Twilight/ Charmed/ Gilmore/Passions/NCIS crossovers

This is my first crossover it just came to me don't own Charmed, Gilmore, Passions, NCIS or twilight characters but do own some.

Edward left Bella that day in the woods. Bella went to San Francisco where she meets Chris Halliwell who had just lost his beloved Bianca. They become friends. She works at the San Francisco Chronicle where her friends Jack and Rory worked. Jack owned the Newspaper where he inherited from his Aunt Phoebe. His cousins Isabella and Resa owned the night club they inherited from their aunt Piper Chris's mother now that was weird but Chris explained that he and Wyatt his older brother didn't want the club so she gave it to her great nieces. Their mother's died and Isabella's father Sam Bennett lived in Harmony he renounced being a witch after his mother Phoebe died at the hands of his cousin Wyatt who turned evil. He forbid his family to practice magic but Isabella was never the one to listen to him or her elders. Now Resa was whole different story her mother was a Halliwell but died right after she was born. All three were unique Jack, Isabella, and Resa were the New Generation of Charmed ones. Their father, and mother's were Charmed and Phoebe was their mother. Piper died of a broken heart and Leo also died from a broken heart after their eldest turned evil. Paige had three children twin boys and one daughter. Hank wasn't really Sam's brother but Sam raised him after Paige and her husband died along with his sisters. Hank was in love with Ziva David his best friends best friend. All three were best friends from grade school.

Bella meant Chris through Jack and Rory. Rory was a reporter from Hartford. She ran away from her mother. She said her mother sold her to the devil she didn't meant that literally but figuratively. She said her grandparents and mother arranged a marriage for her. So right before she was to be married she ran away very much like her mother did. Her and this Logan person became friends but she didn't want to marry him. So she ranaway to San Francisco she met up with her old friend Jack from the Royal Academy. That's how she (Bella) really met was at the school. She met Chris years before at a party Izzie and Resa threw even though they didn't really like her and vice versa they had to invite her because Jack wouldn't allow a party without her. So she went and that's how she met Chris.

"Hello" Chris says


"You must be the new reporter"


"So what made you want to come here and be a reporter"

"I don't know I wanted travel I guess and besides my two best friends are here so I came to visit them"


"I wasn't planning to stay but Jack convinced me to"

"So why did you come"

"Long story"

"I got time besides the party isn't my type of scene"

"Me neither I got my heart broken and my father decided to send me to the Royal Academy where I met Jack and Rory with those evil twins"

Chris laughs "my cousins aren't evil they just don't trust easily believe it or not it took Rory a whole year before they could trust their little bookworm"

Bella laughs "hmm"

"So I'm guessing you know our family secret or else Jack wouldn't be friends with you"

"Yeah I do I was in love with a vampire"

"O really"

"Yeah when I was younger still hurt over it of course"

"Hm I got my heart broken when my fiancé died"

"I'm sorry"

"How did you fall for a vampire"

"he saved me and I was attracted to him he was mystery that needed to be solved"


Bella breaths heavily she didn't want to admitted but she was attracted to this man. Chris felt the same way.

"Um so how do you know the lovely Ziva"

"Resa's brother Luis actually"

"How do you know him"

"Through Jack how did her and Hank hook up"

Chris laughs "They had always had feelings for one another so after Luis and him rescued her Luis got sick and tired of them dancing around their feelings he locked them in a closet at his house no less and told them to sort out their feelings next thing he was hearing was moans which Resa and Izzy tease him about all the time"


"Then they broke up she went to work for the NCIS"


"And the rest is history as you can see"

"No it isn't"

The last time they rescued her they rekindle their romance and here she is celebrating their anniversary that Izzie and Resa put together"

"Ah but most of Izzie and Resa's friends are here"

"That's because Ziva doesn't want any of her past connections knowing she's alive because her father would know that bastard"

"Why is he a bastard"

"He's the one who order the kidnapping and beating of her"

"Why would he do that"

"To get information on NCIS"


Chris sighs.

