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Magna Chum Laude

Over at the Slifer boys' room, Jaden and Syrus were preparing for the upcoming exams by dueling each other on electronic tablets. However, for Jaden…

"Awww! I'm never gonna pass the promotion exam! I have test anxiety!"

… things weren't going so great.

Syrus grinned eagerly at the situation. "Watch this! I'm taking out your Clayman with Drillroid!Now you're wide open!"

"Wait a second!" Jaden said in a panic, moving his stylus pen across his tablet.

"And with this card… I win!"

Jaden stared at the screen and hung his head in defeat. "I lost…" he moaned. "Ugh, I gotta learn to stay calm during these tests."

"You should chill out, like Chumley," Syrus suggested, motioning to the top bunk where the Koala duelist was lying down with his back to them.

"Uh, Sy, isn't he… like, a bit too chill?"

"He's fine, just tired," he reassured Jaden. "He was up all night long, poor guy."

"All night?" Jaden said, puzzled. "That sounds like a lot of studying. Especially for Chumley."



"Chumley already failed his exams twice," he reminded him. "If he doesn't pass them this year, he's out of here for good."

Unbeknownst to them, Chumley was in fact still awake and listening to their conversation.

'And with my dueling skills, that's exactly what's gonna happen,' he thought to himself.

"That's a lot of pressure," Jaden remarked. He then looked back at his screen and grimaced. "I hope Jeremy's having better luck than me."

While Jaden and Syrus were preparing for the exams in the comfort of their dorm room, Jeremy was in the library pouring over books with Christine's help. Currently, he had a tablet before him that showed a scenario involving zombie monsters wherein he was supposed to win in one turn, and while his opponent controlled a Summoned Skull and Jinzo, he had Spirit Barrier and Transmigration Prophecy. "So…" Christine spoke up after he'd been staring for several minutes. "Do you know the answer?"

"Christine…" Jeremy began, only to be interrupted by Christine pointedly clearing her throat.


Jeremy turned his head to look at his girlfriend, who starred straight back at him. "Forgive me, oh great Mistress Kaiba."

Christine's mouth curled into an amused smirk. "Better. Now, what were you saying?"

"Um… I have no idea how to work this one out. I mean, I like horror movies well enough, but zombie monsters were never really my thing."

"Alright, let me explain it for you. Start with Tribute to the Doomed and discard Pyramid Turtle to destroy Jinzo. Then normal summon Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower and play Book of Life to resurrect Pyramid Turtle. Since a zombie was special summoned, Bone Tower forces your opponent to send the top two cards of their deck to the graveyard, leaving them with ten cards. Then with Spirit Barrier protecting your life-points, Pyramid Turtle attacks Summoned Skull, gets destroyed, and you use its effect to summon another one from your deck, which makes your opponent lose another two cards. After that, you just keep using its effect to summon more Pyramid Turtles, use Transmigration Prophecy to return two copies to your deck, and summon another zombie when you run out of Pyramid Turtles. In total, your opponent loses twelve cards, so you end your turn, your opponent can't draw, and therefore you win."

Jeremy muttered to himself as he moved his stylus across the tablet, then blinked a few times when it showed a victory sign. He then looked up at Christine who was looking at him in a self satisfied manner. "… oh."

"Most duels may end by reducing your opponent's life-points to zero, but not always," she reminded him.

"What now, Chr- Mistress Kaiba?"

"Actually, before we continue, I'm just curious… why are you so worried about the exams? Not that I'm complaining, but you're not normally so stressed out like this."


Jeremy thought back to a phone call with his mother, during which she'd learned about his latest test results. The ensuing reprimand had been along the lines of: 'Jeremy Wheeler, if you do so badly again on your next test, I swear you're gonna be grounded for life!'

"… Let's just say, desperate times call for desperate measures."

Christine looked at him for a second, puzzled, then shrugged her shoulders and continued with their study session. "Anyway…"

Later in class, the Slifer boys and the other students were painting duel monster cards. "Hey, Jaden, look at this," Syrus piped up, holding up his painting of Magician's Valkyria. "Wadda you think? Is it good?"

Jaden looked at his friend's painting form the corner of his eye and continued focussing on his own. "Not bad… but check out my card design. It's a work of art… it's pure genius… it's Sparkman!" Syrus looked over at Jaden's painting and saw a crude figure that didn't quite resemble Sparkman. "See?"

