Fight For Light

A Xiaolin Showdown FanFiction


After everyone was asleep, I crept down the hall. I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I turned the faucet and let the cold water run. I dunked my head under it and let it soothe me. This was the first time I was ever in a home, even if it was a temple. It's the closest thing I've had to home ever. And I've only been here a few hours.

I closed the faucet and wrung my hair out. When it was dry enough, I decided to comb through it with my fingers. I sighed and left the bathroom.

I walked out to the garden where we will supposedly 'train'. I lied down on the grass and faced the stars. It was very dark, and I almost could see myself. I sighed.

I snapped my fingers quietly and my hand glowed. I used it to see if there was anyone else out here. I snapped my fingers softly again and the light dimmed. I blinked calmly and the dark was perfectly visible. I should've done that instead. These must have been some of the powers Master Fung said I would have, but I didn't think I'd get used to them so quickly, or that I'd get them so soon.

I heard rustling. I rolled over and looked around, keeping low. "Raimundo?" I asked.

He came out from behind the pillar. "How'd you know it was me? It's pitch black out here!" Then he really saw me. "Why are your eyes glowing gold?" he asked slowly.

I sighed and patted the ground next to me. He sat next to me as I rolled over to lie on my back again. "I guess it's one of my 'powers'. I can see in the dark. Everything, to me, is as if it was daytime. What are you doing out here?"

"I heard someone walking through the temple, and I couldn't see you in the dark. When you called my name, I realized it was just you," he said.

"Okay, then," I said, looking back up at the sky. "It's so creepy."

"What's so creepy?"

"Like I said, I can see everything as if it was daytime, right?" He nodded slowly, trying to understand. "Well, I can see everything as nighttime, too. Like, I see the stars and the moon, but I see the sun, too. I can see the shadows in the temple, even though they wouldn't be there if it was day. It's like a combined vision."

"That's interesting," Raimundo said. "Can you see anything else?"

I thought about that. I blinked my eyes twice. Everything was dark, like night should be, but I could see a light-almost white-blue aura around Raimundo.

"Now your eyes are glowing white. What do you see?"

"I see…you… You have a light blue-almost white-aura around you." I blinked and it faded. I didn't bother switching back to night vision. I just closed my eyes and laid down. I was exhausted.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled. "I shouldn't have asked. You're exhausted now." He tugged on my arm softly. "Come on, I'll help you get to your room."

I nodded weakly but didn't move. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I couldn't open my eyes and I felt woozy.

I heard someone sigh and then the ground underneath me disappeared. I tensed for a moment before relaxing again.

The next thing I knew, I was on my 'bed' and sleeping soundly.

I woke up in the morning to someone shaking me. "Mm?" I mumbled.

"Get up," Kimiko whispered. "Breakfast is out."

"Breakfast?" I asked before standing up and kicking her out of my room. I got dressed in the kimono/robe that Kimiko and others had. I went out to the kitchen and my eyes widened. If I hadn't known that the others were expecting me, I would've drooled.

"Breakfast, Ann?" Kimiko asked.

I couldn't answer. My eyes rolled over all of the choices, giving me a chance to ogle at all the food. "Uh huh," I whispered softly.

"You okay, Ann?" Clay asked. My head snapped up. I knew they were there, but I didn't see them today.

"H-hi, Clay, Raimundo, Omi," I said before turning back to stare at the food. It was better than watching the food at the supermarket. Mostly because it was cooked.

There was strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast, waffles, and so much more. "Here you go," Kimiko said, handing me a plate.

I gave her a questioning look. "I can have anything I want?" I asked. "As much as I want?"

She looked at me funny. "What do you mean? Of course!"

I beamed. Using the utensils-which proved a waste of time to me-I piled food on my plate.

"Whoa, isn't that a lot for a girl…" Raimundo trailed off.

"A girl as thin as me?" I asked. He nodded slowly. "I was going to tell you guys my story today… I'm not this thin because I work out of anything. Before I met Master Fung and Dojo, I was starving on the streets for a year."

His eyes widened and it was silent. Kimiko placed a hand on my shoulder. "You can have as much as you want, Ann," she said.

