Hermione and the Preshow Kidnapping Show

Nathan looked around the room. He had been drugged, judging by the throbbing in his head. He was in a castle judging by the stone walls, and he was shackled judging by the clanging produced with his every movement.

He heard footsteps descending, meaning that he was probably a prisoner.

"Nathan," a woman said maniacally. "I have brought you here to serve me and my children."

"Who are you?" he asked coldly.

"Does it matter? You will never leave and experience fame and fortune ever-never again!" she shrieked. She then cackled as she sat on a wooden bench. "The band will fail, so even if you are released you will still fall!" she cackled.

"Who are you?" Nathan asked sternly.

"My name is Hermione Granger-Weasley," she replied. "And your band cost my husband his life!"


"He lost more money than you could see in us, and…he couldn't handle the pressures of living in debt you gave him. He was a manager of a band you defeated, and he never recovered. It was his idea so his band pulled out and left for America."

"Then how was he is debt?"

"You have to pay to enter such shows, and the band never refunded his money. Now, I'm taking his revenge for him! Die, Nathan, die!" she screamed. Lightning struck and hit Hermione, sending her through a metal rod on the wall, killing her instantly. Nathan then used his superhuman strength to break through his shackles. He then leapt through the air and landed on stage.

"Miss me?" he asked with a smirk. The crowd went wild.