"Uh…" Syrus stared blankly at 'Sparkman'. "If you say so."

"Lemme see…" Jeremy spoke up, leaning in on Jaden's other side to take a look for a few second. "Now check this out." Jaden and Syrus looked over at Jeremy, who held up his own painting of a stubby little blue dragon with bulging eyes.

"Is that Blue Eyes Toon Dragon?" Syrus asked.

"… Yes, that's exactly right," Jeremy replied in a less than convincing tone.

"Nice," Jaden remarked. "So, what'd you do, Chumsters?" He asked, looking up at Chumley sitting in the row behind them.

"Hm? Uh… Oh, it's nothing much," the koala duelist said modestly.

The three boys stood up and turned back to look for themselves and saw a beautiful painting of the Australian landscape. "Wow, that's great!" Syrus commented.

"Cool!" Jaden pitched in. "So, what is it?"

"What is is!?" Syrus exclaimed incredulously. "You've never seen Ayer's Rock?"

"I, uh… no."

"So, why'd you pick this?" Jeremy asked, curious.

"You see, a long time ago I went camping with my dad in Australia and saw it."

"Great brushstrokes," a Ra boy remarked as several students around them leaned in to look at Chumley's painting.

"Cool texture," a Slifer said.

"Duh, I know," Chummy replied with a smile. "I'm gonna use it for my-"

"Ahem! Attention!" The giant screen at the front of the class blinked to show Crowler's face. "Will Chummy Huffington please report to Chancellor Sheppard?"

Chummy had a worried look as he got up from his seat.

"Is he in trouble?" Syrus wondered.

Jaden shrugged his shoulders at this. "Beats me."

"Come on, guys," Jeremy piped up. "Of the four of us, Chumley probably gets into the least amount of trouble."

"Considering how much trouble we get into, that's not saying much," Syrus replied.

"… Good point."

A short while later, Chumley was standing in Chancellor Sheppard office, with Crowler next to him and Sheppard sitting at his desk. "Uh, like, am I busted?" He asked, worried.

"Huh?" Sheppard had a puzzled look on his face for a second, before he let out a good natured laugh. "No, not at all. I've called you here because I have some very good news Chumley."

"You do?" The koala duelist asked, surprised.

"Look." Sheppard extended his arm out to Chumley, holding a duel monsters card.

Chumley took the card offered and his eyes widened in surprise as he saw the artwork for Ayer's Rock. "It's my card!"

"Congratulations. Your design won Industrial Illusions' contest. It's now official."

"Huh? But who chose-?"

"I did, Chumley Boy." Chumley looked to the side where a tv on the wall was now showing them a video call from Maximillion Pegasus himself, a playful smile creasing his lips. "There was so many cards, and so little time to decide. "But you card, it was… a gift from the angels themselves. An angel named Chumley. There's more… I want you big brain working on more cards, for me, at Industrial Illusions. If your teachers concur."

"Chumley, this is a fantastic opportunity," Sheppard remarked as the screen faded. "Well my dear boy, you have my recommendation."

"Pegasus… wants me?" Chumley said in shock.

"Um, a moment?" Crowler spoke up. "I'm troubled…"

"What now?" Sheppard asked. "Just say yes already."

"But Chumley hasn't passed his exams," he reminded his superior. "Now what kind of school would we be to send Pegasus some flunky?"

"Crowler, come on… give the kid a break, for Pete's sake."

Crowler huffed and crossed his arms. "If Chumley can beat me in a duel, then I'll let him go."

"A duel?" Chumley said, nervously.

"But… if he loses, he'll be expelled immediately!"

"It's settled," Sheppard declared. "Good luck Chumley. And you'll need it. Crowler plays to win."

"And win… is what I'll do tomorrow."

Chumley stared at the two grown ups with wide eyes and gulped, then walked out into the hallway where he found Jaden and Syrus waiting for him. "What happened?" Jaden demanded immediately. The brunette Slifer then noticed the card in Chumley's hand and grabbed his arm. "Hey, they made one of your cards!"

"Chumley… Oh man, don't you know how awesome that is?" Syrus piped up.

"But… um…"

"But um what?" Jaden asked. "Come on! You should be ecstatic! I mean, this is huge!"

"Sure is," Syrus agreed. "Congrats!"

