Fight For Light

A Xiaolin Showdown FanFiction

"Ooh! Ooh! Master Fung! Master Fung!"

Dojo hurried through the temple, looking for Master Fung. He had very important news to deliver.

Master Fung was outside the vault, meditating.

"Master Fung!"

Master Fung opened his eyes. "Yes, Dojo?"

"The scrolls! They're acting up! We got us new Dragon!" Dojo exclaimed.

"Wonderful," Master Fung replied. "We will go seek them now. They will bring us closer to destroying evil forces."

"Should we tell the others?" Dojo asked.

"No. They will be better off not knowing until the Dragon arrives."

"The scrolls said the Dragon was a girl. She's in Barcelona, Spain, right now, so we better get a move on!" Dojo exclaimed.


I ran through the streets, never stopping. I couldn't afford to stop.

Barcelona was a beautiful place, yes, but it wasn't for me. It was for all those rich families, or even families that just love each and want to be together.

I wasn't either.

My heart was racing as I ducked into an alley. I sat down on the gravel, hiding behind a dumpster. I loosened my grip on the brown parcel I carried.

I opened it and sighed in relief. The food was still there and intact.

I began eating it greedily, devouring it quickly.

For my first meal in a week, it filled me up. I left the alley and ran through the dark avenues and streets of Spain.

I never really had a home. I'd been an orphan since I was nine; about seven years ago. When I was fifteen, was I sick and tired of the orphanage and of no one ever wanting me. I decided to live on my own, to try to survive any way I could.

Sadly, this meant that, while I would be free of the pain of seeing no one wanting to adopt me at the orphanage, I had to steal whatever necessary for me to survive. I had to rob supermarkets weekly. I didn't like stealing food, but I needed it, and I wasn't about to go and return to that orphanage, so I only stole the amount of food I needed. I used public washrooms and water fountains and only ate food once a week. It wasn't exactly the best life ever.

I had never had a friend. When my parents passed away when I was nine, people thought that I'd have memory of them. But I didn't. I didn't remember them at all. And seeing every kid in the orphanage go except me for six years was brutal. Nobody wanted me.

I'd thought about suicide before, but I was always too scared. In fact, it didn't take much for me to die. If I missed out on one week of eating, I'd die of hunger.

I was always on the edge of death and just barely hanging on to life.

I could've given up. I could've killed myself and be done with it. Why steal from supermarkets when I could just die? Nobody would miss me anyway. Nobody knew me. Nobody even glanced in my way. It'd been that way for seven years, so why would that change now?

I was about to give one day. It was about six months ago. I was fully intent on suicide. Just when I was taking a walk earlier that day, trying to find something to convince me not to give up, I walked outside of a music shop.

I always loved music. I sang to myself in the orphanage to keep my spirit up, but after a while, it died away. I hadn't sang in years. My happiness rarely came, and I needed that to sing. I also needed energy; something I didn't have most days.

From the music shop, music was coming from a stereo. I paused to listen and try to see if I liked the song. Just when I was about to walk away, I heard the song change.

When I asked a worker in the store what the name of the song was, he said it was "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne. I had left the store and went to a park, humming what I knew of the song.

It was simple, and it had meaning. It gave me a bit of happiness, because, even though it was crazy, it gave me a sense of being cared for. That was how I decided I wouldn't give up on my life. I could try to do good things, help humanity. However, that was hard to do when you have to steal food to survive and barely had any energy on a daily basis.

I still tried, though. When I saw old ladies trying to cross the street, I asked if they needed help. They always did, and I always felt that this made up for my necessary food stealing.

I also picked up litter in parks and tried to keep things clean and kind. I always offered to help people whom I saw needed it.

One day, a man came up to me and asked me a couple questions. He asked me why I helped people so much, because he had saw me one day and had been watching me. That day happened to be the day I helped old ladies cross the street, picked up litter, and gotten a boy's kitten out of a tree. I had felt so tired, but so happy that I made a difference, even if just a small one.

I responded to the man saying, "Because I have been through many hardships in my time, and I still am. I considered ending it all, but I decided not to. I decided I could try and help people with what little energy I had each day. It makes me feel better, and, in fact, is the only thing that has made me smile in around a year's time. It makes me feel like I'm wanted because I can do something good."

