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Chapter 4

A week after class started again, Zoey and Dustin had not had sex since the interlude in the classroom. School kept them busy for a few more days. Finally, an oppurtunity came and they took it.

One Saturday night, Zoey was sitting alone in her dorm, reading a hot romance novel. Lola had a date with the school baseball star. 'So what if she's dating a guy who can pitch like Nolan Ryan. I got a brother that can fuck like him.' Zoey thought. Quinn and Logan were in the boys lounge making out. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of Room 101 and Zoey unlocked it. "Hey!" her brother said merrily. "Hey!" Zoey sing-songed back. "Let's not bullshit, let's just get down to business."

Dustin kissed his sister hard on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and jumped up on his crotch, hooking her legs around his waist. "I love you, Zo." Dustin said with lust in his voice. "I love you too, Dustin." his sister replied, growing more hot and bothered every second.

Dustin set his Zoey on the bed and pulled off his shirt. He leaned in and kissed her neck as their breathing got heavier. He pulled off her pajama bottoms off and noticed she wasn't wearing underwear. And he noticed something else, she had shaven for him. He felt her crotch...'Smooth as a baby's ass.' He removed her shirt and unfastened her bra, completing her nudification. Dustin pressed his face in between his sister's cleavage. "Going motorboating?" Zoey asked. Dustin blew a rasberry into his sister's chest. "Yeah!" he said chuckling. "But its you who'll soon be enjoying the ride." He suckled both of his sister's average sized breasts like a newborn. He moved his way lower, inch by inch, giving her several light, tender kisses. He reached her clit and stuck his tongue into the wetness within. He sucked the loving juices his sister was producing. Zoey moaned with pleasure. "Do I make you wet?" he asked her. Zoey nodded. "Do I make you horny?" Again Zoey nodded. "Do you crave my throbbing cock inside you?" "Oh, yes! Yes, baby brother. YES!" she screamed. Dustin kissed Zoey's inner thighs while he unzipped his pants. He looked up at her, his cock throbbing. He knew he needed some relief.

Dustin rose to his feet, kissed his sister on the mouth and removed his jeans and boxers as their tongues intertwined. Dustin's member was now hard as a rock and Zoey was tired of the teasing. Dustin guided his cock into his sister's folds. He grabbed her hips and dove into her. He pounded her pussy with so much force, she would most certainly have trouble walking the next day. "Oh, Du-uh-uh-uh-sti-ii-iii-iii-in!" Zoey moaned as her brother slammed into her.

He then got on the bed and motioned Zoey on his dick. She straddled him and began riding his cock. "Yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaawwww!" Zoey screamed. "Oh, yeah big sister. Ride that cock." Dustin commanded. Ride that cock, you naughty cowgirl!"

He turned her over and both got on their knees. With Zoey on all fours, Dustin mounted his beautiful sister. He reentered her pussy pumping into her quickly but lovingly. A few minutes later, Zoey had reached her climax and Dustin knew he wasn't going to last much longer either. With a few more pumps, his member swelled and poured a tsunami of cream into his sister. He kept pumping to make sure every last bit of relief landed in Zoey's vagina. When he finished cumming, he flipped Zoey back over and made her get down on her knees on the floor. She licked the remaining traces of cum off her brother's dick and placed her mouth over her brother's meat. She took the remaining bit in her right hand. Zoey began sucking and jerking in rhythm. Dustin moaned with pleasure and ecstacy. Several minutes later, Dustin swelled and blew a mouthfull of seed into Zoey's mouth. She opened wide to reveal the loving, white release her brother just spilled into her mouth. Without hesitation, she swallowed and stood up to give her brother a goodnight kiss.

"Goodnight, Zoey! And thanks." Dustin said as he put his pants back on, gathering his clothes. "Goodnight, D." Zoey said. "We going to do this again sometime?" Dustin asked. "I don't know Dustin, we've done this a few times and I think we should stop or at least not so often." "Why?" he asked. "Because, we're brother and sister, D. We shouldn't be doing this. Its wrong." Zoey replied. "It doesn't feel wrong." Dustin said. "No." Zoey said with a perverted smile. "It doesn't." "So, we share more of a loving relationship than most siblings. Big deal." Dustin preached. "We have fun and we're always there for each other. Through thick and thin." "I guess you're right." Zoey said. "Of course I am" Dustin said with a smirk. There was a short silence in the dorm before Zoey finally broke it. "Goodnight." she said. "Night!" Dustin said.

As Dustin walked down the hall, back to his dorm, she couldn't help by realize that she was slowly falling "in" love. Falling in love with her own brother.

Walking to his dorm, Dustin couldn't help thinking the same thing. 'Could my own sister be the right girl for me?'

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