The Return of Maeve

**This is more emotionally descriptive and thought focused than dialogue focused. I'm trying to describe how the characters are feeling first and talking is second.**

**I don't own Adventures of Sinbad either Ed Naha does!

It had been a very tiring day for him.

Not only was it the anniversary of Maeve's disappearance, but Scratch had tried to steal his soul once more.

What was worse, the devil had used his most secret fear; that Maeve had been captured and was vulnerable to the darkness that was trying to destroy him for some reason and wanted to use her as bait to get to him.

If it hadn't been for the Lady in Blue, Mala, he would have let Scratch take his soul. He would have gladly handed it over the goat hoofed devil of the West in return for Maeve's release.

It had been for naught.

It hadn't been Maeve; it was a she-demon witch posing as the woman he loved. When he had seen her demon face, he had wanted to gut her and himself for being so foolish.

Why hadn't he believed DimDim's words? Why hadn't he believed that Maeve was safe and sound with him in another realm?

If he had, his crew wouldn't have been captured and nearly eaten by a very large, hairy, demon spawned spider. This whole adventure was his fault. He didn't think he could look them in the eyes without feeling the guilt gnawing at his heart. For if it hadn't been for his ill advised haste, they wouldn't have followed him into the devil's lair…

He had smiled at Doubar when he had come to talk to him at the bow and that smile had lasted until he felt that he was alone; then the guilt reared up once more.

He knew this wasn't his fault, in his head, but he couldn't help but think that in a way it was. He had buried any and all memories and mentioning of Maeve for a full year; but at the first sign of her existence in this realm, he had dropped all things of importance and chased after it with a single mindedness that he had thought he had outgrown; that along with his boyish charms, optimism, and sensitivity to women of pretty much all ages.

Bryn being the obvious exception to the norm.

Bryn was another mystery he had to solve, and like Maeve's disappearance he had no idea about how to go about solving it.

To make it more frustrating, Bryn possessed a Rainbow bracelet like Tetsu and himself did; and like them she had no memory about how she came to be in possession of the bulky jewelry. She had no real memory outside their first meeting one year ago in fact.

She, like Maeve, had an innate magical ability that was unreliable at best and destructive at its worst. Unlike Maeve's though, she had no control over it. It seemed to have a mind of its own as Bryn could rarely summon it when she wanted to use it, but when she was cornered it manifested itself as yellow eye beams or bad weather most of the time.

There had been times though where the skill hadn't manifested itself badly, but at the same time it was a feeling Bryn had from deep within her and not Bryn consciously controlling it.

How he wished Maeve would return!

He missed her very much.

He wanted to pick a fight with her once more and watch as her eyes alighted with the beautiful fire of her passionate soul.

He wanted to watch as her cheeks flushed with life as they talked and flirted with one another.

He wanted to look deeply into her gorgeous brown eyes once more as they talked of miscellaneous no-nonsense things.

He wanted to wrap her up in his arms and never let her go ever again.

Most of all, he wanted to kiss her once more like he had done when he had defeated the Vorgon. He wanted to feel her warmth flood his heart and soul as their lips met in a clash of wills neither could win nor wanted to win.

Once she was gone, his world had become cold, discolored and drab.

It was like the warmth of life left him slowly without her near him. Even now, he could barely concentrate on their heading as he was so cold.

In those wonderful panicky hours, which he had thought he had found Maeve, great warmth had seared his soul and for the first time a hint of his old personality had reemerged from its hiding place deep within him.

Maybe he was selfish, but he wanted his Celtic Dream back!

He wanted her by his side once more.

For all time….


As Bryn approached him with Dermott sitting nicely on her gloved arm, she smiled and asked, "Where to Sinbad?"

She lightly placed her hand, her left hand with the bracelet, over his own as she waited for his answer. They glittered lightly in the afternoon sun.

Sinbad returned the smile thinly as he replied, "We're heading towards Basra. I need to speak to Caipra."

Bryn tilted her head curiously to the side and asked, "Who is Caipra?"

Sinbad shuffled his weight from one foot back to an even weight on both feet and said, "She is DimDim's wife and a powerful sorceress. I am hoping she has news of possible places DimDim has been."

Bryn nodded in understanding and asked, "How come I've never met her?"

Sinbad opened his mouth to answer, and then closed it. The answer while simple was also hard on him to speak of. The reason was, because visiting Caipra would bring back memories of Maeve. Caipra was bound to ask him questions about Maeve's whereabouts, and he wasn't sure he could meet her eyes without bursting into tears.

He had felt like such a failure when they had lost DimDim two years ago. Facing Caipra had been torturous because he had to acknowledge the fact that he had failed. He had failed to save DimDim, and now he had to go and face her again. Only this time, it was about Maeve.

Bryn's eyebrows furrowed as she asked again, "Sinbad, why haven't I met her?"

