Fight For Light

A Xiaolin Showdown FanFiction


Two weeks.

Two painful, mind numbing weeks.

No Shen Gong Wu had activated, so I had all that time to miss her, and worry, and be furious.

I was outside the temple, climbing a cliff. I needed to hope that she was alive. I needed to hope that she was still good.

I reached the top of the cliff sooner than I liked. I growled. "Wind!" I exclaimed, flying down off the cliff roughly.

I arrived back at the temple soon. "Raimundo," Kimiko said. "Master Fung wants to talk to all of us."

I followed her to the meditation room. We all sat down to prepare for Master Fung's announcement.

"Young Dragons, now is the time," he said. "The prophecy is starting to fulfill itself. Ann's ancestor's spirit visited her. She is about to awake in a few weeks. If she is awakened within Chase Young's control, he might turn her evil. She will be at her most powerful then, and he will be able to take over the world.

"However, you all will start to awake as well. Raimundo and Aaron, you will play an important role in the prophecy. Dojo will let you both know later.

"All of you will be visited by your ancestors' spirits. They will each give you a piece of the story in what happened 1500 years ago, and they will all give you advice. After that, you will start to awaken. You are reincarnations, so you all were, essentially, the Xiaolin Dragons from long ago.

"You will, almost each day, gain a new memory from those times. You will see yourself there, as if you had lived it in this lifetime. Even though you are your own people, you will feel what your ancestors felt, and you will think like they did.

"Dojo, you may take Aaron and Raimundo outside to explain certain things to them."

"Dojo? What's up?" I asked when we got outside.

"I'll explain in a minute, Raimundo," he said. "Aaron, you know you're Ann's brother, right? Well, your ancestor, Argon, was your sister's ancestor's, Lucia's, brother. When Chase Young tried to get her to turn evil and join him, she almost did. You saved her, though. You have to do the same now."

He turned to me. "And you, Raimundo," he said, "play a special part. See, 1500 years ago, Lucia and Chase were best friends and lovers. However, when he got his soul stolen and turned evil, she didn't have him anymore. She was sad.

"Your ancestor, Ray, came in the picture. He was her best friend, and he was the shoulder to cry on. Chase Young had asked her to join him and she refused. Somewhere along the line, Lucia fell in love with Ray, and Chase found out. He felt betrayed and tried to kill Ray." I gulped. "But he wasn't successful there. He tried to convince her once more to join him, and she still loved him as well. That's where Argon, her brother, came in. She was so close to accepting and turning evil, and her brother showed up and was able to change her mind.

"He was, after all, Xiaolin Guardian of Darkness. Chase Young was, at that time, dark. He separated the two and saved his sister. That's where you two are, so you get it?"

"It's like one big soap opera," Aaron said.

"Yes, but it deals with conquering the world and evil forces," I mentioned. "So it's not the usual soap."

"How do we know she's not evil now? Can't we go get her now?" Aaron asked.

"I think we'd better awaken ourselves first," I said. "Otherwise, we don't stand a chance."

Aaron grumbled but complied. I wasn't going to go get her. Not until I knew I'd leave with her.

After everyone was asleep, I opened the Shen Gong Wu vault and reached for the Golden Tiger Claws. I left the temple vault and went to the garden. Ann, I'll be there soon. "Golden Tiger Claws," I said, not wanting to wake anyone up.

I created a portal and jumped through it. I landed outside, near a volcano. I placed the Golden Tiger Claws in my knapsack and kept moving. I rounded the volcano, looking for an opening. Something moving caught my eye.

I tried to focus on it. It was a balcony. Bingo, I thought. I started climbing up to it as quiet as possible. I heard someone sigh. It sounded like Ann. I started climbing faster, driven by my desire to see her.

"Where are you?" I heard her whisper. Definitely Ann. I climbed up to the railing. She wasn't facing me, so I could surprise her.

"You missing me much?" I asked, smirking.

She turned around and gasped. "R-Raimundo?"

I nodded and jumped down from the railing. She ran into my arms. "Hey, Ann," I said, embracing her.

"Rai, I've missed you! Where are the others? I missed them all so much…"

"I came alone," I said. "Haven't you tried leaving? You could just jump off the balcony."

"No," she said. "I have to stay. Besides, he'd just find me. Then, he'd bring me back but wouldn't let me out here. I want to be able to see the stars. Chase trusts me, anyway."

I held her tighter, my arms around her waist. "Do you love him yet?"

"I…don't know."

"Have you seen Lucia?"

"Yes, I did. Two weeks ago. Ever since, I've been getting memories each day," she said sadly. "You know this used to be my favorite place, 1500 years ago?"

I chuckled. "I can imagine."

"Yeah, well, it's not so bad now," Ann said. "Chase trains me daily, and I teach myself elemental attacks. I'm getting stronger. Plus, I can spar with Jack Spicer any time I want."

We both laughed quietly. "Really? Spicer's here?"

"Yeah, he's the 'servant' boy," she said.

I snickered for a second. I sighed. "You know, I've been freaking out back at the temple for the past two weeks," I told her.


"Because you've been missing, and I didn't know if you were alive or even good anymore. You are good, right?"

"I'm not evil, if that's what you mean."

"Right; that." I smiled to myself when I noticed we still hadn't stopped hugging. "But I really missed you."

"I missed you, too, Rai," she said quietly.

"I bet that when I return to the temple, I'll be a nervous wreck again."

