Chapter One



After I "woke up" I didn't want to be where I was. I couldn't stay in Forks without Him. Life in Forks held no interest for me, than again, anywhere without Him was no life worth living. I wanted to end it, end my pain and loss at his departure. But I couldn't bring myself to. I promised him that I would be careful. I was never one to break a promise, unlike some people that I know. I thought of some way to end it all. Hadn't He once told me that if vampires wanted to die, than you went to Volturi in Italy and they would take care of that for you? I wasn't a vampire, but surely if I told them my story, told them that I knew all about vampires and that I was going to start telling people about vampires. But since the Volturi are vampires, and I smell so much better than a regular human, I wouldn't need to ask twice. Now that I think about, I probably wouldn't even be able to finish asking before they tore into my flesh and relieved me of my blood. With these thoughts, I decided to visit the bank and withdraw all of my money. I mean, I had started a college fund hadn't I. Hopefully it was enough for a one way plane ticket to Italy. I could only hope so.

I got dressed and went outside to my truck. It took a little while for me to get it started. Once it started I rumbled down the road heading towards the bank. I got out and walked inside. I went towards the first teller I saw. As I stopped in front of the teller's desk, I groaned in despair. Just my luck, who would the teller be, besides Jessica's mom. Mrs. Stanley was the biggest gossip in Forks, right before Jessica that is.

"Bella, is that you? You look horrible. Are you okay?" she asked more curious than concerned.

"Yeah, and I'm perfectly fine," I said curtly. As to the second question, I wondered what she would say if I told her, I am feeling horrible. So horrible in fact, that I am going to Italy to ask the "royal" coven of vampires to drink my blood. Wouldn't she get a really good story out of that? Instead I just said, "I need to withdraw money from my account," I said to her.

"How much," she asked.

"All of it," I said shortly.

"All of it? Are you sure? What are you going to do with it?" she asked with too much feeling.

"I am sure that I want all of it. And as to what I do with it is none of your business. After you take out the money, I would like to close my account," I answered back sharply.

"Of course," she said sounding hurt.

After she handed all the money in my account I left the bank in a hurry. Not bothering to grab any extra clothes I went straight to the airport. I was able to buy a ticket to Phoenix. I got immediately on the plane. Once in Phoenix I bought a plane ticket to London, England. After London, I bought a ticket to Italy. It took me two days to get Italy.

Once I got there, I didn't know where to go. I hitched a ride with somebody who was heading in the same direction as me. Once I got there I wandered around for hours. It was starting to get dark when I saw a small dark figure heading towards me. The shadows seemed to flow around the figure. It got closer to me; it came to a stop in the light of a lamppost on the side of the street.

A saw a small, beautiful, dark face staring at me from underneath a black hood. I could see it was a girl; she smiled a beatific smile at me. When I just continued to stare at her, her smile faltered.

"Why aren't you screaming in pain?" the girl asked in a voice like a little girl. I knew then that she was a vampire. Her voice wouldn't have been like that if she was human, and the black cloak. Nobody normal would be wearing something like that.

"Because I don't feel any pain," I said. "What's going on here?" asked a male voice. I turned to see another dark cloaked figure coming towards me. This was a man big like Emmett, but still he had nothing on Emmett.

"This human isn't screaming in pain. And I am trying hard to hurt her," the small woman's voice replied.

"So, that's what Edward meant about the Volturi having formidable gifts," I said, wonder in my voice.

"Wait, how does this human know about us?" asked the female's voice.

"I don't know Jane, but I believe that Aro is going to want to speak with this frail human," the male said.

"Fine, Felix, but you get to carry her. I don't feel like traveling at human speed with her. The faster we get her to Aro the better. Maybe he'll let me have her since I found her. She smells absolutely mouthwatering. I can just imagine the taste," Jane said.

The guy, Felix came towards me at vampire speed and swept me up into his arms. I felt cold air rush past us as both he and Jane started running. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I saw the guy looking down at me, when he caught me looking he leaned close to my neck. I saw him breathe in deeply. "Jane's right. You do smell good," he leered at me. "You smell even better than you look."

