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Detective Game

Chapter 1


Japanese words

Shinichi's POV

"I'm boooored," moaned Genta, the other two real kids let out groans of agreement.

As much as I hate to admit it I agreed with them. I hadn't managed to stumble across a case in almost a week, that's probably a new record. But to be honest I could really use something challenging to stop the boredom (not that I want someone to die, but I'm almost wishing that there'd be a KID heist). But with nothing else to do, the five of us headed to the agency.

"Tadaima," I called as I entered.

"Ah, Conan-kun welcome home," called Ran. From the position she and Occhan were in I could tell she had just been lecturing him about his drinking again. She glared at his now passed out form, and with one last "Hmpf," then she turned towards me and the rest of the chibi brigade. "A letter came for you," she said hading it to me.

I couldn't help but admire Ran. It'd been two months since she'd found out who I really was and even though it shocked her she was very good at hiding it and acting like she still thinks I'm just sweet little Edogawa Conan. The only problem is that she's gotten into the habit of treating me like a baby when she's really annoyed with me.

I glanced at the letter and saw it was addressed too the entire Shonen Tantei, not just to me. When Genta saw that he snatched the letter from my hands and ripped it open, Out of it fell a letter and what looked like six plane tickets. "Sugoi, a new case for the Shonen Tantei," he shouted. But when he looked at the letter his grin turned to a look of confusion, "Nani I can't read it."

Mitsuhiko glanced over his shoulder, "It looks like it's written in English. You better give it back to Conan." He turned to me, "You can read English can't you."

I nodded and Genta grudgingly handed it back to me. I read aloud…

Dear Shonen Tantei

I would like to extend to you an invitation to join your fellow detectives from around the world at the 'Detective Game.' The competition takes place at the Blackstone Lodge in the Rocky Mountains of the U.S.A. Airplane tickets and other transportation is provided free of charge. Since the five of you are all so young there is an extra ticket provided for a guardian to join you. The ages of this competition range from 5-18 and the winner receives a special prize. We hope for you to join us there.

Signed: That's your job to figure out.

I didn't need to look up from the letter to know what I was going to see. Genta, Ayumi and Mitsuhiko were all very enthusiastic about wanting to go. Ayumi was already asking Ran to chaperone us (Which she agreed to do).

I was about to state my question about the letters authenticity when the phone rang. Ran answered, "Moshi Moshi, yes hold on a second." She held it out to me, "it's for you."

I held the phone to my ear, "Hai."

"Oi Kudo, did you get one?" Came Hattori's voice on the other end.

I blinked in confusion, "One what?"

"An invitation to this Detective Game competition ahou," was his rely

"You got one too?" Now I was really listening.

"Of course I did, I'm a detective aren't I," he said annoyed.

I rolled my eyes, "That's not what I meant," I then explained the situation, while the three real children hurried home to tell their parents. Ran meanwhile was taking advantage of her father's drunken stupor to ask permission for us to go (he let out a mumbled "yes, now let me sleep").

I talked with Hattori for a few more minutes we made plans to meet up at the airport since we had the same flight. Then I hung up on him when he began ranting about how he hoped Hakuba hadn't been invited as well.

I then turned to Haibara, "Well, are you coming too?" I asked.

She nodded and said with her creepy grin, "It might be wise for me to flee the country for a few days. Also you will need help with this. Since you and I are the only ones of the Shonen Tantei that are fluent in English, we will most likely be given the position of translators.

I sweatdropped, I hadn't thought of that.

Three days later I fond myself strapped into a seat on an airplane bound for the U.S. Much to Hattori's displeasure Hakuba had indeed been invited and to add insult to injury the two had the misfortune to be seated next to each other. I was sitting next to Ran a few seats away and I could still hear the two arguing, I felt pity for the poor stewardess who was trying to get them to settle down.

"Ne Shinichi, what are you thinking about?" asked Ran, pulling me back to reality.

I glanced at her, "It's nothing much. I'm just hoping this gathering of detectives won't turn out to be like all the other ones we've been to.

She winced and nodded, she obviously remembered how much trouble all the other three lead to. "Maybe, this time will be different."

I didn't reply. I'm not a superstitious I didn't reply. I'm not a superstitious person, but even I knew that words like those were just asking for trouble.

Kaito's POV

"Stuck-up British Ahou!

"So now you are reduced to immature name calling, what are you four?!"

'I wonder what I to deserve this?' I thought behind my poker face and stewardess costume as I continued to try (unsuccessfully) to get the two shouting detectives to settle down.

I had heard from Hakuba that he was going to this detective competition. And since all the other ones had led to mayhem and misery I decided to tag along just in case. Though I figured it would be best that I keep my presence as discreet as possible.

That easier said than done. Right now I was sorely tempted to use my knockout spray on the two in front of me, just to get them to shut-up. But that would probably give me away.

I sighed, 'this was going to be a long flight.'

End Chapter 1

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