He had no idea why she wanted to stay out so late. They had merely intended to train for a few hours, which turned into conversation, then to a friendly walk, which in turn led to the river where they now rested their feet in the cool water.

He looked over at her trying his best to gauge her thoughts. She stared dreamily out into space. Since when had being confused become so wonderful?

She had always been beautiful in his opinion, whether she was dressed-up or covered in dirt and grime. This time was no exception.

Only, he would never openly express his feelings, for fear of rejection and pain. It was for this reason that he didn't speak up this very moment. They were friends. Why complicate something good? Besides, she loved another and something like that doesn't change easily.

Then her eyes met his, and all his worries and insecurities flew out the window. The way she smiled, and the soft gleam in her eyes compelled him as if they were forcibly pulling him toward her.

"You're so beautiful," came Naruto's awe-inspired slip. He froze once he realized what he said.

The unexpected happened.

Sakura leaned in and planted a sweet, chaste kiss on his lips. "Took you long enough." Her smile turned into a playful smirk.

Naruto smiled back and wrapped her in his arm as she leaned against him. Together, they enjoyed the moon-lit night.

A/N: Felt like writing something short, meaningful, to the point, and in accordance with what I believe Sakura's talk with Naruto will lead to eventually. I have a lot of other ideas(much longer stories) still in the development stages, but life comes first. Hope you liked it because it will be the last for a while.