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From Ice to Water

"And the man who is behind this, is Toshiro Hitsugaya."

All sorts of thoughts sped through her head as she watched from a distance as the two captains neared each other. Hidden in the shadows, all she did was observe. It looked as if the shorter of the white-haired shinigami was advancing, taking the first move. All she could see from here was his wild white hair, but she knew his features well, and right about now, his turquoise eyes would be alight with flame. She loved them when they were like that.

She had spent her whole life with that specific soul reaper, and that just brought the severity of the situation crashing down on her all over again. She couldn't believe it. She'd thought she'd known him, understood him unlike any other, and yet, this happened.

'Aizen said so, remember that, Aizen said so, and he can't be wrong.' She chanted to herself, thinking of the letter her dead captain had left her. And she leapt out of the encasing shadows in between the two captains, her back facing Toshiro.

"Mo-" she heard him start, but quickly corrected himself. "Hinamori! Don't fight him!" she heard him say, in that voice she had known for so long, which was now overflowing in what she knew was care.

Glancing ahead of her, she spotted the other shinigami there; Gin Ichimaru. He had always been a mystery to her. The biggest unknown to her in the entire soul society, and she had always been social. It wasn't that she didn't get along with him. Oh no, it was practically the opposite. When he talked, it had this underlying tone she could never figure out, unlike Toshiro's, who, as much as he tried to hide it, always spoke from the heart. And of course, Gin's uncanny smile, that only shrank and grew but never disappeared. There was something about him she couldn't quite understand. But he was not of her concern right now.

"I'll take care of him," her childhood friend continued. "You just lea-"

He stopped and for good reason. Momo even felt Gin jump up a little at her sudden move. She kept her eyes firmly on the lining of the 10th division's captain's coat. If she looked up, at his face, his eyes, and saw the confusion and betrayal, she wouldn't be able to bear it. Not from those eyes. So she pointed her soul cutter at him, an inch from his neck, forcing away the stinging at her eyes and held her ground.

"You killed captain Aizen," she said. "Murderer."

"…Hinamori…." Tears brimmed her eyes as he said it, his sincere voice coated with confusion and shock. Something that she expected. She kept her eyes fixed on the blade of her sword, not wanting to make eye contact, because that would be her downfall.

She still couldn't believe Toshiro had killed him. She couldn't believe he was plotting to destroy peace of the soul society. She didn't understand any of it. He had always loved life here. He loved the company in the society, the peace kept by shinigami, the lifestyle of him and his friends. To think that he would throw it all away, and – more tears brimmed her eyes, about to fall – kill a captain. His colleague. She blinked and a tear rolled down her cheek. In fact it didn't seem possible. She straightened. Yes, something wasn't right, he couldn't have possibly done what Aizen said he had.

'No,' she thought. 'Captain Aizen was always right. Toshiro has to be a traitor.'

Bitter anger filling her again, she pressed the blade against the soft skin of his neck. He tensed, though it wasn't because of the sudden coolness of the blade. His skin had always been pleasantly cool, Hinamori recalled. It sent strange feelings through her, pleasant feelings, that she simply defined as 'Toshiro's touch'. No, he had probably stiffened because it had sunk in that she really was bent on killing him.

And then she made eye contact.

She knew that if there ever would be hesitation, it would be because of this. The intensity of his gaze, the sheer capacity he was capable of holding within those deep pools of turquoise. They reflected hurt, at her turning on her best friend. She felt it too. They showed confusion, shock, hesitation and fear. No, not fear for himself, for he never feared for himself. But fear for her, that something was wrong with her. And maybe there was, maybe she shouldn't –

'NO!' She yelled at herself as she once again found doubt at what she was doing. 'Aizen is right. He's always right!' Toshiro was a genius, and it probably didn't take much for a genius to slowly weave his plot undetected. Therefore Aizen must be right.

Another tear fell. Then she spoke.

