Doofemsmirtz adventure

If you defeat a villain, you stop his plans. But not always are they evil in mind. But what happens if he unleashes a greater evil

" Now, for my ultimate plan to work, I need an organic power source. Prepare to fear as I spell out my plans to you" Doofemsmirtz chuckled to his nemesis who was caught in an energy field. Soon his plans to take over the inter- galactic alliance of darkness will succeed, his plan will soon begin. They were on his charter galactic space ship, the Doofemsmirtz evil flyer inator (looks like the Meta Knight's halberd, but with Doofemsmirtz head)

" Now with that annoying Thomas character out doing something and me not using those heartless things, they just creep me out you know. But I have located a dimension locking away a giant green goop ball. Once I take a spawn from it, I will power my ultimate machine. But then I need to build it, or should I say, get the greatest builders in all the worlds, Phineas and Ferb to build it. You see Perry, I can be most; persuasive." He gloated. Perry tried to get out but the field held.

" Now, to the locked dimension" he yelled as his ship flew into a dark portal.

In a locked away dimension

" Behold Perry the Platypus, Planet Fusion" he said darkly as he gazed upon its abundant go.

" Retrieval robot RXK2 retrieve a goop sample" he ordered his robot (it's a black and white floating sphere with several arms and a contaminate unit on top.) it hovered towards it. Without causing it to awaken, it snuck over and took a pint size sample of goop. With that the planet roared to life and goop began to fly at them.

" Shield on" Doofemsmirtz yelled as a organic proof shield surrounded the ship as the retrieval robot returned. The goop had formed into a fusion spawn. Then as goop made torpedos were fired at it he fired his own Doofemgeddon torpedoes to stop them. However those torpedoes were covered in fusion matter and fused into a giant torpedo robot.

" Okay, Doofemsmirtz robot transform" he said pressing a big red button. Then the ship transformed. A giant see through plastic bubble surrounded him, his controls and perry and the ship turned into the brown body with the doofemsnirtz head in its chest. Firing pure lasers he smelted the copy but more goop torpedoes were fired but he destroyed them too.

" Yes, no one can stop me now" he said as he left the dimension. However the effects started to occur. The dimension it was held in began to fall apart as the planets energy surged. The prison dimension collapsed and it fell into the center universe. Here held the worlds of worlds, mega worlds where all of a genre's realms had a world where all were together as one large always crossed world. (All cartoon Network, all Disney, all Nintendo, and all TV Tokyo so on so on). These worlds kept all subsequent worlds in all dimensions with those worlds flowing. The closest world to it, Brawlia had been sealed off by Thomas a long time ago. However it had its goop-loaded eyes on the next world about three years away.

The world of Cartoon Network

Soon after this, his planned resurection was discovered and his world was destroyed. Perry, Phineas and Ferb escaped with Thomas to greenia, Perry unable to tell them what happened

But soon, Thomas found out when

In three years time Planet Fusion invades Cartoon Network center world

Three years the legendary hero comes

Searching for his lost friends who got stuck there

Here is original story art of a now redundant plan for the last Thomas Story after ten new keys and its Danny Phantom, Tokyo Mew Mew and Power puff girl sequels not edited, purely original concept.

The sun was shining bright as Thomas landed by Dexlabs. He has a simple green brown Jedi robe and nothing else. He had heard of the Fusion Spawns after viewing some of Mojo's Data when he defeated him just several weeks earlier. He had traveled Far across many worlds, meeting many of those in this world, yet those he met where not the same as here. This was the center dimmension of several worlds, such as Townsville and Peach Creek. He came to prevent its destruction, and to find his lost friend Aqua and Ven ( From Kingdom hearts Birth By sleep) as readings indicated they where here, well actually in Fuse's lair. Suddenly he heard a loud chorus of screams, mostly electoronicly sounding. He saw a whole army of Skydrones and Cyberus attacking Dexter and several Dexbots, who where out on a small park. Thomas then began to stealthaly approach them, then slashed several of the nearby drones with his lightsabre ( Again read my Fanfiction acount stories to understand his character more). The other drones then fled. "Who are you strange warrior" Dexter said. " I am Thomas, I come from another dimmension, I have come to find several of my friends who are trapped here. I already know of this fuse" "I have reports dexter that a new fusion was spotted attacking Mandark." Computress noted. At that Thomas ran off and spotted a fusion Aqua destroying several mandroids. "It may be a fusion, but I still blame Dexter, Haaahaaahaaa" Mandark said. The fusion turned around and faced Thomas, uttering a demonic yell. "Well, this will be odd" Thomas Noted drawing out his lightsabre. The Fusion charged, but was stopped by Thomas using the force. Thomas then flung his sword towards the Fusion, destroying it. However a Aqua nano appeared. " Nano Time" She said looking and sounding cute. " Okay, didn't see that coming" Thomas said.

Fusion Fall...