Epilogue: End of a Dry Spell

Late 30th Century A.D., Mare Serenitatis

...slightly later than last time...

Crown Princess Usagi Cuteness Serenity-Potter came home, not that she really wanted to.

Cuteness had returned from the past knowing full well that this was the last trip she was going to take to pre-Crystal Tokyo Time. If Pluto had her way, Cuteness would never travel in time again. Stupid paradoxes.

She tried not to cry. Really she did, but her Daddy was alive and waving to her and hugging her and everything just a minute ago. He'll be here too, but alive-Daddy's hugs beat dead-Daddy's hugs every time. Cuteness fell to her knees and began to shake with silent tears.

"Your back! Oh! We have to tell the Queen!" Cuteness almost didn't register Duchess Granger's flawless Lunarian speech. Why didn't the Pluto of the Twentieth Century ever talk to her in Lunarian? She supposedly taught it to everyone else not long after Cuteness left. "Guards channel one. Alert the Queen that her daughter has returned. Immediately!"

As Cuteness began to lift her head, she felt a pair of soft arms wrap around her from behind.

"You miss him already, I know. But... I've got a surprise for you my Princess. I suppose I should say your mother has a surprise for you, but I promise it will make you ever so happy. I know it will!"

With care and grace born of picking up the same crying girl countless times over too many years, the Royal Emissary to the Magical Nations of Earth collected the nine year old immortal Crown Princess and carried her out of the Royal Family Suite's private entry foyer.

Queen Serenity the Second was a nervous wreck. Queen Pluto had been hinting at her daughter's imminent arrival for almost two hours now. Tea and small talk was all well and good, but if she picked up and inspected the new scepter just one more time it would start to show wear marks from constant handling. If a pink haired Princess didn't show up sometime in the next five minutes, Usagi was going to rip that goddamn cup out of Setsuna's hands and ram it up her-

"Your Highness! News from Duchess Granger! Your daughter has returned!" Usagi didn't remember just who that guard was but he was going to get a bonus.

Despite the joyful news Her Highness's nerves only multiplied. Her stomach was doing cartwheels and what little tea had made it down her throat was threatening to come back up.

For a millennium, Queen Serenity the Second has been the anchor, heart and soul of the human race as they rose up from the Earth's surface to rebuild an interplanetary utopia and reclaim lost realms. For centuries Usagi calmly fought through the fits and trials of being the only parent of an immortal child on top of her day job of Running Everything. Ever since her husband died, Usagi's absolute control was all that anyone who met Queen Serenity the Second ever saw outside of her personal bed chambers. The few who did visit Her Highness inside of her bed chambers and who did see her emotionally collapse could all be counted on two hands. Two of them were Lunar cats. Two others were ghosts.

All of this legendary control was going to shit in epic fashion and the Queen of Earth was loving every minute of it. Setsuna knew why this was happening, of course, and she couldn't be happier. She didn't even need to check the Gates to ensure that she had claimed the best time in the pool.

What pool, you ask? The 'How quickly after resurrection do Harry and Usagi fuck?' pool, of course.

Setsuna picked the first available time block, the one covering from the resurrection itself to the one hour mark. Duchess Lovegood wanted to go double or nothing with Pluto that Harry would get Usagi out of her nickers in fifteen minutes or less but Pluto refused.

By the time Duchess Granger finally stepped into their room, the Moon Queen was vibrating with nervous energy. Where was a youma when you needed one?

There they were!

"Oh, thank God!" Usagi leapt at the women and pulled her daughter close. "Cuteness! Oh, sweetheart, wipe those tears away. While you've been away, I finished a very important task."

Usagi held her daughter at arm's length for a moment. The girl was beginning to show signs of confusion mixed in with her sadness. Usagi had firmly pushed any need to have a mother-daughter reunion back into a deep corner of her mind in favor of much more important things. In her defense, Cuteness only left for the past three weeks ago- and for immortals that was more like the blink of an eye to anyone else. They could have even planned it closer than that but Cuteness may have figured out her homecoming surprise before leaving and that would have impacted the time-line downstream too much.