She looked up at me. "Don't be," Ann said. "I can't leave here, but I can definitely send myself. I can send you my image in light and we can talk. It'll have to be at night, when Chase thinks I'm sleeping, though."

I smiled. "You're awesome, you know that?"

"I know," she said smugly.

I rolled my eyes and pressed my lips to hers for a few seconds. "I really missed you," I repeated.

"I got it, I got it," Ann said. "Funny how much you're acting like Ray."

"Ray? My ancestor?"

"Yup. I got a memory of him with Lucia-I mean, of us-at the beach, 1500 years ago. You were acting the same way. How sweet."

"Really? Then I'm pretty sure I'll see 'Ray' soon," I teased.

"Yeah, well, Ray really worried about Lucia, too." She frowned. "You'd best be going. Sometimes, Chase sends Jack to check up on me."

I grimaced. "Great…" I muttered. "I'll be telling the others you're fine."

"Go ahead. I'm doing well. I even have a pet! Chase gave me a panther. I named her Princess."

I raised an eyebrow. "A panther?"

She shrugged. "I love cats."

I chuckled. "Well, I'd better be going," I said. "See you soon, Ann."

"Rosa and Pedrosa," she said.

"Rosa and Pedrosa," I agreed.

I gave her another hug and left using the Golden Tiger Claws. I saw her sad smile as I left.


I watched Rai leave. It was one of the saddest moments I'd seen. He was so happy to see me, so happy to see me well and fine. But he was also sad to leave. Depressed to have to leave me with Chase. Sad to be separated.

I'd gotten so well at reading human emotions.

I sighed and returned to my room. I lied down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, hands on my stomach. I couldn't feel anything. No happiness, sadness, or nervousness-nothing at all.

Except maybe confusion.

"Come in," I said before Jack had a chance to knock. He entered the room giving me a strange look.

"How'd you-"

"You learn a few things when you've stayed here for a couple weeks," I said. "What is it?"

"Chase Young wants to see you in the main room for a minute."

I frowned and made my way out to the main room as quickly as possible. "Ah, good evening, Ann," he said. He had gotten used to calling me "Ann" or "Dragon of Light".

I bowed gracefully. "Good evening, Chase," I responded.

"Tomorrow, you are starting a different type of training," he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You'll be working with your magic," he muttered, and I knew it was because he preferred martial arts to magic.

I sighed. "Finally," I mumbled. Then I raised my voice back to normal volume. "Where's Jack?"

Chase looked suspicious for a minute. He snapped his fingers and a tiger came into the room, holding Jack by its teeth. "What use have you for him?"

"I want to practice," I said. "It's been a while since I've kicked his sorry little butt."

Chase almost smirked, but the tiger let Jack drop to the floor before he could. "Please, please, don't hurt me!" Jack pleaded. "I'm frail!"

I smiled and rolled my eyes. "Don't worry," I reassured. I saw Jack seem to calm down a bit. "Fighting might make you a real man." He became nervous again, seeing as how I was still going to fight him. "Just come on."

Jack whimpered as he followed me to the training room. Once we were there, out of hearing range, Jack stopped whimpering at my words. "Shut it," I said. "I'll go easy on you, but Chase might get mad if he finds out I've been holding back."

"Please! Don't hurt me!" I rolled my eyes again. "Besides, why don't you ask Chase to give you a day off? To get back to 'you-know-who'?"

I froze. "Chase would never allow it," I said monotonously. "He hates Rai, and he would kill him if he had the chance."


"So I can't give him that chance…" I muttered. "But Rai would want to fight him, too…" I collapsed on the floor, on my knees and my arms hanging limp, my expression sad and contemplative.

Jack crawled over to me and patted my back. "It's not so bad," he said. "At least you know they like you." He gave a small, nervous chuckle.

I sighed and broke down into quiet sobs. I was shaking, but I wasn't making any noise or spilling any tears. I had learned, being at Chase's citadel for as long as I was, how to fight as well as how to hide emotion better. "They both want to kill the other…"

I was rocking back and forth now, frowning. Jack put his arm around my shoulders awkwardly. "There, there," he said quietly, at a loss about how to comfort me. I could tell he didn't really like my current display of grief and that he didn't know what to do.

I breathed in heavily and stood up, shaking his arm off softly. "No training today," I said quietly, leaving a confused Jack sitting on the floor.

I went to my room and lied on my bed, staring up at the ceiling.

I hated this. I knew I was supposed to love them both, but I just didn't know which one was the guy. I didn't even love them yet. Raimundo had been a tiny crush, not a love. Chase… I didn't even like him. I respected him. But my memories were returning and I couldn't help but fall in love with the Ray and Chase from 1500 years ago.

I sighed. It wasn't going to help if I was thinking about how much I loved or didn't love both of them. Someone knocked on my door and came in. I looked up and it was Jack. "You okay?" he asked.

I nodded, feeling tears slide down my face. I wiped them away quickly, not having noticed earlier that I was crying. "I'm just so confused…"

By now, I had explained everything to Jack before. He was the only friend I had here, even if he wasn't really a friend. I guess we just got closer during all this time. He nodded. "I can't really say I understand," he admitted. "But I do know that you have to think with your heart and your head."

I sighed. "I think I'm gonna ask Chase for that vacation…"

He beamed. "You mean you're taking one of my ideas?!" He was overjoyed.

I laughed quietly and told him to leave my room. He obeyed, as always. I lied down on my bed once more, slipping into the darkness, which was surprisingly comfortable…