Introduction & Explanation

Listen up carefully, guys. I'm going to explain what the deal is with this story. If you send me a review asking a question I'm about to answer, I'll reply "See chapter 1: A/N"

When I first put "Potter's Daughter's & the Time Vortex" up it was merely to see if I had anyone who wanted to read it. I started by writing a few chapters OUT OF ORDER. Instead of starting with chapter one, I began with, say chapter 4. And so on. When I decided to go back and start from the beginning, I put in under a new title "Harry's Daughter's & the Time Vortex". I put up an author's note and chapter one to tell my fans of the change.

After I put up chapter 2, I still had people lost. It's now a few weeks later and I've noticed that "Harry's Daughters" is getting about 1/10 of the readers that "Potter's Daughters" is. So I'm deleting "Harry's Daughters" and the out of order chapters of "Potter's "Daughters". I'm putting in the completed chapters in "Potter's Daughters" and re-posting it.

As I go further you may notice things you've seen before if you read the "sneak peeks". That's b/c they were previews and will be used to outline when I get to that point again. Do NOT be surprised by a slight re-run!

Originally I was going to make no changes to Chapter 1: The Attack. But I've noticed typos that spell-check didn't pick up. And I wanted to add more depth to the fight scene. It's better now I think, but mostly the same.

I explain how baby Charlie got his name. Holly Ruby was named "Holly" after Harry's wand (and idea I got from an author on , Imogen), and "Ruby" after Hagrid's first name.

Enjoy the full version of Time Vortex.



Here is my ONLY "DISCLAIMER". I'm no JKR, if you think I am, go get your head checked!