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It was just another ordinary day for any kid going to school. But Calvin stood in the rain waiting, hating school more than any other boy or girl going to the same school as him could imagine. But neither he, nor any other kid, knew that this was the day, the day of the legendary noodle incident, the incident that was so well known by the school that the day was recorded in the school's "School-wide days" log… Okay, it wasn't that big, but it was big enough that most kids remembered it for months.

Calvin got onto the bus with a surly attitude. He sat in the back of the bus as he usually did. Today he planned to play a small trick on Susie. He planned to 1) take a large scoop of the school's rotten, green, and disgusting noodles; Susie hated them anyway so she would be in for quite a surprise; and 2) stick them in Susie's sandwich. Of course Calvin saw it as a harmless trick, though for real it led to something far worse.

After class, when in the lunch line, Calvin caught up with Susie and asked her, "Umm, Susie?"

"Yeah?" she responded.

"Er… Would you like to sit with me at lunchtime? I swear to God I won't show you anything sick or disgusting!"

"Hmmm… Fine," she said, "but if you lie, you better believe that your derriere will be sitting in the principal's office." Susie retorted, pointing a finger right in Calvin's face.

Susie walked ahead of him. Once she was out of Calvin's line of sight, he let out a small, grim smile.

Calvin and Susie were sitting together at lunch, she was eating a balogna sandwich and, to her surprise, Calvin wasn't annoying her or grossing her out like he usually did. But as soon as she went to the restroom, Calvin immediately went to the lunch line and grabbed a handful of inedible noodles, rushed back to the table he was sitting at, and stuffed the noodles into Susie's sandwich. Susie returned from the restroom shortly after to eat her sandwich. She bit a large chunk off of the sandwich. "Hmmm… This tastes different…" she said.

"What does it taste like, Susie?" Calvin asked, curious to see the effects of his little intrigue.

"It tastes like… like…" Susie suddenly stopped chewing. Her eyes shot wide open. "Eeeewww…! Noodles!" she shouted, then spit all of the noodles out in a big heap, hitting the boy in front of her.

He picked the noodles off the back of his head and threw it and another person, thinking he had done it. The same thing happened with that kid, and the next, and the next, and so on and so on until a cafeteria-wide food fight had started. The cafeteria was huge, and so was the fight. Everyone threw food, but few were left clean and unharmed. Every teacher inside the cafeteria was hit by food, even if they only came in for mere seconds. The fight eventually relented with the aid of several teachers. Every kid in the cafeteria had detention and had to clean a square foot of the cafeteria. Although he said Susie was the root of the incident, Calvin was charged guilty, for he already had a file of incidents a foot and a half thick and Susie, well, she had a pure record. Calvin spent an extended detention and had to clean up half of the cafeteria. Harsh for kid, but that doesn't matter. Because noodles started the whole shebang, it was known as The Noodle Incident. Continuously after the incident had taken place Calvin would claim that he was framed and no one could prove that he did it.

Thus becoming The Noodle Incident.