I'm crying alone in my room

Screaming about how bad is my doom.

I can't take this

I've held on enough.

I've had enough

Of all this sob stuff

With all the blood that stains my blouse,

I feel like my room is a haunted hause.

Filled with screams, poems, blood and

Ghosts. The Ghosts of our past.

I've got to find a way to end this fast.

I need a knife. I need a huge sleeping pills dose

To end with all the hurt caused by the ghosts.

I love you. I need you. You're my life.

That's why I am standing here, screaming with a knife.

With a knife down my wrist.

My screams mix in

With the screams of alternative music turned on very loud.

In a way you can't tell them apart.

This is it: you broke my heart.

(I miss you)

And as tears mix in with my blood.

I bleed a lot more. Now I can't stop the flood.

But it just feels so good.

Eases the pain in such way,

I can't explain.

AAAAAH! I can't take this screams.

These ghosts, they can read my mind.

They know I am not the kind

Of person they like.

AAAAAH! These screams on my mind.

These ghosts, they're gonna kill me.

But I am the one who's created them.

Then, I am...

Am I?

I am the one who's killing myself.

Slowly, absentmindedly.

AAAAAH! These scars are way too deep.

AAAAAH! These wounds are way deeper.

AAAAAH! This is the pain missing you caused me.

AAAAAH! This is the pain the ghosts caused me.

AAAAAH! This is the pain. This is everything the screams caused me.


AAAAAH! I'm gonna die!

This screams, are taking over my mind.

So please, GIVE - ME - THAT - KNIFE !