"I guess…"

Late at night, while most of the Slifers were asleep in their beds, Jaden's eyes blinked open. As he rubbed his eyes, he heard Jeremy muttering: "Lightning blade powers warriors… weakens water. Morphing Jar discards… draw five…" Looking up at the bunks over him, he saw that while Syrus was sleeping soundly, Chumley's bunk was empty. Shaking off the sleepiness, he crawled out of bed and walked past Jeremy when the blond boy snorted and jumped awake. "Jay?" he wondered, staring through bleary eyes. "What're you doing?"

"Chumley's not in bed and I'm gonna go look for him."

"Wait up, I'll come with." The two boys put on their sneakers and went out in their pyjamas. They soon found him at the edge of the nearby cliffs, crouched down with his arms around his legs. "Hey Chumley. What're you doing out here?"

The koala duelist turned his head to look at his friends as they sat down next to him. "Um…"

"Can't sleep cause you won that big contest?" Jaden guessed. "I'd be excited too."

"Actually… we have to talk, and it's really important."

"Is it about the leftover grilled cheese? It's cool that you ate it," he reassured him.

"It's not that…" Chumley muttered.

"Have I been talking in my sleep?" Jeremy asked. "Mis… Christine's been working me hard trying to get ready for the exams."

"It's not that either. Guys… they're gonna kick me out tomorrow unless I beat Crowler in a duel."

Jaden and Jeremy stared at Chumley, blinking in surprise. "I'm sorry, rewind and repeat," the former said. "Didn't you just get offered a job at Industrial Illusions?"

"That's if I beat 'im."

"Man, that bites," Jeremy commented. "I thought Crowler had it out for Jaden, not you."

"Why does he have to make everything so tough?" Jaden wondered.

Chumley stood up and sighed, despondent.

"Alright. You'll just have to take out that creepy Crowler then," Jaden declared confidently, jumping to his feet. "I did, so you can too."

"He's right, Chum," Jeremy said, jumping up as well. "You stood by me in our tag duel, it's only fair to repay the favour."

Chumley smiled at the encouragement. "You're right. I just can't lose as long as I've got you guys with me."

Jaden smiled back at him. "That's the spirit, Chumley. Now, tell us about that new card you made."

The next day after classes, Chumley and Crowler were facing off in the main arena while Jaden, Jeremy (having convinced Christine to agree to a study break for the occasion), Syrus, Christine, Alexis, Bastion and Chazz were watching from the seats above. "Let's go, Chumley!" Jaden encouraged their friend.

"Come on, man, we're with you!" Jeremy pitched in.

"Um, guys?" Syrus piped up. "Aren't you worried for Chumley?"

"No way," Jaden said confidently. "Jeremy and I stayed up all last night to help Chumley train for this match."

"Wow, you of all people sacrificed a night's sleep?" Christine teased her boyfriend. "Now that's real friendship there." Jeremy stuck his tongue out at her.

"We're all rooting for you, Chumley!" Alexis called out.

"We are…" Chazz said. "I mean… yeah, we so totally are."

Bastion glanced at Chazz with an amused look. "… I'm convinced."

"Don't be nervous, Chumley…" Crowler said as Chumley attached his duel disk to his arm. "This duel will simply affect… the rest of your life!"

Chumley's eyes widened at the reminder of what was at stake. "Um… ok."

Crowler huffed upon seeing his hesitation. "Well, are you waiting for an invitation?"

Chumley steeled himself and activated his duel disk. "I got one right here."

"Let's duel!"

Chumley: 4000

Crowler: 4000

The two duelists drew five cards, and Chumley began his turn, drawing a sixth card. "Here we go, Chumley. Let's see here… I think that first, I'm gonna lay down one monster in defense mode. That's all for now."

"That move was absolutely… what's the word?" Crowler mused as he drew his next card. "Yes, lame. I play the spell Magnet Circle Lv 2."

"Oh man, Chumley's in for it now," Chazz commented.

"And thanks to Magnet Circle, I get to summon this, my Ancient Gear." A small machine appeared on the field, made up of a collection of gears, along with a pair of arms and a wheel at the bottom. (2/100/800) "And it's special effect now let's me summon another one. Not to shabby, eh?" A second copy appeared next to the first. (2/100/800)

"Umm… this doesn't look good," Syrus remarked.

"I think I know what's coming next," Jaden said.

"And now I sacrifice my two Ancient Gears to summon my Ancient Gear Golem." The two piles of gears vanished and were replaced by the mechanical giant. (8/3000/3000)

"Uh oh…" Chumley stared nervously at Crowler's legendary monster.

