Harry Potter – the 'Morals' of the Story.

Let's start with the most obvious few;

1. Love conquers all – or, more correctly – evil always loses. Love will not bring back the dead

2. Love always wins – e.g Lily sacrificing herself for Harry

3. Your parents can't actually change how special you are – the whole Muggleborn thing

Now, for some of the less obvious ones;

1. All heroes have flaws e.g. Severus Snape

2. Everyone makes mistakes e.g. James with Snape, Dumbledore

3. If you let your love overcome your senses, your love becomes flawed, meaning love needs to be accompanied with sense e.g. Dumbledore never telling Harry the truth

4. Youth have consciences, you can only grow to ignore it e.g. Draco and Dudley, compared with their parents and Voldemort.

5. Life does not always have a happy ending e.g. the ending (obvious, really)

6. Friends make the best foundation for relationships (I don't care if you disagree with this, the book does point in that direction. It's not my morals, it's the books!)

7. Heroes make good scapegoats e.g. Harry, Snape, Dumbledore – everyone really

8. Power corrupts e.g. Elder Wand

9. Wisdom beats immortality and power e.g. Deathly Hallows

That's it for now. Anyone think of more, I might make a second chapter, if I have enough, obviously. I couldn't think of any more, but this was just begging me to write it.