Out of the Console

Chapter 6

"'Arry!" Exclaimed Hagrid as Harry, Ron and Hermione walked down through the grounds to his Hut.

"How's he doing Hagrid."

"He's doin' fine, a little Peaky, but should be OK by tomorrow."

"Oh that's great," said Hermione

"Yeah I know, but I got summat to show you, I can't fathom what could have done this." As he said the word this they turned towards the paddock and Hagrid pointed at a black shrivelled object that lay in the middle. When she saw it Hermione turned away, hand over her mouth.

"Yeah, not very pleasant is it? It's a corpse, I found it deep in the forest late last night, and the poor thing must have been burnt alive."

"Thing? It looks like a human to me." Said Ron, puzzled.

"Ron, do you remember when we were in our first year?"

"Blimey Harry, whatever it is your asking me, that happened 6 years ago, more or less." Ron sounded confused.
"Didn't Malfoy say there were Werewolves in the forest?"

"Yeah, so you think it's Werewolf that has been killed?"

"Yeah," Harry paused for a moment "but don't you need silver bullets to kill werewolves?"

"Oh, don't be so thick Harry," said Hermione "if you ever read Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, you would have known that anything sharp and that had silver anywhere on it could kill a werewolf. That whole silver bullet stuff is just a whole load of bull talked about by muggles. Wizards don't have guns, let alone know how to use them, so would not be able to fire a bullet, never mind a silver one."

"Oh." Harry and Ron said together.

"But there is no silver in the body, look." Harry performed the summoning charm, to try and retrieve any silver in the body, but nothing happened.

"I know," said Hagrid "Tha's what makes it even more disturbin'"

Meanwhile deep in the forbidden forest, the scientist Professor Limser, was setting a new wave, in order to open a new portal from the co-ordinates Bowser had given him. He put Mario's portal locker on the tri-pod, pressed a few more buttons, wiped his brow and then pressed the big red button. The area in front of the portal locker's Ariel-like stick shimmered like the area was engulfed in a heat haze, then it suddenly started separating into tiny little squares. The Professor had been told these were called pixels by the inhabitants of the other world, and then these pixels turned white for a few seconds before fading into the Pixelated image of the other world and then the Pixels fused together to form a clear image of the parallel world. As the Professor stepped closer he noticed that the portal he had made was different to the portal that had magically appeared. The first portal had clear cut edges around it, whilst this had pixelated edges; he pondered this for a bit and then went through.

The great hall the following morning was as unusual as ever, the ceiling that mirrored the sky, Owls bringing mail, floating toast, and a large green dinosaur-like creature sitting next to some of the seventh year Gryffindors at their table.


"Sí Harry."
"You know you said that Yoshi didn't speak English."
"He seems to be speaking English quite well."

"Ah sí, but can you-a see that he-a has a translator on his-a leg-a."

"Oh, OK." This seemed to placate Harry some.

"Harry, have you seen Pig?" Ron asked suddenly turning towards Harry.
"No, have you checked the Owlery."

"Haven't had time yet," but Ron was suddenly cut off by a flying silver object that hit Harry on the top of his head.

"Ow, what was that?" Harry asked rubbing his head where

"A Silver Necklace, Harry," said Hermione holding it up with her wand "I imagine that it came from that summoning charm you cast Yesterday."

Ron snorted into his bowl of cereal.

"Ah there you go Ron; here comes the Pig with the newspaper: I wonder what he has brought that for?" Hermione picked it up and read aloud the front cover story."

"Early this morning a flying muggle aircraft, called an Aeroplane, crashed into a Scandinavian port where the Durmstrang ship was docked. No muggles or wizards were harmed (apart from the pilot who suffered major concussion) in this incident but the muggles had to have their memories wiped when they saw 100 Durmstrang students disembark off what appeared to them to be a luxury sailing yacht. Later evidence on the plane proved that the plane crashed because of a Silver Necklace that had broken through the glass and knocked the pilot out, before flying through the opposite window."

Ron snorted even louder at this.

Hermione glared at him for a moment, before going check her timetable. "I've got Ancient Runes now."
"Oh no, that means Harry and I have Potions with Mario and Luigi."

"I thought you liked Mario and Luigi?" Hermione whispered so that the two Italian Plumbers would not hear them.
"Yeah we do." Replied Ron

"It's just that we don't like Slughorn all that much." Said Harry, finishing off Ron's sentence.

"Ok, but we better go. Mario and Luigi, are you two coming?"

"Yes," said Luigi, jumping off of his seat and pulling Mario away from a conversation that he was having with Peach.


"Sí Harry?"

"What is Yoshi going to do until we can find a way for all of you to go back home?"

"Hagrid is-a going to pretend-a he is a new-a creature and the students will-a learn about him-a."

Harry and Ron got up from their seats and followed the two brothers out of the Great Hall and down the stairs into the dungeons where they queued up outside the door to wait for Slughorn.