"Ancient Golem attack! Mechanized Melee!" Golem reared its arm back and Chumley's hidden monster flipped up, revealing itself to be Des Koala. (3/1100/1800) "You never did study. If my Ancient Gear Golem has more attack points than your thing's defense, then the extra damage goes to you." Golem threw out a punch that slammed into the Koala monster, causing Chumley to flinch as the damage was passed on to him.

Chumley: 4000-2800

"That's it! You're gonna get it now!"

Crowler's eyes widened as he saw Des Koala clinging to Golem's fist. The furry monster glared at the Obelisk headmaster, then spat out a flurry of razor leaves before exploding in a shower of pixels.

"Des Koala's flip effect… for every card in your hand, Koala hits you for 400 points!"


Crowler: 4000-3200

"When did Chumley learn to duel like that?" Syrus wondered.

"Hey, like Jay said, we spent all night helping Chumley train," Jeremy reminded him. "And this is just the kind of thing we went over with him."


"You remember when Chumley duelled his dad?" Jaden spoke up. "Well, back then he blanked out on Des Koala's flip effect, but thanks to last night, Chumley's now a lean, mean, duel machine!" Jaden looked down at Chumley as the Koala duelist drew his next card. "Well… maybe not lean."

"My turn… I summon Eucalyptus Mole in defense mode." A large mole with leaves growing out of its back appeared in front of Chumley, crouched in a defensive position. (3/300/1300) "And next I'm laying down another face-down."

"Come now, Chumley, that's your move?" Crowler questioned sarcastically as his duel disk popped out another card for him. "Ancient Gear Golem, attack Eucalyptus Mole. Mechanized Melee!" Golem pulled it's arm back and threw our another punch, crushing Chumley's monster. "And of course, less you forget, all extra damage goes to you."

Chumley: 2800-1100

"Let's just wait one minute, kay," Chumley butt in. "If you take out my Eucalyptus Mole, I get a Koala from my deck. And guess who wants to say hi? My little friend… Big Koala." The giant blue koala rose from where Eucalyptus Mole had been. (7/2700/2000)

"More like, big waste," Crowler mocked. "I, on the other hand, will be summoning Ancient Gear Soldier." The smaller mechanical monster appeared next to Golem, crouched down. (4/1300/1300)

"Whatever. Check this… lishus. I'm gonna play Wild Nature's Release. And all of a sudden, my Big Koala's defense points are added onto his attack points." A blue aura surrounded Big Koala, empowering it. (7/2700-4700/2000)

"Wow, when did Chumley get so good?" Alexis wondered.

"From watching me," Syrus proclaimed.

"Yeah, that's it," Jaden said jokingly.

"Alright, Koala! Take out that pile of rusty bolts. Take down from down under." Big Koala dropped on all fours and charged across the field, tackling Ancient Gear Golem and destroying it.

Crowler: 3200-1500

'Nothing I can't come back from,' Crowler thought to himself.

"Alright! Check out my face-down," Chumley called out, activating his card. "This is like totally awesome. Beast Soul Swap let's me bring back a monster to my hand, and then I get to summon another beast with the same level. It's switch-a-lishus!" Big Koala disappeared and Chumley picked up his card. "Guess I'll call… another Big Koala!" The giant blue marsupial reappeared on the field. (7/2700/2000)

"Uhh, I'm lost," Syrus said, confused. "Why did he trade out for another? Anyone?"

Chazz chuckled at his confusion. "Heh. I thought Chumley was dumb."

"While powerful, Wild Nature's release is risky," Bastion explained. "The card destroys your monster."

"Yeah, unless you swap out your monster for another monster just like Chumley did," Alexis continued.

"Nice move," Christine commented, looking at Jeremy and Jaden. "Guess that training last night really paid off."

"You know… I think Sy slept through that class," Jaden said, smirking in amusement.

"And look who's talking?" Syrus piped up, all indignant. "Hey, it's not funny!" He glared at Jeremy who was also laughing. "You guys are no better than me!"

"Actually I wouldn't call it sleeping in class," Jaden said. "It's more like scheduled study eye breaks."

Alexis coughed at this. "Give me a break, Jaden."

