Chapter 3

Sweat beaded on her skin, making it slick and giving it an appealing shine beneath the low lights. Her body hummed with pleasure. She clutched to him tighter, loving the feeling of his hard muscles below her warm palms. Her thighs clenched around him and her breath was pulled from her lungs in puffs of air that were slowly morphing into to moans as she rode the pleasure.

"Faster." Lois said, mouth close to his ear, tongue peeking out to taste him.

"You sure?"

"Yes. Faster." She urged, pressing herself tighter against him.

The powerful machine between her thighs gained speed, the vibrations from the engine touching her in all the right places, fueling the sharp need that already rested inside her. The motorcycle roared as it picked up speed, flying over the black top and between the few cars that were still out at this time of night.

She loved it. Riding the powerful, potentially deadly automobile, her hair wiping around her shoulders beneath the helmet he had insisted she wear. She felt free, and with her body pressed up against his back she felt her desire for him roar like a tidal wave through her. Her hand slid from his waist, her fingers snaking beneath his t-shirt, she needed to feel his heated skin against hers. Eyes closing she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she allowed her fingers to caress over him, exploring what her eyes couldn't see.

He was as hard as marble, chiseled as though he had been born from the stone. Her hand traveled farther upwards, smoothing over his pecks to tease his nipples that budded beneath her touch.

Clark bit back the groan that wanted to escape him as she played and teased his body, staring a dangerous game that he would enjoy playing. His mind fogged, her cinnamon spice scent filling his senses, her touch sending sparks of electricity through him. He felt on fire, his skin burning with the heat she created in his blood, blood that was streaming downwards to pool in his groin. He needed to kiss her, to feel her skin bare against his, to look upon the beauty he knew her to be.

"How much farther?" Lois asked; voice low and husky.

Her teeth nipped at his ear and her hand began to make a tantalizing decent. The bike swerved, cutting over three lines of empty traffic and taking a corner hard, the wheels almost coming off the pavement. Their destination was before them, two minutes away at the most, but if he didn't stop her they would never make it. Thoughts of pulling over and bending her over the sleek, black Ninja filled his mind.


"Not much longer."

"Better not be."

Her fingers danced over his erection and he bit out a curse, pushing the bike faster, blowing through a stop sign and a red light before slowing to a stop before a towering structure of black metal and glass.

"Mr. Kent." The doorman greeted.

Clark ignored him, focusing on getting Lois off the back. He pulled her behind him through the glass doorway, ignoring the stares from the woman at the front-desk as her eyes moved lower. Her heard Lois's heels clicking over the emerald marble floor cut with glass as she hurried to keep up. He hit the elevator button with the palm off his hand, his other bring her up against him.

She felt incredible, her soft curves melting against his body that felt made of stone. He was hard for her, everywhere, his heart picking up pace as he looked down into her eyes that gleamed like honey. Her mouth parted, giving him a view of her pink wet tongue.

"Do you know how much I want you?" Clark asked; voice low. "Want to kiss you. To touch you. Do you know how hard it is for me to keep my hands off you?"

"I can guess," Lois said, she leaned forward, pressing herself tighter against him so that there was barely any room for air to pass between them. "But why don't you show me."

It was all he needed. A groan of pure animalistic want rumbled up his chest and he lowered his mouth to hers, cupping the back of her head to keep her still. Her lips were soft against his, soft and wet and brought to mind even softer and wetter places on her body. He tried to keep it light but she made it impossible when her hand curved around his neck beneath his jacket and a moan, no a whimper, of need escaped her.

He could smell her desire. Hear it in her heart.

His tongue teased her lips that tasted of cherry gloss and whiskey. She opened her mouth to take him inside, but his tongue danced away back into his mouth. Lois growled in frustration and the sound made him smile.

"Impatient are we?"

"Tease." Lois said.

The word barely made it out her mouth as his came back to cover it. He played with her mouth against, letting her pulling his tongue inside. She tasted like tequila and sin. A heady combination that went to his head and his groin, making him impossibly hard where he pressed against his zipper.

