Chapter 8

Everything around Robin seemed to slow down. he could see the starbolt heading straight for him, but yet he didn't move, couldn't. He wasn't sure whether it was because he would never leave his best friend's side, or whether he was to afraid to move. Either way, he didn't move. He would rather get hit and killed than attack her. Starfire blinked. But she continued to shoot at him.

"well done Shuriken punch him, shoot him, do whatever it takes to win!" Valior jeered. Starfire closed her eyes and placed her hand on her head. She moaned for a moment and then opened her eyes again, her eyes still black. The confused, scared look disappeared and changed back to vicious fury. This gave Robin enough time to move out of the way. He dodged each of her starbolts, watching her begin to get impatient.

"I thought you said you got rid of all emotions? And why did you name it after a shuriken?" Robin yelled at Valior. Valior laughed.

"I got rid of all emotions that make her, her. Like love, remorse, sympathy, confusion, justice, determination, freedom...giddiness," he confirmed. Robin threw a boomerang at him. And then felt a sharp pain like electricity hit him. He collapsed on the ground, feeling like he was going to be sick. He remembered this kind of pain. He looked up and saw Starfire had stopped shooting. She lowered her hand and flew over to him. She looked angry. She grabbed Robin by his shirt and pulled him off the floor.

"you must also fight," she commanded. Robin stared at her. He felt too weak to fight, amazed that just one starbolt could take that much energy away from him.

"I can't," Robin mumbled. Starfire glared at him and threw him back onto the floor.

"if you do not fight, you will die," she clarified to him. Robin was horrified. He was heartbroken that Valior could do something like this, and horrified that Starfire would allow herself to be taken over.

"Starfire, get that stupid emotion holding thing out of you, you can control it, it's inside you!" he shouted at her. Starfire blinked. Her face was impassive, but her eyes blinked green for about half a second. She growled at Robin and raised her arm, preparing a starbolt.

"I will never let her go!" she shrieked at him. Her voice was different though, it was deeper and full of hatred and need. "prepare yourself Robin, or you will not survive," her voice returned to normal about halfway through the sentence. The next thing that happened, happened too fast for Robin to register. In the split second that Starfire shot the starbolt, Raven had appeared, transported Robin out of the way, and Beastboy had turned into a cobra, now warning Starfire to beat it. Raven placed Robin out of sight.

"stay," she said, and disappeared out again. Cyborg stood behind Beastboy, aiming his sonic cannon at Starfire. Starfire stood steady, her starbolt still held in her hand. Cyborg's teeth were clenched. He looked so nervous, he couldn't shoot her.

"don't make me do it," he warned. Starfire glared at him. There was a terrible silence after that. Each of them were daring the other to attack, but neither would cave in that easily.

"I must fight," Starfire declared again. Beastboy shook his head, not believing what he saw. Starfire fired her starbolt. At the same moment Cyborg shot his sonic cannon. Cyborg grabbed Beastboy and jumped out of the way. Robin heard a shrill scream. He leapt to see what happened. Starfire's eyes were shut and she was losing altitude fast. Robin took in a breath a jumped out of the building he was hidden in. He dove fast, keeping streamlined. He didn't care that the wind was whipping his face like a dozen knives, or that he could barely breathing the air was rushing past him so much. All he cared about was rescuing Starfire. He was level with her now and grabbed hold of her wrist. He shot a rope and swung himself and Starfire up to the top of the rooftops. Starfire's eyes blinked open a few minutes after. She stared up at Robin and the others with no expression.

"you rescued me," she said. she sounded surprised. "why?" she demanded, sitting upright. She seemed oddly defensive and held her arm up in case they attacked her. She stared around at the titans warily.

"because," Robin said, turning her to face him, "you might not remember, but we're your friends," he explained. Starfire sucked in a breath and gripped her head. She screamed in pain. Her eyes squeezed shut and blackness surrounded her. It seemed to be lightening, flashing before the other's eyes. they stared at her in wonder. Valior stared too, shocked. Starfire stood up, and threw herself off the side of the building, floating and hovering and jerking about. Thousands of thoughts flashed into her brain. Her friends, her enemies, fighting, playing cards, eating with her friends, shooting starbolts, her sister, Slade, Robin kissing her, Beastboy comforting her, it was too much. She continued to scream, but lost breath fast. She blinked open her eyes. they were normal. But shut quickly and reopened, black. She shot a starbolt at the titans, who dodged out of the way. Then she shot one at Valior, who also dodged.

"help me!" Starfire screamed. It felt like a thousand knives stabbing into her brain. the shuriken attacking her seemed to be shoved out of her head, screeching. It screeched and screamed and yelled, circling her and trying to get back inside. but for some reason it bounced off an invisible force. By now she had stopped screaming, and had curled in a ball, moaning loudly. She was more scared than in pain now. She flew around, trying to get rid of it. soon she stopped moaning too, she didn't open her eyes though. Suddenly Valior shot the shuriken with a laser and Starfire plummeted down to the roof. She groaned a bit and rubbed her head. Robin and the others ran over to her.

"you feeling okay?" he asked. Starfire turned to face him. She blinked open her eyes.

"yes, Robin, I am," she said. Valior glared down at them.

"no!" he shouted. The others got into a battle stance. They pushed Starfire behind them.

"is it possible to leave her alone for once? How many times must I say it?" Raven moaned. Valior glared at them all. He softened his gaze. Then he folded his arms.

"I guess I'm out matched, you win, little heroes," he taunted, spinning and flying off. Robin and the others watched him leave in shock, they stared after him.

"well that was unexpected," Beastboy muttered. Robin turned to Starfire. She was rubbing her temples lightly, seeming to try and get rid of something.

"anything the matter?" Robin asked. Starfire smiled at him.

"it is just an energy slump. We should go home," she informed. The others nodded and began to take off. Robin took hold of Starfire's hand and she lifted him.

"thank you for rescuing me Robin, that was the nicest Valentines gift that any human could present to me," she said to him.