Hi guys, BetaWriter here. That's right, with a new Fanfic. I hope you enjoy, and I won't (try to) bore you. Thanks to Kaiser dude for both telling me to write this, and for getting hooked on the in the first place. Check out his story, it probably better. Fate is my OC, no one else's. Warning: May contain spoilers!

Diary1: It began with a wager

"Hi Deus." I said as I walked into Deus's world, which was a huge dome with a spatial hole in the ceiling. "Hello Fate." Deus replied. That's Deus Ex Machina, the god of Time and Space. "Just in time, we were going to the Cathedral." Murumuru said. She's Deus' servant. "Oh, what for?" I asked as we warped to the 38th Cathedral of Causality. It looked like the top of a tower, with several pillars surrounding it and platforms that extended out to the center, which was a pit where Deus' massive throne hovered over. "I'm holding a survival game for 12 individual humans. This contest shall determine the one who will take my position of god of Time and Space." Deus answered. "A contest, sound interesting, mind if I watch?" I asked. "Sure, we don't mind." Murumuru answered. . "Now that I think of it, staying on the side lines is going to be boring." I commented. "I know, how about a little bet?" I asked, intriguing the god. "What do you have in mind?" he asked. "How about I enter this 'survival game' of yours as a contestant and see if I can win." I told him.

I morphed into my human form as Deus asked, "What are the stakes?" "Since I know why your holding this contest, if you win, I'll give you my life force. If I win…well I guess I'll settle for the position of god of time and space like everyone else, I guess. And maybe a little something else…but I'll discuss that when I win." "If you win." Deus added. Just as I stepped on one of the platforms, I heard Deus say, "Oh, and to participate, you will need a [Future Diary]." I heard this in surprise as I cupped my hands together. After channeling some of my power into my hands, a green glow escaped my hands. I open them to reveal a green cell phone. "Like this?" I asked, showing him the item I just crafted. "If that's it, I guess I'll head over to the human world." I said, taking my leave. While passing through the dimensions, I chuckled to myself, "Silly Deus, my diary, my rule." I knew he hadn't heard me because the tunnels in-between dimensions are something I control.

And that's how I, Fate, protector of destiny, entered the game for the title of god of time and space.

End of Diary

Well, that is the first chapter, flames, advice, money, all will be accepted. Till next time! =D