"Big Koala, take out that Gear Soldier!" Chumley's monster charged across the field again, jumping into the air and crushing Ancient Gear Soldier under its weight. "Now that's an Aussie sized super-slam. And I'll be laying down one face-down."

'It's all for naught,' Crowler thought as he stared across the field at Chumley. 'The tutorial is over. It's time to give Chumley a real schooling.'

"Let's see how you handle this. First, I activate my Pot of Greed, which of course, allows me to draw two more cards. Such as, the ultimate spell card, Ancient Gear Factory." Everyone stared at a giant machine rose up behind Crowler, with mechanical limbs, a conveyor belt, gears and stars engraved in the top. "Dear Chumley, you're about to fail… for the last time. Now, you see, the this card allows me to summon any Ancient Gear card I hold, such as my friend the Ancient Gear Golem."

"Aww man…"


"This bites."

"How does this work?" Christine wondered.

"Yeah," Alexis agreed. "What about sacrifice? As in, Golem kind of needs one?"

"Not quite." The students all looked to the side to see Chancellor Sheppard.

"Chancellor Sheppard?" Alexis said, surprised to see him.

"What're you doing here?" Christine wondered.

"I just love a good duel," he explained simply. "Though it doesn't look so good for Chumley."

"He's right," Crowler said. "I don't ned to sacrifice a card. All you need do is look into my graveyard. If it holds Ancient Gear monsters whose levels are twice that of my monsters, they become the sacrifice, even though they're already destroyed." The broken parts and scrap metal from Crowler's monsters dropped onto the conveyor belt and were fed into the machine, with the stars at the top lighting up one by one. "So please, let's all welcome back… Ancient Gear Golem!" The machine began to shake and the doors opened up, revealing Crowler's signature monster, which then rose to its full height. (8/3000/3000)

"Whoa! What a move," Jaden commented, then took note of the looks Jeremy and Syrus were shooting at him.

"Just whose side are you on anyway?" Syrus questioned. Jeremy simply stared and punched him in the shoulder (albeit not too hard).

"Dear Chumley… how can I recommend you? I mean… come now, you can't even win one easy duel. Ancient Gear Golem, attack Big Koala! Mechanized Melee!" Golem threw out a hard punch, slugging Big Koala in the gut.

Chumley: 1100-800

"I play a trap card!" Chumley declared. "And it's a totally lishus one called Animal Trail. Now Des Kangaroo jumps right into my hand."

"A kangaroo? You'll have to do much better than that, Chumley. Something… like Ancient Gear Drill. All I have to do is discard one card, then thanks to this lishus card, I get to take any spell card from my deck, and place it face-down."

"Wait… any spell?" Alexis piped up.

"This does not bode well," Bastion muttered.

"Give it a rest, guys," Chazz said. "He's done for."

"Not yet!" Jaden declared confidently. "Chumley! Remember last night? Remember what we told you? Your friends are with you!"

"Yeah, what he said!" Jeremy pitched in.

"Come on, Chumley!"

"You can do it!"

"Don't give up!"

"Chumley!" "Chumley!" "Chumley!" "Chumley!"

Chumley stared as his friends for a moment, touched by all their encouragement. "I get it now… That's why Jaden and have so much fun. They never duel alone, they've got us! And now I've got them. You can't beat me, Crowler!" Chumley declared confidently, thrusting his arm in the air. "Cause it's more than just me, it's all my best buds too!"

"Right on, Chum!" Jaden shot back, smiling.

"Whoa… look at him," Alexis said.

"I don't think I've seen him like even during your tag duel," Christine mentioned to Jeremy.

"He's… happy," Syrus pointed out.

"That's a first," Bastion remarked.

"Yeah, yeah, big deal," Chazz muttered.

"Jaden… Jeremy… thanks for everything. Now let's do this!"

"Your friends can't save you," Crowler said with a smirk.

"But this card might." Chumley drew his next card and his eyes widened in surprise as he saw the new card he'd made.

'It's my card… The one I thought up when I went camping with my dad. Aww, who am I kidding? From when I ran away. It was after I flunked my second advancement exam. I went to toss my deck off the highest rock I could find, to give up duelling for good. But then… it happened. I saw the most awesome-lishus sunrise ever! That's when I realized, things may seem to be at their darkest, but they're not gonna stay that way for long.'

