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Send away for a priceless gift
One not subtle, one not on the list
Send away for a perfect world

"45" by Shinedown

Flying was never a fun task, but all the added security made flying such a hassle. Hermione Granger was not pleased that she would have to sit for three hours in an Airport Terminal just because there was a chance that security would be hell to get through. Accompanying her to the airport were her two best friends Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. They each had two large suitcases wheeling behind them while Hermione carried a small carry-on bag containing her essentials for clothing. The two suitcases were filled with her books, notes, research, and whatever liquids and gels she couldn't carry onto the plane.

"Jeeze Hermione, did you bring enough books?" Ron asked as he pulled the heavy suitcase along. He knew the answer of course, so Hermione didn't feel the need to answer him.

"Boys, please try not to get in serious trouble? I'll be back for the Hols so don't get too worried if I don't write so often. You've both got my address, phone numbers, and where I'm staying at right?" she asked, pleased when both boys nodded in the affirmative. "Good." They dropped off Hermione's bags to be checked and then walked her to Airport Security.

"We'll miss you Mione," Harry whispered as he hugged her tightly. He smiled as he let go and Ron hugged her.

"I know you will, boys, but this is a once and a lifetime opportunity! You guys should see if you can come and visit me if Kingsley will give you the vacation," she reminded the two young Aurors. They would start their training next week, though it was informal training considering they had defeated Voldemort.

They both grinned before hugging her one last time. "Bye Mione!" they said in unison before walking back towards the alley they Apparated from while Hermione entered the long line through security.

"Finally," Hermione muttered to herself as she plopped down into one of the uncomfortable chairs in the waiting area. She rummaged around in her travel bag for a granola bar and a worn copy of A Witch's Guide to Boston. She was eager to start her study program at Northeastern University as a transfer student working towards a BS in Biochemistry and a BS in Chemistry. Her aptitude for Potions and her thirst for knowledge led her to researching, applying, and ultimately accepting the chance to gain a bachelor's degree of science in a comparable field. Many of her professors thought it a waste of her time and talent, but she was adamant about it. Her most admirable supporter was Severus Snape, who argued that she could only be more valuable to the wizarding community if she could infuse both muggle and wizard theories.

Hermione was rather sad that Severus hadn't said goodbye at all, but she consoled herself in knowing that he was a very private person who probably wasn't very good at communicating. She pushed the thought away and opened her book to the information about college life. Surprisingly, she found a short note written on a scrap of paper stuck between the pages.

Ms. Granger,

Best of luck in your studies.


She smiled and placed it in the back of the book to use as a bookmark. In the hour and a half that passed before boarding was called, Hermione finished familiarizing herself with the campus. Once she was seated comfortably on the plane, she slept peacefully for the eight hour flight.

The landing was only slightly rough, and it was remarkably tougher to drag both of her suitcases to the curb where she waited in the taxi line. It took mere minutes to heft her suitcases into the trunk and she politely asked the driver to take her to Northeastern University.

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