He licked his lips and replied shortly, "Because I'm afraid to see her Bryn. I've failed in finding DimDim. It's been two years, and not even one hint since we received that letter from DimDim's old friend and his teaching stone. Even with DimDim contacting you twice this year, I'm still no closer to finding him!"

Bryn blinked at his words. This was a side of the captain that she had never seen before. She wondered if anyone else had seen this side of him. Doubar more than likely has, and perhaps, even the famous Maeve had.

She'd have to ask Firouz and Rongar about it, but for now she had to calm Sinbad down, "Sinbad, if this Caipra is such a powerful sorceress, wouldn't she have been able to bring DimDim back if it were an easy thing to do?"

He knew what she was trying to do, and a small portion of him respected the effort, but the larger part of him did not.

He was Captain Sinbad the Sailor! The legendary sea captain, who fought mythical beasts with his sword and wits, challenged great sorcerers and still managed to deliver merchandise to willing merchants and vendors on time and receive kisses from maidens without fail.

He wasn't supposed to fail at anything! Yet here he was, two years later and no closer to finding his beloved teacher and friend.

He nodded though and said, "You're right, but I still feel responsible. I killed Turok yet his magic still holds sway upon DimDim's prison and I can't get to him."

Bryn blinked at the name. That was one she had never heard of.

Who was Turok? Was he a sorcerer? Was he dark? He must be, for Sinbad killed him and alluded to the fact that Turok caused DimDim to vanish.

She asked, "Did Turok's magic send him away?"

Sinbad shook his head and replied, "No, Elbus' did, but Turok summoned Elbus to destroy us all."

Bryn's eyes widened.

To summon a demon was powerful magic. Something even she knew from her nearly all forgotten memories. It wasn't something concrete in her mind, but more of an ingrained feeling or memory. How she knew, she wasn't sure, but she did and she wasn't going to question it.

"This Turok must have been powerful for his magic to hold the demon here after his death."

Sinbad sighed and said, "Yes, he was a powerful sorcerer, but I killed Turok later after Elbus had sent DimDim away."


She really didn't know what to say after that, so she smiled at him in support and said, "Well, I'm sure that if this Caipra is as powerful as you say, she'll have something for us to go on."

Sinbad smiled back in agreement.

Once she was gone, his smiled vanished and he only prayed that she was right.

Slowly, the winds began to pick up speed as if someone was encouraging the ship to reach one of its home ports as quickly as possible.

Sinbad sighed and released his fears. The strong winds of the seven seas could always calm him down, yet it was the stars that were beginning to shine through the cloudless sky that really made his spirits rise.

Perhaps it was due to the stories DimDim had told him as a young lad, but to him they represented all the heroes of the world gone by. For such powerful spirits couldn't be smothered by death, and the great Allah, had brought their spirits to the heavens to shine down upon those who fought for the side of good as a guide to their next great adventure.

That and the silence helped calm him too.

As the stars gained power above the Nomad, Doubar approached his brother to change shifts, but hoped to talk to him first.

When he silently walked up to the tiller, he was somewhat amazed that Sinbad hadn't already spotted him. But, as he got closer, he realized that Sinbad's gaze was cloudy and searching the skies above them in thought.

He wondered what his litter brother was thinking about. Was it Scratch? Was it Maeve? Or was it even the woman who had saved his life, their mother, Mala?

He was tempted to ignore the questions in his head, but he had come to realize silently to himself, after they had safely reached the Nomad, that perhaps silence hadn't been the best way to go about Sinbad's depression when Maeve had vanished. His little brother had always held his feelings inside when they bothered him, but eventually he had always talked them out.

It had been a year and yet not one word passed his lips about the Celtic sorceress that had caught his attention so greatly. Sinbad wasn't a stranger to the pain of loosing a loved one, but this one, Maeve, seemed to have hit him the hardest. Perhaps it was because Sinbad had truly, honestly, and deeply cared for her, and hadn't had to courage to tell her.

Either way, he had to speak up. He didn't like the fact that his little brother was stewing in his own sadness without help, and was going to thump him good if he didn't say something!

"Nice evening isn't it little brother?"

Sinbad's sea blue eyes sharpened at his voice, and a tiny smile grew on his bearded lips as he said, "Yes indeed big brother, yes indeed."

Doubar settled against the side railings and turned his gaze upwards. Dermott was chirping softly above them and gazing at them like he was listening in on the conversation.

Doubar snorted at this.

A year or two ago, before he met Maeve, he would have scoffed at the idea of a smart animal, but experience had taught him and the others that Dermott was no mere animal. He was a sorceress' familiar and they were smart!

At first it had frightened him, but now he was used to it. In fact, Dermott's presence was actually comforting. It was an unusual comfort to know that he was always looking out for the crew, and watching out for Sinbad most of all.

He cleared his throat and asked lightly, "What are you thinking about little brother?"