I Know What You Did Last Summer

(My Cut of Helen's Death)

The scream was loud and familiar and Helen new it was Elsa's. Helen slowly put the phone down 'Elsa' she called out. No answer. She made her way down the stairs to investigate. 'Elsa' she called out again. Helen felt fear rush through her body. She started to shake. 'Elsa, where are you?' She cried in a low mumbling voice as she walked to the bottom of the stairs.

She got down to bottom and walked ahead of her. Alarmed she turned around to hear a small clink. Looking around she passed three mannequins that were covered up and she could only see what was underneath faintly. Helen stopped and turned around. She scanned them up and down but the one that caught her eye was the one in the middle of two others. Suddenly two arms stuck out towards her and ran at her. Helen screamed as the body jumped on her making her fall back onto a table. Franticly Helen got up as quick as she could to get away as the attacker struggled to get out of the plastic cover.

Helen ran through the back to a wooden door and banged on it as hard as she could but it was locked. She looked around again and looked into a toilet. Looking down lying there was Elsa's lifeless body, her head placed up against the toilet. There was blood on her neck and clothing. Helen screamed and looked round to see the fisherman walking towards her. She quickly climbed onto an elevator which takes you to the storage room upstairs. The elevator was old and wooden and you had work yourself by pulling on a rope to make it ascend to the top. Helen stood up and pulled the rope down to make it move. She pulled and pulled but suddenly she was stopped by a hook that was swiping around at her feet. Jumping about she quickly got back to the rope still trying to avoid getting injured.

She stopped in the middle of the journey up and decided to climb the rest of the way. Getting over few wooden bars she fell to the ground in exhaustion but got back up before the fisherman could get her. Looking ahead of her he was standing there, guarding her way out. She ran to her right into a small room which had only a few windows and clothing hanging up on racks. Helen had no choice but to open up one of the windows and jump out, she climbed out. Standing on a small pipe she looked down to see cardboard boxes and different kind of materials that could maybe break her fall. She looked up she saw the fisherman standing there. Helen was going to jump but suddenly he grabbed her by the hair and stuck the hook into her shoulder. Helen screamed in pain and started to hit him. Then she lost footing on the pipe and fell two stories.

Helen landed with a hard thud onto a box filled with pieces of Styrofoam. She looked around and up at the window, everything was spinning. Struggling to get to her feet she was grabbed by the hair again. She looked up and it was the fisherman. 'Oh God...please don't do this to me...it was an accident...please' Helen pleaded in a furious way but it didn't work. The fisherman raised up the hook and Helen's eyes widened ever bigger than before. As it came down Helen managed to get out of his grip and pushed him. She turned round thinking she could run off but was faced by a grubby wall. She turned back around and moved into the corner. The fisherman ran towards her and stuck the hook into her stomach twice. Helen screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Looking up everything was spinning again and there was blood racing from her stomach. The fisherman raised the hook once more and swung it back down.