He nodded. "That's…interesting. Is there anything I can do to help?"

I shook my head. I didn't want help from others. I wanted to help others, and when my time came, it would come. "No, thank you. I can probably take care of myself."

I had ended the conversation by saying I needed to go. He looked worried, but let me leave.

That was two weeks ago. Now, I wanted to keep doing good things, but I just didn't find the energy anymore.

A noise snapped me out of my thoughts. I heard footsteps-very light ones. Even though it should have sounded scary and frightening, it wasn't. I knew Spain wasn't really full of bad men in alleys, or, at least not this part. The footsteps were light and calm, and they actually relaxed me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at a man. He was a bit old, but not too much. I could see a young sparkle in his eyes. "Anné Rosa?" he asked.

That was my name. No one had called me that in a year. I hadn't even referred to myself as that. Whenever someone had asked my name, I just smiled and said, "Just think of me as a nice young girl."

"No one's called me that in a long time…" I muttered, looking down. I looked up again. "Who are you?"

"Please, stand up for a moment." I did so, but I don't know why. "I have much to explain. I am Master Fung from the Xiaolin Temple in China. I believe you have potential, and you are one of the Xiaolin Dragon Warriors."

I interrupted. "Warriors? No, no, no! You've got it all wrong. I can't fight or do anything. I'm too weak nowadays to even help pick up litter in parks like I used to! I barely get enough to eat, so I'm pretty scrawny. You'd be making a big mistake choosing me as a warrior."

"I'm afraid not," he said. "You are the Xiaolin Dragon of Light."

"What?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Please come with me," he said. "There are four others at the temple around your age, and they're Xiaolin Dragons as well. I will explain everything on the way."

"How are we supposed to get to China? It's very far!" I protested.

"Dojo!" he called. A little lizard came up on his shoulder.

"Yes?" the lizard said.

My eyes widened. "A talking lizard?" I saw his annoyed look. "No, wait… I've seen this before… You're…a dragon?!"

"Well, at least you figured it out without me having to tell you, unlike most," the dragon said. "I'm Dojo, and I'll be our ride home."

"How can…" I trailed off. Dojo had transformed into a large dragon.

"Come, get on," Master Fung said. "You will be safe at the temple, and we shall feed and clothe you. You will meet the other Dragons and find friends in them."

He began explaining everything I needed to know. I was shocked, but I regained my composure and listened intently. At least this would be better than starving for another week and stealing food.


"Star Hanabi!"

I watched from the sidelines as Kimiko and Clay sparred. This was getting boring fast.

Omi was off trying to shave nanoseconds off of his timing on the obstacle course. He had such a big ego, it could eclipse the sun.

I looked around. Where's Dojo and Master Fung?

"Rai? Rai!"

"Ow!" Kimiko was tapping on my head, and hard. "Kim!"

"Well, I wouldn't have had to do that if you paid attention to me!" she screamed.

I sighed and turned away. Kimiko's been getting on my nerves lately.

"Rai! RAI!" she screamed in my ear.

"Kimiko! Stop screaming in my ear! I kinda need to hear, ya know!" I retorted. "What's so important, huh?"

"Dojo and Master Fung have arrived and they brought someone with them!"

This got my attention. I turned towards her. "Another Dragon?"

She looked annoyed. "Oh, sure, now you listen," she mumbled. "I hope it's a girl!"

I rolled my eyes.

When all four of us were waiting in front of the gate, Master Fung and Dojo explained. "Young monks, there is a new Xiaolin Dragon joining us today," Master Fung said. "Please be nice. She has gone through so much, even more so than what you all have gone through. She is the Xiaolin Dragon of Light; Anné Rosa."

Master Fung stepped aside and a girl stood there, analyzing all of us. Her eyes took everything in slowly and I watched her. She had kind hazel eyes that had a lighter tone-somewhat like gold-in them, but you could tell that it was darkened by sadness. She had light skin, but it was still a bit tanned. Her hair was dark brown but it had a certain glow to it. It was wavy and reached about three inches below her shoulders. She had side-bangs on the left side of her face, the longest part reaching a little below her jaw. She looked troubled, but she managed to compose herself. I couldn't look away.

