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"Sabrina….Sabrina….." someone whispered into her ear.
" Go away" Sabrina said, her voice shaking. That didn't help the whispering of her name continued. Her dream getting more and scarier by the second, the whispering getting more urgent, more frequent... Then as she rounded the corner of the house in her dream, she found the same two bodies, mutilated beyond recognition.
It was at that point that she awoke. She was drenched in sweat; the dream was starting to freak her out. What with never letting her get close enough to identify the bodies, and the voice, whose was it?
Sabrina just wanted to shake it off, forget it like she normally did. It wasn't so easy to do this time. So with a yawn, she extracted herself from the bed and glanced at the alarmed clock. '3 am…..great' Sabrina thought as she grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom to shower.
Showering didn't do much help, only took away an hour of dead time. So she just got dressed and went down stairs. Skipping the creaky stairs and floorboards. To try and keep her mind off of the dream as much as possible she made herself some breakfast, and cleaned. So by the time people came down stairs everything was clean, spotless. Books were even on the shelves, what alarmed people the most was actually seeing all of the carpet.
" well 'Brina this is kinda scary" Uncle Jake said
"Holy crap!" Puck said "there's a floor!"
"of course there is lieblings! I just haven't seen it for awhile"
" I like it! Its much-o cool-o!"

They were all shocked at the sight of a clean living room….the day before it was a complete pigsty!
" uhhhhhh 'Brina? why exactly did you clean the house?" asked Uncle Jake, he was the only one who realized some thing was wrong.

'I might as well tell him' Sabrina thought.
"I've been having these dreams the past couple of weeks; They take place in a beautiful house." Sabrina said," some ones whispering my name. but I don't know who. The whispering becomes faster and louder as I turn around the corner I see two corpses….." By the time she finished talking her face was streaked with tears. She wasn't sobbing, just silently crying. Hoping and praying that no one would see her tears. She had to be strong for them, after all.
Uncle Jake looked concerned. Sabrina hated that and quickly righted herself.
"Why didn't you tell us Libeling?" Granny Relda said, having over heard the conversation.
"there….there just dreams. They don't mean anything. I didn't want to tell you. I don't like people worrying about me" Sabrina answered truthfully. Glancing at her Little sister, and the Fairy boy. Daphne hadn't heard, much to Sabrina's relief. Pucks expression said that he had, and was worried. His expression confused Sabrina. The Fairy boy that was the bane of her existence was worried about her? Sabrina just excused herself from the living room and went up to her bedroom to think.
' does he like me? No….he doesn't. Why do I care? I don't…' Sabrina thought. 'why should I care about the stupid Fairy boy?' her thoughts strayed through her memories with Puck. When they met at the lake, when he saved me from the Jabberwocky, when He kisse- 'stop it right there Sabrina' she thought angrily, 'do not finish that thought!' She knew she was bright red, she could feel it. So she was really caught off guard when there was a knock on the door.
"Can I come in?" asked an overly familiar voice. Puck
"why?" Sabrina asked her previous anger showing through her voice.
" I want to talk to you." He sounded hurt. 'fix him' was her first thought.
" sure" Sabrina said with a shrug,"come on in?" and with that Puck came into her sanctuary
"Why didn't you tell any one about your dreams?" Puck's asked his pain and anxiety coming out of his voice
" Do you tell me everything?" Sabrina countered back. Everything was a fight with them.
" should I tell you everything?" He asked Hitting the tennis ball back in her court.
"If it's important enough yes!" She nearly screamed. 'Ball back in his court, Take a swing Puck. See what happens' She thought, wanting a good fight to take her mind off everything.
"and something causing you to lose sleep isn't important?" Puck asked. Swinging the ball back in her court, and over the line. His win.
"how'd you know I was losing sleep?"
" I-I didn't" He stammered.
"Puck I'm okay. It's just a dream. Why do you even care?"

"I…don't know." And with that he left. Leaving a very confused Sabrina behind. Yep, she was going to lose sleep tonight, but for a different reason. Puck.

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