The 'ding' of the elevator finally arriving pulled them apart. And they stepped inside the glass lift that overlooked the city as they were whisked away to the top floor.


Oliver grumbled, tossing his phone onto the hotel bed, not bothering to watch as it bounced once before tumbling to the carpeted floor.

She wasn't answering; he knew it was late in Metropolis, or early depending on how you looked at it. But she knew he would be calling, had even told him to do so, so why would she not be calling. He tried to tell himself that she was asleep and a sleeping Lois was a hard thing to wake, but a tiny voice in the back of his head suggested that she may not be sleeping alone. Maybe she was too busy to get to the phone, too busy to even know that it was ringing.

He shook his head, clearing it the thoughts that tormented him. Turning from the picture perfect view of Tokyo, he made his way to the bar that stood between the kitchen and the living room. Pouring himself a drink he refused to let himself think upon what, who, Lois could be doing. He trusted her. He had to.


Lana blew out a breath of frustration as she dialed the number once again. It rang, and rang, and rang, before going to voicemail. She hung up, gripping the phone tight and barely resisting the urge to throw it across the room.

She didn't want to think about where he was when he was suppose to be asleep, in bed, with her. She had woken twenty minutes ago to the night air, the alarm clock on the nightstand showing a glaring two. A.M. He hadn't been there. Now he wasn't answering.

She didn't want to think about it but the thought crept inside her mind anyway. She tried not to picture the woman that was able to keep him away. Was she blond? Brunette? Red-haired?

She wanted to scream, to hit something, to hit Clark. Flopping down face-first onto the large bed, she dug her head into the pillows and screamed out her anger and hurt. She'd try again in a little while, she thought, unable to give up the hope that maybe he was working, that maybe he was doing anything other than another woman.


Her shirt was thrown somewhere in the darkness, his fell to the floor in a flutter of motion. Her pants were pulled down her legs and tossed to the side; his were pooled around his ankles. Her bra and panties where…somewhere…his boxers came to rest on the floor lamp.

Clark watched the way Lois bounced on the mattress, her breast dancing before his eyes, her hair flying around her shoulders. Her skin was flushed and shined in the moonlight and bright city lights that came through the triple-windows. She beckoned him with a finger, and who was he to refuse.

Lois felt her breath catch in her throat as he crawled over her, powerful muscles rippling; he looked fearsome, like a predator hunting its prey. Both hands curled into her silky hair, capturing her, holding her for his pleasure. His mouth descend to hers, taking her lips in a demanding kiss that made it impossible for her to keep anything back. Her back arched, her body pressing forward; wanting contact, needing it. His hands moved from her hair to take a hold of her wrist when she tried to touch him, pressing them back into the mattress.

Violent, urgent demand clawed at him, icy-sharp amongst the fire that burned in his blood. She whimpered and wiggled beneath him and his controlled fractured. His mouth trailed over her skin, his tongue leaving behind a wet path, before his lips settled onto the round, softness of her breast.

Clark held her still, one hand on her waist, the other trapping her hands above her head. He played with her smooth, warm flesh. Teasing her breast with light kisses that had her gasping and pleading. His tasted the areole of one, then the other, kissing the slopes that enticed him, ignoring her pebbled nipples that begged for his touch, for his lips.

Lois growled once again, scowling when he only laughed at her. She opened her mouth, to say what she didn't know, but only a moan passed her moistened lips as his fingers danced over the skin of her belly. His touched marked her, heated her, igniting something within her that she couldn't possibly begin to understand. She opened her legs wider when she felt his touch on her thighs, smoothing on the outside before making her body shiver as he explored the inside.

She was wet and aching, muscles clenching and begging to be filled. But he ignored it, his fingers moving upwards to cup around her free breast.

"Please…" Lois whimpered, she tried to move, to position her body beneath his where she needed it. His grip tightened.