"I made something for you, Cuteness." It always got the girl's attention when someone used the name Daddy gave her. So few people ever did these days. Usagi let go of her daughter long enough to retrieve the new Scepter of Prissiness and bring it back.

"Do you see the top of this Scepter?"

The Princess paused for a moment and then nodded.

"This crystal moon used to belong to your Grand Aunt Tranquility before Har- your father got it. Do you know what he used it for?"

Pink streamers shook back and forth. No.

"He used it to bring me back to life." Usagi watched her daughter's red eyes jump up and lock with her blue ones before staring hard at the scepter. Usagi gently held it out to her girl.

"Daughter. I present to you the Scepter of Prissiness. I made it for you. With it, you will help me bring your father back to us." Usagi placed a quick peck on Cuteness's forehead before moving behind the girl. Seconds later, mother and daughter had all four hands on the prismatic crystal shaft. "I've gone far too long without my husband and you've gone far too long without your father. Help me. Help me call him back. Please."

As a desperate woman coaxed her daughter into the right frame of mind to use the white magic focus, a select group of people began collect in support of Usagi. Only those who were close enough to be considered close friends and loved ones even knew what Usagi had planned.

"Ready to come back?" Hermione was standing next to the ghost of the hour. "I hope you don't expect to get much rest in the first decade or two."

The English that Harry and Hermione spoke to each other in may be considered a dead language on the planet they were born on but speaking it was a good way to stay connected with their past.

"Errr... maybe I could just become an emissary to the Underworld or something. To be honest, being dead teaches you how utterly stupid most living people are. I'm not sure I want to get back to ruling the Empire with a fair-yet-firm hand like I used to. It's a lot of work and look what I got for it. Some watery tart threw a sword at me! That hurt."

A water elemental had impaled him with a blade soaked in demon's blood. After the moistened bint bought it, they learned that she had attempted to destroy the Immortal King's soul with her attack. She failed of course but her attack did block the Moon Queen's attempts to bring the king back to life.

Harry got used to being dead early on. After all, the vast majority of his close friends and family could still see and speak to him. Even his daughter could though sadly no such luck with Usagi. Harry ended up spending much of his time devoted to his daughter giving her as much love as a ghost could give. It also led to a wonderful friendship with Queen Serenity the First. She helped Harry get over the shock of first learning that he was, in fact, dead.

"I don't mean running the Empire, Harry. That sexy hot wife of yours is about to break a three hundred year long dry spell." They both looked at the woman who was curled around her daughter, whispering instructions and encouragement into the little Princess's ear.

"Oh. Oh bloody hell, what am I going to do?" Harry thanked God that ghosts don't get nervous tummies.

"Language! And I remember quite well that you know exactly what to do." Hermione blushed. That was a very, very, very long time ago. Although... maybe it was about time to make another offer like that one again? After the happy couple had enough time to properly settle down some, of course.

"Pity I won't be around long enough to see the second and third rounds." Queen Serenity the First spoke up. Late Twentieth Century Japanese: Another dead language that only a few immortals would be able to understand without magical or technological translators doing the work.

"Do you really have to leave? I got used to having a Ghost-in-Law... and Silly Story Time with Cuteness just won't be the same without you." Harry began to feel a pull. The novelty of feeling anything at all almost made him forget what this feeling meant.

"Sod it all. Well, I guess this is goodbye then, Senny. 'Mione, I'll get back with you after Usagi has her evil way with me or whatever." Harry reached over to the ghost queen and passed through her in a ghostly hug. Seconds later, he was no longer in charge of his own movements.

Around the two female Lunar Royals, the crowd of friends, avatars and mahou shoujo which were allowed to see this resurrection were, to a (wo)man, pulling out sunglasses. Anyone who witnessed the Moon Queen cast magic on a regular basis learned to be prepared for her signature white flash.