"I activate Ayer's Rock Sunrise!" A large, flat rock formation rose up behind Chumley, with a sunrise behind it. "You can't stop the sun from rising, just like you can't stop my dream. I will be a famous card designer! And now… let's see one of my first cards in action! First, it lets me summon a beast from my graveyard. Can you guess who? The one, the only… Big Koala!" Chumley's Koala reappeared up on the rock formation. (7/2700/2000) "Then, turn your eyes to my graveyard, and you'll find that for each beast, plant or winged-beast, M. Tall, Dark and Rusty loses 200 attack points."

Beams of light erupted from Chumley's duel disk, and then Des Koala and Eucalyptus Mole appeared on Ancient Gear Golem, gnawing him and dropping his attack points, causing Crowler to cry out in surprise. (8/3000-2600/3000)

"Now how about we try something Fuse-a-lishus, with Polymerization! I'm melding Big Koala and Des Kangaroo to create Master of Oz in attack mode!" Chumley's monsters turned into energy and twirled around each other, creating the giant fighting beast. (9/4200/3700)

"Alright! That's like Chumley's best monster!" Syrus happily exclaimed.

"Go get I'm, Chum!" Jaden called out.

Chumley looked up at his monster, standing at the ready atop Ayer's Rock. "Alright… time to finally ace an exam."

"Bravo, Chumley, very impressive," Crowler admitted. "Especially for you." 'Impressive indeed! But how could I, Dr Crowler, an Obelisk Blue, allow a Sliver flunky to defeat moi? The answer… I can't! If you attack, it will your last mistake.'

"Alright, Master of Oz attack his Ancient Gear Golem! Outback Attack!"

Crowler smirked as Master of Oz jumped off Ayer's Rock and rushed across the field. "I activate the spell Limiter Removal!"

Jaden blinked in surprise. "Say what?"

Jeremy's face fell at this. "Aww hell."

"With it, the attack points of all my machines are doubled!" The gears inside Crowler's Golem began spinning rapidly as it powered up. (8/2600-5200/3000)

"Man, this is not good news…" Chumley could only stare helplessly as Master of Oz was overpowered and taken down by a single punch.

Chumley: 800-0

"I lost…" Chumley hung his head as tears streamed down his face. However, his attention was peaked when he heard clapping, and he looked up to see Jaden, Jeremy and the others cheering for him.

"Nice duel, Chumley," Jaden called out.

"Your best one yet," Jeremy pitched in.

"Way to play," Syrus added. "Really. It was awesome. Am I right, guys?"

"Eh, not too shabby, I guess," Chazz admitted, though he was still clapping like the others.

"But I… I still lost…" Chumley said, confused. "I can't get my dream job."

"Stop that crying!" Crowler insisted as he approached Chumley. "It's true, you lost this duel, but losing doesn't always mean failing."

"Uhh… wadda you mean?"

"You see… the point wasn't to win or lose, but to prove your ability." Crowler looked at Chumley with pride. "For the talent you displayed, how could I ever fail you? I will recommend you for the position at Industrial Illusions."

"So… I'm not kicked out?"

"No, you're graduating." Chumley looked at Crowler's outstretched hand for a second before he grasped it. "Farewell, and congratulations, Chumley."

"He's really going…" Syrus muttered, a sad look on his face. "I don't know how I should feel about this."

"Come on, Sy, Chumley gets to follow his dream," Jaden pointed out. "Yeah, Chumley may be leaving, but true friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there."

"Wow, Jaden…" Christine said, sounding impressed. "That was oddly… insightful of you."

"Aww, come on, I have my moments," he insisted, a smile on his face. "I'm just saying, we shouldn't be sad, we should be all parties and hugs."

"Yeah!" Jeremy said excitedly.

"Ahem. We need to get back to the library if you wanna pass your exam," Christine reminded him.

"Yes Miss…" Jeremy interrupted himself and reconsidered his choice of words. "I mean… yes, you're right."

Christine crossed her arms and gave him an amused smile. "Ahem…"

Jeremy looked at the others, then looked back at her for a second, before he let out a sigh. "Yes… oh great Mistress Kaiba."

Predictably, everyone (including Chumley and Crowler) laughed at this.

Having packed his bags and said his goodbyes, Chumley was a plane looking out the window at Academy Island. "Goodbye… everyone," he said as the plane flew away. "Jaden, Jeremy, Sy…" Chumley wiped some tears from his eyes. Looking back, he saw the spirit of Des Koala sitting in the seat behind him smile and nod. "I'll be back… someday. I promise."

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