"I'm Anné Rosa, as Master Fung said, but I'd appreciate it if you call me Ann or Anni," she said. "I'm sixteen, I think, and I've been through more than a person my age should have to. They found me in Spain but I'm not sure I'm Spanish. I can speak it, but that's probably from being there and on the streets for so long.

"I would love to get to know all of you. I've never had friends before, so don't be too mad if I make a mistake," she finished. She bowed respectfully.

"I'm Kimiko Tohomiko! I'm the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire," Kimiko said. Anné looked up at her and smiled. Kim returned the smile. "I'm so glad there's finally another girl Dragon! We can be best friends!"

"I'd like that," Ann said. Kimiko hugged her.

"Clay Bailey, Xiaolin Dragon of Earth," Clay said. They shook hands and she nodded tersely.

"I am Omi, Xiaolin Dragon of Water!" Omi said. "I would love to teach you how to be a wonderful Dragon like me!" Ann laughed softly and hugged him.

"You remind me of someone, but I can't remember who…" she said. "Nice to meet you Omi."

She turned to me. I smiled. "I'm Raimundo Pedrosa, Xiaolin Dragon of Wind," I said.

"That's cool, our last names are alike," she said. "Rosa and Pedrosa." We laughed.

"Come on, Ann!" Kimiko interrupted. "I'll show you to your room!" Kimiko grabbed her arm and dragged her away. Ann left with an apologetic expression. I watched her leave.

"I hope you all with be most kind and help her catch up to the rest of you," Master Fung said. He left with Dojo to somewhere in the temple.

Rosa and Pedrosa. I smiled.

"Rai? You okay, buddy?" Clay asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"You seem a little out of it."

I shook my head. "Nah," I replied.

"It is getting late. We must turn off for the night, correct?" Omi said.

"Turn in for the night, Omi," Clay corrected.

"That too!" Omi exclaimed, running inside.

I groaned. It'd been a while since we met Omi, and he still hasn't learned any correct slang.


"So what exactly happened before you came here?" Kimiko asked. We were having a sort of sleepover party. It helped for my first night, I'll admit.

"I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you," I teased. We both laughed and almost spilled the nail polish.

"But, seriously," she said. "Is that alright if I ask?"

"It's alright, I guess," I sighed. "But I'd like to tell you all at once. Maybe tomorrow."

"Okay," she said. She was painting her toenails and I was working on doing the same to mine. However, I wasn't skilled in any girl things. She noticed that. "Need some help?"

I chuckled nervously. "Yeah, sorry," I said. "I haven't ever used nail polish or make up or anything. The only things I've come in contact with for years were these clothes, the river, and…never mind."

Kim looked worried. "What is it?"

"Well…" I paused. "In order to survive, I had to steal food from supermarkets." Her eyes widened. Stupid! I shouldn't have said that. "But I only stole as much as I needed and only ate once a week, so don't worry. I helped a bunch of people. Helping old ladies cross the street, picking up litter, and I even helped this boy's cat out of a tree once."

"Oh…I'm so sorry," she said. "I shouldn't have asked."

"No," I said quickly. "It's okay. It's not your fault." I tried to smile but I could smile only halfway.

She changed the subject. "Okay, so Master Fung told you all about Shen Gong Wu and Wuya and Jack Spicer, right?"

I nodded. "But I think that, before I'm able to train, I'd have to rest for a few days. Master Fung took me to a doctor in Barcelona at the last minute, right before we left, and they said I was malnourished and weak. Master Fung said I had to build my strength before I could go Wu-hunting."

She chuckled at the term I used. Wu-hunting. "That's probably true. I'm sorry we can't do much, but I know you'll be a great Xiaolin warrior like the rest of us," she said.

I smiled. "Thanks, Kimi," I said. "I haven't smiled in so long, and, today, I'm smiling like crazy. Thanks so much for being my new friend."

"Oh, you're welcome!" she exclaimed, embracing me. "And thank you for being a girl Dragon! Don't get me wrong; the boys are awesome, but they're clueless and I need a girl best friend!"

I smiled. "Thanks, Kimi. I'm glad I found such a good group of friends on my first time!"