Within a growing nexus of pure white energy, the Moon Queen and Moon Princess held tightly onto the Scepter of Prissiness as it's crystal shaft and headpiece absorbed raw Lunar White Magic and stored it until the scepter's entire length was glowing like a miniature solar flare. When the absolute maximum amount of power was achieved an oddly musical whistle began to fill the air. It was time.

"Harry James Potter-"


"You come here RIGHT THIS INSTANT!"

So he did.


"Bloody hell, woman! Couldn't you have magicked me up some clothes to go with the body?!" He was starkers, not that mother and daughter cared. The two females had practically teleported to his side and were now squeezing the most important man in their lives hard enough to rival the dreaded Mollywobble Death Grip.

"Well at least I brought you back naked in a room full of people you know and love! YOU, on the other hand, brought ME back naked in a room full of complete strangers!" Usagi pulled her face off of Harry's chest and pinned her husband's green eyes with her blue.

"If I may have everyone's attention! You truly don't know how much it means to me to have those I love here to see our family once more become whole. Thank you all so much. But... but now, I have some vitally important things to discuss in private with Mister Potter and it absolutely cannot wait one second longer. Ami? 'Mione? Please see everyone out." Not once did she look away from Harry.

As two of Usagi's very closest friends saw her guests out, money started changing hands.

"...well it has been a while..."

"...but surely they could have waited a little bit longer..."

"...you mussn't cry over spilt molasses."

"Venus, that's not how it goes!"

"Whatever, Mars."

"You're just pissed you lost the pool."

"Shut up, Mercury."

A minute later, only three remained. Three? Oh- yeah... right.

"Cuteness, dear?"

"Yes, Momma?" The pink haired girl's face was still buried in her father's side.

"You were with your Daddy earlier today, weren't you?"

"Yes, Momma."

"You know I haven't seen him for three hundred years, Princess. And... and during that time you did get to see him and talk to him even..." Usagi finally broke eye contact with her husband so that she could better deal with her pink haired clone.

"I want a baby unicorn." Still buried in her father's side.

"I beg your pardon?" Usagi didn't quite get that.

"You want Daddy all to yourself for grown-up stuff." She looked up at her mother with an innocent face to better hide that bit of Slytherin she got from Daddy. "You need me to leave for that and I want a baby unicorn."

"Deal, Cuteness. I swear we'll meet up for dinner. I'll also set aside more time for you just as soon as I've seen to your mother's nargle infestation." Harry was holding Usagi tight now, he didn't want her to spoil the deal.

"Not nargles, Daddy. Cooties." She finally detached from his side and skipped back a few steps. "See you at dinner! I'll be down in the stables cleaning out a stall!"

Cuteness stuck a hand in her bag and pulled out her training broom. Before the surprised queen could order her daughter to cease and desist, Cuteness hopped on and zipped away through a side entrance. Seconds later, startled cries were heard from Mercury and Venus as the girl buzzed them on the way to the Royal Stables.

"I'll get her for this!" Usagi still hadn't gotten over the idea of being blackmailed by her own daughter.

"No you won't, Love. In five minutes you won't even care." Harry smirked and regained his wife's attention.

"I won't? Are you so sure?" Suddenly, she seemed to remember the reason she politely told everyone to sod off just a minute ago. Nervous excitement flooded her and she blushed like a schoolgirl. "Five minutes?"

"You won't... and it's less than five minutes now." Harry pulled her a little closer, just enough to remind her that he's still starkers without breaking eye contact. "Someone is overdressed for the occasion, Love. Let's take care of that shall we?"

"As you wish, Husband dear." With a hungry leer, Usagi grabbed her man by a conveniently placed handle and dragged him back to her- no, their- bed chambers.

Almost nine months later to the day, the next earthly... er, moonly... incarnation of the spirit who was Queen Serenity the First was born. More than eleven thousand years was a long time to wait to be reborn but she finally got to be with those she loved again.

It was worth it.

End of Story – The Girl Who Loved

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