I shook my head. "No. I shouldn't. I should just let myself rest," I said. "Besides, you can't force too much food in a stomach that's used to little to no food each week, even if that stomach complains." I smiled sadly.

"Well, you can eat anything you want," Clay said. "Kimi here makes great food."

"Most certainly!" Omi exclaimed. "Kimiko fulfills her female duties by holding expertise in the kitchen!"

Kimiko scowled and hit him upside the head. I giggled as Omi shouted. "Ow!"

Kimiko's temper was raging, but she ignored it and left the kitchen.

We watched her leave. Omi soon left to go training. "You know, you should eat something," Raimundo said. "You looked hungry."

I frowned, but started picking up food and devouring it as politely as humanly possible. Raimundo watched me the entire time. I felt so uncomfortable. I must've looked like a pig.

I ate till I was full and then washed all the dishes. "You don't have to do all the dishes yourself, you know," he said.

"You're still here?" I asked, knowing he was there the entire time. "And I can handle it. I need to make up for things I've done before, so I have to do a lot of good things."

"What have you done?" Raimundo asked, picking up a plate and beginning to wash it, too.

"I… I stole food from supermarkets when I needed to eat," I said. "Sure, it was once a week and only as much as I thought I'd need, but it still felt bad. I never did get enough to fill me up."

"I'm…sorry," he said. "But you're working with us to save the world from evil. What more do you have to do to feel better about stealing food from a grocery store?"

I grimaced. "I don't know. I just…I feel bad about it, knowing others needed that food more than I did. Nobody even knew I existed, so why should I be taking that food when someone else-who people loved and care about-needed it? I came so close to…" I closed my eyes and stop washing the dishes.

"To what?" Raimundo asked.

I sighed. "To suicide."

It was quiet. "What stopped you?" Rai said, cutting the tension a bit.

"A song," I admitted. " 'Keep Holding On' by Avril Lavigne. Even though I haven't heard any other songs in years, I can still say it's my favorite song." I chuckled a bit. "That song made me feel like…like there was a chance that someone could care about me, know me, or even just know I exist. Even if they only pitied me, it'd be enough."

He smiled at me. "Glad you didn't go through with it," he said. "We'd be missing out on a great friend, then." I smiled back.

"Thanks, Raimundo," I said.

"Call me 'Rai'."

After we finished washing dishes, Raimundo went out to train. I went to my room to rest. I needed to build up strength, and sleeping beforehand would help.

I woke up with Dojo jumping on my head. "Come on, Ann! Shen Gong Wu alert! We want you to watch how it goes!"

"I'm up, I'm up!" I laughed, following Dojo out.

We all boarded Dojo and flew up into the sky. I groaned.

"What's wrong, Ann?" Kimiko asked.

"I just don't like flying all that much. I'm an Earth-bound person. I prefer to stay on the ground, where I can't fall any lower," I replied.

They all laughed, and I even joined in. "Well, I'll have to teach you, then," Rai said. "Wind is my element, so I like flying. Since light is yours, you should be able to go anywhere, like the light."

I thought about it. "That…actually sounded smart…" I muttered.

He laughed. "Hey! I can be smart! What is Kimiko telling you?!" he joked.

I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly what Kimiko told me. "Don't ask," I said.

He gave me a funny look. "It was a joke…" he said. "She actually told you something?"

I smirked. "Maybe she did, and maybe she didn't," I said playfully.

"You're so mean!" he teased.

"Yeah, yeah," I said.

We arrived at the place soon enough. "What exactly is the new Wu?" I asked.

Kimiko pulled a scroll out of her backpack and opened it. "The Raven's Bracelet," she said. "It's a gold bracelet with a raven on it, and it gives the user empathic abilities. Basically, they get to know and feel others' emotions. If it's used by someone foolishly, they will have an emotional breakdown, and, trust me, it's not pretty."

I nodded. I saw the picture and it wasn't so much a bracelet as it was a solid gold wristband, but I didn't argue. I looked around. We were in a city by the ocean that seemed calm. There was a small island in the harbor and we searched there first.