She told the object of her inner turmoil all of what Aizen had written in the letter. She told him, and Gin, of the plot Aizen had discovered, that the terminal duo contained power beyond comprehension, and that to obtain it, Toshiro was willing to go to any length. She told them of how Aizen had asked to meet him, and then, the obvious outcome. A third tear fell.

"That's really what Aizen wrote?" He asked quietly. As if the words held deep accusation. He truly was a fantastic actor.

"Yes," she choked out, trying to steady the tremble in her voice. "And he ended by writing 'if I die, Hinamori, inherit my will and kill him.'" Her hand shook, lightly stabbing the exposed part of his neck. She closed her eyes, unable to stop talking or to block out the hurt in Toshiro's eyes, and continued in a whisper. "'This is my last wish, not as the Captain of the 5th division, but as a man, pleading for help….'"

This was it. She drew in a deep breath. Now was the time, when there was no eye contact with that pair of beautiful eyes, when her mind was clogged with despair. Now was the time to kill her best friend.

With a loud cry, she charged at him, barely noticing the airiness of Ichimaru's spiritual energy, almost as if he was happy. Through tear-glazed eyes, she caught his widened eyes. But of course he dodged it. He was probably ten times stronger than she ever was.

"You idiot!" She heard him yell, surprised that she felt slightly saddened by his wordrs. "Do you really think Aizen would write something like that? The Aizen I know wouldn't walk head on into an uncertain battle!" He yelled. She swung at him, and he nimbly dodged it again. "Nor would he ask his subordinates to do it for him!"

She hesitated, tears running endlessly down her face. "But- but that's what it said! It has to be true!" She yelled back, knowing full well how feeble her argument seemed compared to his. She swung again, missing completely.

"The letter was probably forged, or changed." Perfect words, perfect logic, coming out of a perfect mouth.

"It was his handwriting! Definitely!" Stupid answer, from a stupid delusional being.

Another swing.

"I don't want to believe it either!" She choked out, looking at him compassionately. "But Captain Aizen wrote it! I have to do this for him!" she charged at him as he landed meters away. She stopped in front of him, panting, sobbing. "I – I don't know what to do anymore….." she paused, looking at his face. "Toshiro."

With that heartfelt statement, she slammed all her might into her cutter and brought it down, fully aware of his cold reiatsu travelling upwards as he dodged again. She panted for a while, catching her breath, barely listening to things around her. She barely heard Toshiro yell at Gin, and she leapt at him again, fully intent on meeting him half-way there.

She saw him flinch, and she knew why. They were in the air, and were on a direct collision course. She had her blade fully raised, determined on finishing this with one blow. She knew that he was a captain, and if she had been anyone else at that moment, she knew he wouldn't have hesitated to defend himself. But she also knew he would never purposefully hurt her. He had always been too caring of her.

'I'm sorry, Toshiro.' She thought as she locked eyes with him for what she thought would be the last time.

But then she froze. She had known, deep down, that she'd never be able to carry this out fully. Anybody else, then perhaps. But Toshiro? Never. She was unable to hurt him, just as he was unable to hurt her. She swung at him, because she knew he could dodge. She threatened him, because she knew he was indifferent. But to wipe him off of this world was like killing herself. She couldn't survive if she knew that she'd never see him again. And more so when she knew it was her who killed him. As cliché as it sounded. It was at that moment, when her dark eyes landed on his intelligent ones, that her perspective changed entirely.

It was at that moment that she realized that she had fallen more deeply in love with Toshiro Hitsugaya than she had with anyone else before.

And it was in that moment of hesitation that her grip faltered and her angle changed. Her blade scraped against his arm, and then she almost immediately collided with him. In the next few seconds, all she comprehended was a flood of warmth and a blissful moment that all her mourning over Aizen was forgotten and engulfed with nothing other than Toshiro.

Then she was falling, and the last thing she remembered before her world went black was that maybe, just maybe, Aizen had got it wrong.