-My Worst Nightmare-

~Sisters Grimm~
~Chapter 2~

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Sabrina wasn't sleeping soundly, again. This was the first time in awhile she had dreamt of something other than corpses. This was also the first time that she had dreamt of a boy, and to be specific the boys name was Puck.

This dream was the most horrific and unexplainable dream she has ever had. She was sitting at a table with Puck. It wasn't the kitchen table either….. They were at a small intimate table, covered in candles and flowers. Their knees were touching. Their hands intertwined. Sabrina didn't know weather to hate it, or love it. 'Take advantage of the moment?' Sabrina thought, as she felt the corners of her mouth slip up in her usual evil smile.
Sabrina had been battling her usual feeling of hatred for puck, with a new, even more confusing emotion. She wasn't new to this emotion; she just wasn't used to sharing it. To let people in, not matter what circumstances you only get one chance. Break her heart and you never get her love or her trust back. I just didn't happen. The fact you got past her walls once was astounding, to try twice was idiotic. So you can imagine her shock when her 'subconscious' self leaned in to kiss Puck, then kissed him.
'mmmm' she thought, it felt so realistic. She in a matter of seconds was standing up, with her arms wrapped around "Puck's' " neck. She thought she was still dreaming. Her eyes stayed closed until they broke apart.

"Why'd you do that?" Sabrina said aloud. Startling herself out of her 'dream'.
"Shit Crap Holy fucking god….that did not just happen…..", as she took in her surroundings, as she took in Puck's- the real Puck's- arms around her waist.
"It did happen, and if I might ask, am I really that good at pecking your lips, that you just had to get yourself up from you bed, in your pajamas I might add, and French me?" Puck said, cockily, but still slightly worried from her dream the night before.
"Go die Fairy boy!" Sabrina said. Trying really, really hard to sound angry. Yet for some unknown reason, she couldn't.

'I wonder what that tone of voice means...' Puck thought, 'I hope its good...'

'He kissed me? While I was asleep…waz that mean?' Sabrina thought.

Them both being teenagers, found this minuet of complete silence completely awkward.
As Puck shuffled his feet nervously, Sabrina whose face was bright red started stammering,
"wa….who…nice, what…..wa?"

"well as to wa? I don't speak baby. Who, well no other than me; as for the nice, why thank you! " Puck said acting his normal cocky self.
"shut up."

"No." Puck said and started rambling on about an elephant and flamingo.
"I know what your trying to do."

"No you don't….."

"you want me to kiss you."

" Ya I do."
"If I kiss you will you leave?"
"depends on the kiss"
Sabrina was getting annoyed, so she just grabbed his shirt and pulled him in roughly for a kiss. Yet she was not planning on the kiss being this intense. They were all but intertwined. Sabrina's legs were around Puck's, though she had no idea how they got there. Her hands were in his hair, when Puck pulled back, a triumphant smile on his face.
"Ill leave" He said making his way to the door, Leaving Sabrina confused, So with a shrug Sabrina laid down next to a still sleeping Daphne.
'well tomorrow should be interesting' , Sabrina thought as she drifted off to sleep. She wasn't a deep sleeper so she could tell that some one came into her room. To watch over her; again.

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Ryku: Taylar? Your cheating on me?
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