A Family to Kill For chapter 2

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Bella POV

When I woke up the next morning, the very rare sun was pouring through my bedroom window. And

because of that, I knew none of the Cullen's would be in the public eye today. Unfortunately, I didn't have

that excuse, even though I'm a vampire too I can still go out in the sunlight, even if it hurts my eyes. I

pulled on my blue sweater and my tinted sunglasses. I walked slowly down the stairs, hoping the day

would just end now. I already finished high school 27 times already, and not much has changed. Finally

I made it to the bottom step. I sighed and picked up my backpack and my car keys and headed out the

front door. As I drove to school, I couldn't help but wonder if those two guys would be online today. I

finally pulled into the parking lot. Seeing as how fast I drive, I was obviously early. I pulled out my

blackberry phone and signed into Msn.

LivingForToday has signed in

TerrifiedToForget has signed in

LivingForToday says: hi

TerrifiedToFoget says :hey

LivingForToday says: can i ask u something?

TerrifiedToForget says: go ahead

LivingForToday says: who r u terrified to forget?

TerrifiedToForget says: my little sister. I haven't heard anything from her for several years. i would give anything to just be able to say hi, how r u . just to make sure she's ok and happy. Can I ask u something now?

LivingForToday says :sure

TerrifiedToForget: why are u living for today? if it means anything at all...

LivingForToday says: It's what my brothers used to tell me. That the past already happened so we can't change that, and no one knows what the future will hold for us so the present is all we have, and we have to live it while it's here cuz no one knows how much time they have to be alive.

TerrifiedToForget says: that's weird cuz that's what i used to say to my little sister.

LivingForToday says: i g2g nice tallking to u

TerrifiedToForget says: bye

LivingForToday has signed off

TerrifiedToForget has signed off.

Stefan POV

That was very weird! How did they know the exact words me and Damon said to Bella? No, must be a coincedence. That couldn't have been...

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