Chapter Eight

Everybody who likes Emmett be warned, I'm going to make fun of him and I don't want any flames!

Jasper and I were going to the lunchroom. For what else, lunch.

"Alice, do you know if we're going to meet the new girl, Bella Swan" Jasper asked

"It's possible," I said even though I know what's going to happen

After I said that I saw Bella, I mean Lizzie walking with Jessica. Maybe this will be good for Lizzie's self-confidence and even though I hated Jessica in the books. Lizzie has to meet Mike, Eric, and everybody.

"So how were the classes" Emmett asked

"Easy" Everybody answered

"Really, English and Math are really hard," Emmett said

"Are you in advanced math and english" I asked honestly curios

"No, I'm in basic Math and English" Emmett said disgraced

"I can tutor you in English" I said

"Really" Emmett said

"But, I can't help in math. I don't understand it either," I said

"Alice, I can tutor you if you want" Jasper said

"Is it going to be the same type of tutoring that Rosalie and Emmett do?" I asked

"Hey" Rosalie a.k.a Ruby said sounding mad

Oh, well not my problem.

"Well, I can tutor you if you want" a mysterious voice said

I looked around and saw that Edward was the one talking. I felt my awesome evilness coming back.

"Are you in basic math" I asked

"No, I'm in advanced math" Edward said

"What are getting in there?" I asked

"I got A's and B's in the past" he said proud of himself.

"I don't know, I'd rather watch NCIS," I said

"NCIS, I love that show. Who's you're favorite character" Emmett asked

"I like Abby and Ziva" I said

"Of course you'd like Ziva" Edward said

"Hey, Ziva is awesome" I said

"How about this you'll tutor Emmett, I'll tutor you, and then we'll all watch NCIS" Edward

"Okay" I said

"Hey, Edward see the new girl" I asked

"Yeah" He said,
"Read her thoughts," I said

"Okay" he said looking at me strangely

Then Edward stared at her and made a face that looked he was going to the bathroom.

Next chapter I will answer your question: What the hell is Edward doing back?! Please no flames