I searched by myself for a bit and found a tree to rest by. I was a bit tired. I sat down near one of the roots. "Ow!" I shifted my weight and inspected what I sat on. It was the Shen Gong Wu!

I ran back towards the others, but I didn't get to them soon enough. "Hey! You! Where are you going with that?!" I turned around to see a pale boy with fire red hair and a pale purple ghost with a mask on. This was most likely Jack Spicer.

"Get the Wu, Jack!" the ghost said.

I raised an eyebrow. "Jack Spicer? Wuya?" I asked.

The boy-Jack-smirked and raised his head high. "Who are you that's heard of the infamous Jack Spicer?"

I rolled my eyes. "None of your business," I said.

This got him mad. "Look; just give me that and I can go!" he yelled, pointing at the Raven's Bracelet.

I cocked an eyebrow once more and smirked. I put it on. "Make me," I said fiercely. Even though I hadn't trained at all, I still wanted to have fun.

He growled. "Look! Just because you're hot doesn't mean I'll let you stand in the way of my plans for world domination!" he said, waving a fist at me. He was still about ten feet away, so it didn't matter.

I rolled my eyes and yawned. "This is boring. I'm going back to Dojo," I said. I turned and bolted.

"Hey, wait!"

I ran and for a second I looked back. I saw him using his stupid helicopter thing to try and catch up to me. I rolled my eyes. "Oof!" I bumped into someone. "Sorry!"

I bumped into Raimundo. "It's okay," he said. Then he looked over my shoulder. "I see you've met Jack Spicer…"

I chuckled nervously. "But I have the Shen Gong Wu! See?" I said, pointing at the bracelet on my arm.

We were still on the ground, still close. I guessed he was just being protective of me, especially since I was both weak and a very new Xiaolin Dragon.

He was still glaring at Jack Spicer. I turned my head and saw that he was advancing. "Why aren't we going?" I asked.

"He's not gonna leave until we have a Xiaolin Showdown anyway, so why bother?" he said. "Give me the Shen Gong Wu."

I took it off and passed it to him. I wasn't in any condition to showdown, anyhow. He stood up and helped me as Jack Spicer nearly reached us.

"Go," he said. "I'll handle this one. You can take a Xiaolin Showdown when you're better rested." I nodded and hid behind a nearby tree.


I watched her crouch behind a tree to watch me. I nodded. I ran out to Jack. "Spicer!" I yelled. "What is it now?"

"You know what it is! Hand over the Raven's Bracelet or else!"

I rolled my eyes. "Or else what?"


I scoffed. "So tell me, how should I kick your pretty white butt today?" I mocked.

"Shut up!"

"Or what?" I sneered.

"Just shut up! Jackbots, attack!"

A dozen of those robots came out. "Sword of Storms!" I shouted. A gust of wind as strong as a tornado crushed the robots with pressure. "Fine," I said. "Just to humor you, we'll have a Xiaolin Showdown."

"Fine," Jack said.

"I challenge you to a showdown. We race to the Raven's Bracelet at the end of the forest, first one there wins. My Sword of Storms for your Mind Reader Conch."

"I accept," Jack growled. I almost laughed.

"Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!" we exclaimed. Trees sprouted up around us, surrounding us in a thick forest. It looked about a mile long, and I could faintly see a clearing at the end of the forest. "Gong Yi Tempai!"

"Sword of Storms!" I shouted. "Wind!" I lifted up high, and flew through the forest.

"Hey! No fair!" I heard Jack's whiny voice shout.

I rolled my eyes. This was the easiest showdown I'd ever been in. It was done only too fast. I walked back to Ann, holding the Mind Reader Conch, Sword of Storms, and Raven's Bracelet in my hands. "Need help?" she asked.

"No, I got it," I said. If I admitted to needing help, I'd look weak.

"Well, can I wear the bracelet, at least?" she asked. "I like it."


"We should find the others," Ann said. I nodded. If I wasn't holding the Shen Gong Wu, I might've tried to hold her hand.

Kudos to anyone who, whilst reading, found the "Teen Titans" references. "Raven's Bracelet" was obviously for the certain half-demon, half-human empath we all love so much. The place where the Wu was located was Jump City, or a certain part of it, anyway.