Lizzie POV

Lizzie Madison was reading new moon again. She had this ritual that whenever she gets to the part of Edward leaving Bella she puts on When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne. She's about to read that part when her best friends Harmoni, Michelle, Ruby, and Peyton arrive.

"Are you reading New Moon again?" Harmoni asked

"I want to read it" Peyton said

"So Mrs. Edward Cullen, where are you in the book" Michelle asked

"In order yes I'm reading new moon again, too bad Peyton I'm reading it right now and I'm about where Edward leaves Bella"

"Wouldn't it be cool if we could go in to new moon" Ruby asked

" I'd rather go into twilight" Peyton and Lizzie said

"I want to go into New Moon" Ruby said

"Let's go into Eclipse" Michelle and Harmoni said

"I found this thing that's let's me go into books." Ruby said

"No way" Harmoni said

"First let's go into twilight" Lizzie said

"Okay, just let me get the thing" Ruby said

Ruby reached into the pocket and got out this nesting doll head.

Lizzie got the book open to the first page of twilight.

"Okay everybody grab hands ready one, two, three jump"