We went down a hole in the street and in a matter of seconds were at large wooden door. Jane opened it and Felix set me down on my feet. We continued through the open door. We were in a long hallway. There were vampires in cloaks and vampires in regular clothes. They all looked at us as we went down the hallway. We went through another door and ended up in a large room.

"Jane dear, your back, and Felix too. What do you guys have there? That human smells absolutely luscious. Did you bring her back here for me or did you just want us all to share her?" asked Aro, the man that I had seen in the picture in Carlisle's study.

"No, Aro. Felix said that you might like to meet this human. I tried to hurt her and she didn't scream in pain. When I asked her why she said that she didn't feel anything," Jane said her full lips pouting.

"She didn't feel anything?" Aro asked curiously.

"No, and she even knows about us. She said something about Edward saying something about the Volturi having formidable powers," Felix put in leering at me all the while.

"Edward," Aro asked. He looked at me and asked me how I knew about the Volturi and vampires.

I told him my whole story and he said, "I know Dr. Carlisle Cullen although I haven't met any of the other Cullen's. I always thought that Carlisle would weaken over time. I have to admit that I am glad he finds his way works so well. Anyway, I need to see if you are telling me the truth. My power is like Edwards, except that I can see every thought your mind has ever had. But I need contact to do that. May I?" he gestured towards me.

I nodded my head and he came towards me and grabbed my hand. "Hmmmm, I can't hear a thing. I guess you repel me as well as Jane and your Edward," he said.

"He's not my Edward," as I said those words I doubled over holding my stomach together.

"I see his leaving as taken its toll on you. But why did you come here seeking us out?" he asked curiously.

"Because, He told me about coming to the Volturi if you wanted to die. Since I want to die and can't do it myself. I figured that you would do it for me," I said confidently.

"I'm sorry I can't do that. You have a lot of potential, even more than Jane and Alec when we found them. Do you still want to a vampire as you did before?" he asked.

"Not really," I replied.

"Then I am sorry for what I am about to do," he said with an apologetic smile. He grabbed my face and turned my neck to the side. I felt him sink his teeth into my neck. The last thing I saw before the darkness claimed me was Aro's face contorted in self control. I could only imagine how he wasn't draining my body of blood. Everything went black and collapsed to the ground.

I felt the fire in my body burning everywhere. I desperately wanted to scream but held it in. The fire burned through my body. After I don't know how long, I started to feel the fire go away. I started to feel coldness in my feet and hands. It slowly worked towards my heart. My heart started to beat faster and faster. All of a sudden it stopped with one last feeble thud. I opened my eyes and looked around me. Everything was so much clearer. I sat up and saw Aro and Jane standing before me.

"Well, Bella, how do you feel?" Aro asked.

"Thirsty," I replied.

"We saved a couple of humans for you. Or would you rather be "vegetarian" like the Cullen's?" he asked.

"Don't remind me of the Cullen's," I snarled. " I hate the Cullen's. I don't want to be like the Cullen's in anyway," I said growling.

"Good. You'll fit in just fine," Aro said. "Jane, will explain the Volturi to you in a way no one but the Volturi can. Jane will help you with your fitting in. I do hope that you will be friends," he finished nodding at Jane.

She just nodded at me begrudgingly. Again, she smiled her beatific smile. I just met her gaze coolly. Suddenly she fell down on the ground screaming. I tore my gaze away from her and met Aro's gaze. He just looked down at Jane shocked. "It seems that Jane still cannot hurt you. I wonder, he looked at me and grabbed my face in his hands. I stared at him and he said that he still could not hear me, all of a sudden I could hear what he was thinking. 'Strange, I knew this one had potential. I still can not see how young Edward could leave something like her.'

"Stop thinking about Edward," I snarled at Aro,

"You could read my mind? Interesting it seems that you can use other vampire's powers. I wonder if I could get Eleazer in here to look you over, maybe later when you're no longer a newborn," he said with excitement in his voice.

That happened five decades ago. Today I am still with the Volturi. I have never felt the need to leave. I am happy here.

"Artemis," I heard Jane call.

"In here," I replied. Ever since my transformation I put Bella Swan away for good. I decided that since I was leaving Bella Swan behind, it was only proper that I should choose myself a new name. My new name is Artemis Voltaire. I even had Jane get me hair dye. I bleached my hair and dyed it fire red. It still hung down my back to my waist.

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