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Out of the console – Part 1

Dudley Dursley took the jet-black Game Boy console in hand, turned it on, and started playing his new game; super Mario Bros. He had been given it yesterday and was already on world two. Buttons clicking furiously as he made Mario jump, flatten, collect coins, and occasionally fly using various devises. He was totally oblivious to the fact that his cousin, Harry Potter was practicing magic upstairs in the spare bedroom.

"Expelliarmus!" cried Harry pointing at the lamp that stood on the desk; the spell that shot out of the wand hit the intended target square in the base, knocking it off the desk and on to the floor. Harry swiftly repaired the broken lamp that had shattered when it had hit the floor, with the use of one repairing charm.

"Eradis satis!" Harry cried and a blue jet of light gushed out of the wand; the light zoomed around the room for a moment and then out of the spare bedroom by squeezing through the keyhole.

"Uh-oh," said Harry "That's not supposed to happen," before running downstairs following the weird blue light that was, unfortunately for Harry, aiming right at his cousin Dudley.

"Dudley! Get out of the way!" screamed Harry from the bottom of the stairs. Dudley dived out of the way just in time to see his beloved Game Boy get hit by the mysterious blue light. It all seemed to be in slow motion and without a sound; he could see his uncle's face go bright purple with rage Dudley whimpering in a corner and his aunt screaming at him from in the kitchen. Fearing the consequences Harry ran upstairs and locked the door to his bedroom, and ignored the constant and furious knocking on the door made by his uncle.

Two hours past until Harry dared to go downstairs, aunt Petunia was serving out the tea; bangers and mash with some peas and broccoli, and because of the vegetables Dudley was complaining at the top of his voice. When he saw Harry he stopped complaining and cowered in his chair. Harry sat down without a word and avoided Vernon's glowering gaze. Dinner was served; Harry ate his silently and without fuss, unlike Dudley who was babbling about how he hated vegetables and how they should be abolished. Dudley was prodding at his last bit of broccoli when a humming noise started coming from the Game Boy.

"Dudders, did you leave that console on again?"

"No." said Dudley still prodding at his broccoli.

"You know I can make that grow if you like?" Harry said as he moved over to the now vibrating Game Boy. He was in reaching distance but thought it better to poke it with his wand, but when he did the devise shook viciously and there was a blinding blue light.

When the light died away he could see a short, stout man with a brown moustache, white gloves, leather boots, blue dungarees with a red shirt underneath and a red flat cap emblazoned with a red M in a white circle. The little man spoke in a thick Italian accent.

"It's-a me-a, Mario!"

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