2 ½ years later


I walked out on stage in my gown and graduation cap, smiling as I received my English Literature degree. It was luckily an overcast day, and in the crowd was my wonderful husband, the Cullens, and my parents, who had never looked prouder of me. My daughters were nearby, but away from my parents who, would know something strange was up with just one look at their faces. Their growth had thankfully slowed, and they now looked to be about twelve. Their faces, just like their eyes, were a mixture of both Edward and I that was immediately obvious to everyone that saw them. Thus they could not meet my parents, though we had allowed them to come and see their human grandparents and watch me receive my degree. I had easily completed it through online courses, but I had wanted Charlie and Renee to have the opportunity to see me receive my degree, knowing that this would probably be the last time I would ever get to see them.

A little bronzing powder, some makeup and contacts had allowed me to see my parents without making them suspicious. The Cullens were also wearing makeup that made them look like they had aged. About a year ago we had finally moved out of Forks and were living in Canada. It was beautiful and we all enjoyed it. We stayed mainly out in the wilderness so that we wouldn't have to go to school yet, and it was relaxing to simply focus on providing Charlize and Jemma with as many childhood experiences as possible. It also allowed Edward and I to spend a lot of time together, for we were still in our newly mated years and liked to ravish each other as much as possible.

As I stepped off the stage I was engulfed in Edward's arms as he hugged me. "I am so proud of you love." I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him happily. Eventually he released me and we made our way over to our parents. There were lots of hugs and kisses and congratulations, and I was happy that I got to spend the day with them before they had to head back. Rosalie headed home with our girls after the ceremony, and I caught up with my parents. I still phoned and emailed them regularly, but I knew that this would probably be the last time I could see them in person, so I made the most of it.

Phil was now a minor league baseball coach, and Charlie was dating Sue Clearwater, a lady from the reservation that had been married to his best friend Harry. I tensed slightly as I remembered that both of her children were werewolves, and I could only hope that she wouldn't tell him any the supernatural aspects of the world he lived in. Charlie was the type that preferred to live in a blissful ignorance if the truth was too much to bear, and he didn't need to know about vampires and werewolves. Beside me Edward soothed me by stroking my arms and I relaxed, realising that if Sue had told Charlie anything Edward would have read it in his mind.

Renee was her happy flighty self. Her new fad was collecting antique cuckoo clocks. I could just imagine the noise of all the cuckoo birds driving Phil mad. I hoped for his sake that she would find a new hobby soon. I was pleased that both of my parents seemed to be happy and adjusting well to not having me nearby.

It was sad to say goodbye to them, but I was happy that I had had the chance to see them again and that they were doing so well. Once they left Edward simply held me in his arms for a while, knowing that all I needed was his soothing embrace. Eventually I turned and sighed. Taking his hand, I laced my fingers through his. "Let's go home."

Over the coming years I still maintained contact with my parents, I sent them photos using age progression technology to make us look older. I also kept an eye on them from a distance. Charlie ended up marrying Sue, and he continued to happily live in blissful ignorance. I was grateful that there was someone to take care of him now. Renee lived her days out happily changing hobbies every few weeks and enjoying life.

We visited the Volturi regularly, and they were the undisputed vampire leaders of the world once again. After the fight rumours had circulated throughout the vampire world about the Volturi's invincibility, and more specifically the 'all powerful princess.' Nobody dared challenge them now, and thankfully that meant that there were far less incidents where vampires broke the law.

Our daughters loved life as well. They brightened up rooms with their constant smiles and happy demeanours. They continuously played pranks on Emmett, and had each developed their own interests. While they still did most things together, they each liked specific things. Jemma was the more sporty of the two and loved to skateboard and swim. She was already looking into motorcross, and I had a feeling that in a few years time we were going to have to buy her a motorbike and build her a track. I was very thankful that her skin was almost as tough as ours and that it was nearly impossible for her to harm herself, despite the dangers such sports would pose to a human. Charlize loved most musical instruments, favouring her violin, but playing almost any instrument she could acquire, including obscure ones such as the glass harmonica, chrysalis and the fluba. Her other favoured instrument was the banjo. She also loved to paint and created beautiful landscapes of the surrounding forests and lakes for Canada.

We couldn't be prouder of our girls, and Edward doted on them like any loving father would. I loved to watch him play with them, and see the loving adoration etched on his face as he looked at them. With Edward, Charlize, Jemma, the Cullens and the Volturi, my world was complete.

10 years later

Our girls had grown up. Now they both looked to be about 25, and could pass as our elder sisters. They were stunningly beautiful and turned heads wherever they went. Edward would often groan at the thoughts of every straight man that caught even a glimpse of Charlize and Jemma, and I often shielded him from it to give him some relief, and to stop him from scaring every human near him when he glared furiously at those with the most impure thoughts.

We had allowed Charlize and Jemma to go to school once their aging slowed down enough, and at the age of four they had started as high school freshmen. As much as the rest of our family had wanted to join them, they refused to go to school with their parents, aunts and uncles. So Edward, being the protective father he is, found them a nice all-girls school, where they greatly enjoyed their advanced classes and made a few human friends.

Now they had finished high school and they wanted to leave the nest and travel the world together- without the encumbrance of overprotective parents. I didn't think it was very fair that normal parents usually got to keep their children for at least seventeen years before they had to let them go, and we didn't. But they were grown up and mature girls, and I wouldn't hold them back for anything in the world.

So Edward and I reluctantly sent them off on their world tour, making sure they had everything they needed and that they had promised to call us regularly and send lots of photos. We had taken them to our favourite countries a few years ago, and they were going back to visit some of those as well as exploring more of the world.

We also made sure that they had had a lot of combat training in case they came across anything supernatural. Their gifts had expanded to the point where Charlize could plant thoughts in the mind of anyone (except me) within a few miles, and Jemma could move anything within that range. Jemma's telekinesis could also be reversed and used as a force field around her and Charlize, which relaxed Edward and I a little. As long as they were touching they could share both powers, and each had learnt how to handle their twin's power as well as their own.

We felt we had prepared them as best we could, and we sadly waved goodbye at the airport as they boarded a plane, bound first for Africa. Edward held me in his arms as we both resisted the urge to drag them back off the plane and take them home. When the plane finally took off I gave a sad sigh and turned into Edward. "Our babies are gone."

"I know love, but they'll be back before you know it. We have eternity with them after all, a year around the world is nothing." I could tell he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince me. "Besides," he continued, "I have a surprise for you."

I raised an eyebrow as he took me by the hand and led me down the airport to a different plane- one bound for Rio. "I thought we could have a second honeymoon- just think, all alone on Isle Esme, and we don't have to be back for a whole year. I even made sure that the island had a phone connection installed and that the girls know where to contact us."

His golden eyes were irresistible, and just the thought of our first honeymoon at Isle Esme had me smiling and eying him lustfully. "You always know how to cheer me up."

Kinda sad to knw this is finished, but releived at the same time. I am unsure on whether i will do a sequel or not- i have some ideas, but i'm still not sure. I do have many other twilight plotlines i have been thinking of while i was writing Shields of Power, and i am going to see which way the muse takes me. So keep a lookout for my new stories and you might find one that interests you.

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