I am like obsessed with DJ and Heather now, so here is my sequel to Hate OR Love

I do not own TDI

First Chapter is somewhat based on Jersey Girl

"Okay Heather, were gonna need on more last push!" Dr. Becky Moore exclaimed. "I can't, it hurts, I can't do it!" Heather said with tears rolling down her alabaster skin.

"Come on, Sweetheart, You can do it." I encouraged "DJ, Can you see her?" "Oh Shit, I can."I replied to my fiancé's question.

Heather gave one last push, and there she was ….

Baby Girl Williams, 6lbs 5oz, and 19 inches long.

"She's got ten fingers, and ten toes. We're going to get her cleaned up …" Dr. Moore's overview of my daughter was interrupted by me exclaiming, "she's coding, bring me a crash cart!'

"Dr. Williams, We're going to need you to leave." A small red-head nurse hollered. I couldn't go I couldn't leave Heather. I ended up being pushed out by three large male nurses.

I stood there pacing for what felt like hours, but was really only a few minutes.

"Dr. Williams" Becky murmured "Yes" I replied just has somber. "Heather is stable right now, but I don't think she'll make any longer than a day max."

I slowly opened up the door to see this woman. Her skin could barely be made out; it was the same color as the bleached hospital sheets. Her once onyx almond shaped eyes looked dead.

I couldn't believe that was Heather, my Heather.

I pulled up a chair, next to her bed.

"DJ baby, I know I'm probably not going to make it past tonight. But I want you to name her Leah.", Her voice started becoming weaker with every word, " DJ I want you to be happy, so find someone else, I don't want to deprive Leah of a mother. I love you."

I just took the information in, not asking any questions; I didn't want her to strain her voice anymore.

She pulled herself up in the bed, probably using all her strength, and kissed me. Despite, her cold almost dead skin, this kiss held a deep passion, like she put her whole life into this kiss.

When Heather pulled, away she laid down peacefully, and she flat-lined.

The most beautiful, complicated, amazing human being to ever come into my life had just died. Tears started falling from my face.

Okay this is sort of a prologue for my new story "A Father's Love" It will be about DJ trying to raise his daughter on his own, and possibly finding love.