Summary: One of the first lessons you learn as a ninja is that things aren't always like they seem. Well, Sakura has a secret that she will take to the grave, and it all started when she was just a little girl. Eventually ZabuSaku.

Rating: T for now.

A/N: Yes I know, I'm crazy. but I love this story. Please have paitence for me, the start might be a little slow.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto, but I DO own this plot idea!

No Exceptions


As the only daughter of a family who is viewed as perfect citizens of Konoha, I was raised like a proper girl is expected to. You know, the ABC's, my numbers, the difference between right and wrong…

Everything they told me, I believed it to be true. I mean, why should I doubt something we are taught is perfect? Everything, when I did what they said to do, seemed to always work out as planned.

No difficulties, no pain.

Nice, right? Of course. But what happens when things all fall apart? You start doubting everything.

My name is Sakura Haruno and this is my story. My story of how one event changed my life forever. My story of true love and desception. My story of how in less than a minute, everything I worked for in life fell apart. The story of my life.

Short, I know. But this is a tester to see who is interested in reading more. Hope you review, and cookies for all!~