A Family to Kill for

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Stefan POV

Every day i haunt myself with "what if?" questions. What if Damon and Bella hadn't fought that day? What if I had been there to stop her from leaving? What if i hadn't changed her too? What if our father hadn't expected her to be "a perfect young lady?" What if-

"Stefan are you in here?" Elena asked from outside the door, interrupting my thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm in the back" I called over my shoulder. As much as I love Elena, I loved my little sister more. now i don't even know if she's alive, let alone ok. I miss her so much, I wish she was here, and so does Damon, I see it in his eyes everytime I look at him, he blames himself for making her leave us. But I'm the one who made her into a vampire as well. I was selfish, i couldn't bear to lose her. And now because of that, she's doomed to eternity like this. First i damned my only brother, then my only sister. I was a monster.

Elena came around the corner and I turned away from the window to smile at her.

"hey" she said as she sat down next to me.

"hi." i responded as I wrapped my arm around her waist and leaned in to kiss her perfect lips. she threw he arms around my neck, and kissed me back with such a force, i almost fell over. But the smell of her blood, it was so tempting, i couldn't control-

I pulled away just as the monster in me started to re-surface. I knew she looked hurt, but if she only knew how tempting her blood really was.

"How was your day?" I asked her quietly, hoping that I wouldn't have to explain myself for pulling away so fast.

"Pretty good, i guess. Aunt Judith was having a fit about the way i was dressed this morning. She was going on about how - and I quote her - That's not how a proper young lady should dress." Elena only smiled and rolled her eyes. Little did she know those words stung more than anything - Those were the last words our father said to Bella before we turned into vampires. That was the last thing Bella remembers from her human life - I somehow managed to maintain my smile, even though all I wanted to do was scrunch up into a corner and cry.

"Parents." I muttered.

"Yeah tell me about it. What about your parents? Were they like this?" she asked curiously. Even though I'd rather not talk about my family, I felt I owed it to Elena.

"They were worse." I responded, toying with a silver chain that Bella gave me one Christmas.

"Worse?That's hard to imagine" She said, laughing.

"Well, they were to Damon, as you know and to my little sister even more."

"Your little sister? You didn't tell me you had a sister." She said sounding hurt.

"Well she died when she turned 17." I answered. I know that Elena knew about me and Damon being vampires, even though I'm not sure why, i felt like Bella's secret wasn't mine to tell.

Bella POV

(Note* Bella's on msn at first. Bella's is LivingForToday and Damon's is AFamilyToKillFor and Stefan's is TerrifiedToForget though they don't know it yet)

LivingForToday has signed in

AFamilyToKillFor has signed in

LivingForToday says :hi?

AFamilyToKillFor says: hey...

LivingForToday says : who r u?

TerrifiedToForget has signed in

AFamilyToKillFor says : welcome to our little corner of the world...

LivingForToday says : ok who r u guys?

AFamilyToKillFor says: Who knows...

LivingForToday says : so u guys don't know each other?

AFamilyToKillFor says : hmmm idk probrably, i've met a lot of people in my time.

LivingForToday says : in ur time? what does that mean?

TerrifiedToForget says : yeah what do u mean?

AFamilyToKillFor says : beats me, just something i thought of.

LivingForToday says: ok u guys scaring me, I'm leaving.

AFamilyToKillFor says : wait!

LivingForToday says : what?

AFamilyToKillFor says : how do u know we're guys? i don't know if TerrifiedToForget is a guy...

LivingForToday says: don't ask stupid questions...

LivingForToday has signed off

TerrifiedToForget says: that was akward...

TerrifiedToForget has signed off.

I logged off my msn and put my laptop away just as Edward swung into my bedroom window.

"Hey" I said as he sat down next to me.

"Hello. How was your day?" he asked


"For me as well." he replied.

He put his arm around my soulders and started to hum my lullaby. Hey! even if I'm a vampire, i still need sleep, and my lullaby always helps me fall asleep. i curled myself into Edward's cold shoulder and was out. But my mind was still full of thoughts of the two strange people i had talked to earlier. Who were they? And why did they sound so dang familier?

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