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Diary3: 0 and 3

"Well, now that the all the other contestants have been picked, time for the hunt!" I smirked as looked over the downtown part of city from the twin towers. Just then my phone vibrated, updating my [diary]. I took it out and checked the new prediction, it was under info. To my surprise, the tab that had Amano's name had changed to 1st.

6:06 - 1st is being chased by the 2nd

6:13 - 1st runs to construction site to escape, but the 2nd finds him

6:14 - 1st and 2nd are in elevator when reported serial killer, 3rd, is spotted

6:21 - 1st and 2nd go to roof to avoid 1st's death by the 3rd

6:26 - 1st and 2nd trap and kill the 3rd on the roof

"The third, huh? So he's the serial killer around the high school?" I pondered out loud. "Well, I guess it's time to work on the offensive." I jumped off the building, falling to the ground. As I got closer to the ground, I started to slow down till I was basically floating down. "That was fun." I said as I started to run towards the construction site.

I hid at the construction site as I heard Yukiteru's steps rush by. I then heard the 2nd run after him. I quickly snapped a picture of her before she noticed. "[Gasai Yuno], welcome to the list." I smirked to myself, chuckling in my head. After a minute or so, I got out of hiding, just in time to confront the 3rd. As I stepped out to confront the 3rd, I looked up at the 1st and 2nd as they went up the elevator. I took out my [diary] and took a quick picture of him. I heard his [diary] buzz as well as mine. "Look, I know who you are." I told him as he rushed at me with his machete. "But, before you try to kill me, hear me out." I persuaded him as he lowered his weapon. "If you chase after them, their gonna kill you. If you team up with me though, I can assure you that you won't go down." I finished as I reached out my hand. He shook it as a sign that we were partners. "Now, lets get our prey." I said as I let go of his hand and ran towards the elevator.

Up on the roof…

The 3rd exited the elevator to an empty rooftop. He stepped out to the center of the roof. "That brat! Where did he go!?" he yelled as he checked his diary. "WHAT…!?" he screamed as they both jumped up off the ledge and the 1st threw a dart at his diary. I then ran out from behind the crane and blocked the dart with a metal pole I found. "What…Shukumei!?" Yuki said surprised. "Hey there…[1st]." I said simply, rushing towards him with the pole. The 2nd came out of nowhere and blocked the pole with her bare arm. I kept swinging the pole in attempt to get her out of the way, but she kept blocking. After a while, she took the pole out of my hands. I jumped backwards towards the 3rd. "Give me your weapon." I ordered the 3rd, who forcibly complied. I then took the machete and ran towards the 1st. The 2nd got in my way and pushed me back again. I then took the dart the 1st previously threw and ran towards them again. As the 2nd attempted to cut me off again, I took the dart and stabbed her in the arm, causing her to drop the pole. I then charged at the 1st. I was able to cut in the side. As he held his wound, he accidentally slipped off of the building. As he was falling, the 2nd jumped after him. After a while, I looked down, and was surprised when they where nowhere to be seen. I then walked to the 3rd, handed him his weapon, and walked to the elevator.

End of Diary

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