"Please what Lois?" Clark asked lifting his head.

Her eyes were wide and wild, gleaming with need and he felt himself grow even harder. Her cheeks were red, her lips swollen. Her breast heaved as she pulled air into her lung, her nipples pointing at him, drawing his attention and he could no longer deny them both what they wanted.

Lois hissed in pleasure as his mouth finally, finally, captured a nipple between his lips. His tongue teased the peek, his teeth nipping at the tender spot, leaving a sting that was quickly washed away under the heat of his mouth. Rough fingers of his hand plucked at the other and he drew her body taunt like a master drew his instrument; preparing it for the night's enjoyment.

A pulse of heat seeped down the center of her, so hot, so wet, that it burst from the confines of her body. Moisture flooded her, pooling between the juncture of her thighs. Clark heeded the beckoning nectar, his hands caressing over her while his mouth continued to feast. His fingers slid over her silky, wet curls. A finger teased the oh, so sensitive hardness before continuing onwards. Her reaction was like tinder put a flame, a wild cry tearing from her throat, her hands curling into his, nails biting into the skin of his hand.

He slid a finger to be sheathed inside her wet heat and Lois cried out to the heavens. Clark groaned at the feeling of her surrounding him, marveling at how tight she was, her walls quivering around his invading digit. He lifted his mouth, wanting to watch the pleasure that played on her face inhibited. He knew he could give her pleasure like this, with only a finger playing inside her body, filling her with sensation and passion until she had no other choice but to explode from it.

"Please." Lois whimpered.

"Please what?"

"Let me touch you." She said, her eyes holding his. "I need to touch you."

Clark sucked in a breath at the thought of her hands on him. He didn't know if he'd out last her exploring. His body was strong tight with the need that pulsed inside him. But looking at her he knew he could not deny her, not when it would bring them both so much pleasure.

Lois ignored the sting of blood racing back into her hands as he released her, instead concentrating on him. He was smooth beneath her touch, the muscles in his back jerking and quivering beneath her wandering fingers. Her hand came around, needing to feel his hardness.

He took her mouth as she took him in hand, his touch tangling with hers in a mated dance as old as time. They moved in rhythm, her hand caressing over his aching cock, his fingers pumping inside her tight channel. He took her breath into his lungs, expelling his for her to do the same. They toyed with each other, fueling the fires of desire until it exploded, boiling to the point where neither could wait.

He took his fingers from her, her body reluctant to let him go, he batted away her hand. Then his hands were at his waist, flipping her over pressing her into the silk sheets. He jerked her onto her knees, bringing her hips back to his, blanketing her with his body. A kiss between her shoulder blades made her shiver, his cock breaching her made her gasp. He clutched her hips between his wide spread fingers, eyes fluttering close as he filled her inch-by-inch. She was tight, and hot, so hot that she threatened to melt him. He heard her whimper, moan, felt her body squeeze him.

The plea tumbled from her lips and sent him hurling over the edge. He pounded into her, while she writhed back against him, her hot, wild body seeking the pleasure from the throbbing hardness between her thighs.

The sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed through the room, their breaths harsh, and voices biting out cries filled the dark room. A finger teased her clit and her body turned to stone as pleasure rocketed through, sharp and strong, too demanding to be denied.

"Come for me Lois." Clark whispered on a groan.

He bit the flesh where her neck and shoulder met, hard enough to leave a mark behind. The pain made her call out his name, her body shook from termers of orgasm.

Clark held her down, his hands splayed over hers. He took her body hard, his cock hardening and filling her, spasms shaking him as he felt her come apart around him. His head went back, mouth gaping as he growled out her name, his cock spilling his seed inside into her.

A calm settled over them, and he moved off her, pulling her against his chest. Her hair was stuck to her back and tendrils ran over her face. Sweat coated both of them and the undeniable scent of sex was thick in the air.

"Damn." Lois grinned, saying the only thing that came to mind.

Clark laughed, taking her mouth, his body already fueling with desire once again.