Alway will protect you...

"Cmere freak"!

"Hey loser"!

"Ugly little Geek"!

Chihiro was always being picked on at school and she couldnt escape it, especially when all her bullies live in her neighborhood. She felt so frightened going to school and no matter how many times she told an adult, they always give her a hard time. And now it seems to be getting worse. She cant even tell her parents anything about it anymore.

"Chihiro, where did you get that bruise", asked her mom. Chihiro covered it up and smiled.

"Oh, nothing mom. I just fell".

But that all will change soon...


Chihiro walked to the bus stop by herself like usual when Akio, Ryuka, and Garu, her bullies came up behind her and kicked her in the back of her legs. She screamed and fell limply in the ground.

"I hear you told on us again, loser", Akio yelled.

"You think where gonna give a pathetic weakling like you get away with it", asked Garu.

"Think again"!

Ryuka started kicking Chihiro around. Her crys of help didnt bring anyones attention but more and more laughs from the bullies. Akio kicked Chihiro in the head, which just about knocked her scenceless. As she braced for the imbact for another kick to the head, she heard a thud.

When she opened her eyes, head pounding, she saw Akio on his back with a black eye. She look up to a mysterious figure standing above her. He had chopped dark hair and green eyes. His skin was almost as pale as snow. Almost instantly, she reconized him.


"I want you three to leave Chihiro alone right now before i make these minutes you're last", he enraged. Automaticly, the three boys ran off in a fit of screams. Chihiro tried her best to get up by herself, but she stumbled. Luckily, Haku caught her. He pushed a strip of hair out form in front of her eyes.

"Are you okay, Chihiro"?

"Y..yeah. I'm fine", she replied.

Suddenly, Haku embraced her. Chihiro, who's head was still pounding, bursted into tears.

"Dont worry. If they pick on you again, i'll kill 'em. I promise i will for now on always protect you".