once I regained my ability to speak, I simply leaned into hug him and said, "Thank you, this means a lot to me."

After I got Bianca all strapped into her car seat I hopped in the passengers seat and blasted the heat so she would warm up. Being born and raised in Phoenix, she wasn't used to the cold.

About an hour later, we were pulling into the drive way of a nice two story white house. The same house where I lived when I was a baby, the same house I visited once a year for 13 years, it hadn't changed much.

We got all of our luggage into the house and up the stairs and into my childhood bedroom. With the exception of switching a crib for a queen size bed, had not changed at all. It still had the pale yellow paint and the same wooden rocking chair in the corner. Charlie's house had three bedrooms mine, his, and a room that he has used for storage. He told me that he planned on clearing it out this week so we can set up Bianca's room next weekend. Which meant that she would be sleeping in my bed with me, not that I minded, she usually crawls into my bed every now and then anyway.

We decided to order pizza that night because Charlie couldn't cook and I was to tired to cook. After Bianca shoveled down her three slices her eyes were starting to droop. I knew I needed to give her a bath and put her to bed. So after a quick bath we were both in our pajamas and ready for bed.

She turned to me and asked, "Can I go give grandpa a kiss goodnight?"

"I think he would love that," I said smiling at her. I followed her down the stairs and into the living room so we could both say good night to Charlie. "Goodnight grandpa," she said as she jumped up on the couch and plopped into his lap. He chuckled, gave her a big kiss on the cheek and said, "Goodnight my princess, sweet dreams."

"Go on up stairs, I'll be there in a minute baby," I told her as I took a seat next to my dad on the couch. He muted the TV and turned to me, "What's the matter Bells?"

I was biting my lip, my nervous habit, "I just wanted to thank you, for letting us move in here with you. I know this is not your ideal situation but, I really appreciate it."

"Isabella Marie, I love you, and I know that I haven't been that great at showing you that but, you and that little girl upstairs mean the world to me, there is nothing I wouldn't do for either of you. I really am glad that you're here," he said with a genuine smile on his face.

"I love you dad," I said as I leaned forward and kissed his cheek. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Bells, I'll see you in the morning."

I got back up to my room and found my little angel sleeping in the dead center of the bed lying spread eagle on her stomach, I let out a little giggle, then slowly started to shift her just enough for me to get into bed. She snuggled up next to me and let out a little sigh of contentment. That was the moment that I knew we were going to be okay here. With that I feel into a deep sleep with my baby curled up next to me.