"What about Izzie and Resa"

"What about them"

"How did they get themselves into messes and I know they do"

Chris laughs "Yes they do all the time but they usually get thmeselve out of it"

"Ah ah what kind of trouble"

"Both dangerous and non dangerous they usually go after trouble just to get their parent's attentions and Sam and Augustine scold them but they don't care their happy when they pay attention to what they're doing"

"Why would they do that"

Chris shrugs his shoulders "You'll have to ask them anyways they get out of getting grounded making them forget what they were scolding them for"

"Ah how"

"Distraction them singing but sometimes that doesn't work and they get into even more trouble when they are on punishment doing something they're not suppose"

"Do they get caught all the time"

"Only when they want the attention"

"Why don't they do that with accomplishments"

"Because Their father's are jackasses"


"anyways enough about my family what about yours"

"Mother lives in Florida lived with her for most of my life father lives in Forks moved in with him my Sophomore year of high school because I didn't want to go to Florida with my mom and her new husband"

"Any siblings or cousins"

"Nope both parents are single child's like me"

"Hm that most be lonely"

"Nope I'm a loner what about you"

"What about me"

"Tell me about yourself"

"Well half whitleather half witch I have one brother who turned evil on me and my parents who both died from heartbreaks no children"

"Why didn't your mother give you the club and Restaurant"

"Didn't want them"

"What do you do for a living"

"Whitelighter watching out for my cousin's"

"What do you do for money"

"Oh that I'm a teacher at magic school"

"Teaching what"

"defense against demons I could teach you"

Bella smiled "I would like that"

"Me to" Chris says

"Well we better get inside before they start wondering where we went off to"

Chris nods his head

"One more question through"


"Did you go to the Royal Academy"

Chris shakes his head "Are you part of the guard like my cousins"

"Yeah I'm a mechanic"

"Wow a bomber"

"Yes and we disarm them to"


Bella smiled "So if I were in trouble would you come to rescue me"

"Yes but I would also trust you"

"Ah Edward would never allow that me going into dangerous situations"

"Why is that"

"Because I'm a klutz"

Chris laughs "Well I'll always be there to catch you"

Bella smiles "let's go get some drinks"

They went to go get some drinks.

"Would you like to dance Bella"

"I can't dance"

"With the right partner you can Isabella proved that with another klutz"


"Collin McCray" Chris nods to over where Isabella and Collin were.

"You mean Prince Alexander"

"Yes he always gets under her skin"

"You mean in a sexual way"

"No get your mind out of the gutter I don't think of that"

"Then how" Bella smiles and Chris was reminded of Bianca's smile.

"He always calls her Mia her full name is Isabella-Mia"

"Ah weird name"

"Yeah it is anyways like I was saying he gets under her skin once he left her at a party with his parents to go sleeping with another girl who was jealous of her Isabella got so mad at him she stopped speaking to him for six months"

"They were together at the time"

"No they were not he was using her as a decoy to please his parents they didn't like that Stephanie girl and his friends including her didn't know and still doesn't know he's a prince she keeps telling him to tell them"

"If that's the case why hasn't he told them"

"Who knows but she says they aren't really his friends if he doesn't trust them"

"He says same goes for her but she reminds him her friends know her secrets"

"How did he respond to that"

"He didn't and as far as I know only Rory knows because she stumbled upon that at the Royal Academy"


"He hasn't talked to the Hartford gang for quite long time now and Rory hasn't either.

"So what's Rory story"

"Her mother sold her soul to Adolf Hittler"


Chris laugsh and shakes his head "She found out when she was sixteen she had to marry this guy because that was agreed upon her going to Chilton that's how she went to the Royal Academy with her father"

"The General"

"Yep and her and her mother haven't talked since how do you not know this"

"She never told me"


"How do you know"

"I overheard her talking to Jack one time"

"Oh so how did she end up here"

"She went to Yale hooked up with the guy who was suppose to be her husband but things ended badly with them when she said no him and he walked away after that she wanted long distances"

"wait I thought she didn't want to marry him or get to know him"

"No I didn't say that they became friends with benefits and after while when she gave him an ulimatium they beame a couple"

"And what about the war"

"Ah the one where you didn't go to"


"Well that's why she said no because she loved being a mechanic"

"O was that her heart telling her that"

"Yep she had to listen to her heart and plus she wasn't ready to settle down"

"O I guess I'm not either"

"You always say that"

"Yeah god I wanted to sleep with my ex but he wouldn't allow that"

"Why not I would take you in a second"


"Yeah if we were a couple and enough time passed so what happen"

"He wouldn't do it unless I agreed to marry him and I didn't want to marry him"

"Why not"

"Fears because my parents didn't make it besides I was to young"

"Well you never do know your own destiny unless your in my family then you have no choice"

"What is that suppose to mean"

"We fight demons"

"O and I thought I knew mine"

"To become a vampire"


"Hm things change"

"MMm" She says sadly
"What if he was just the beginning of something new"

"Like what"

"Maybe I guess he was suppose to teach you about love"

"But I still love him"

Chris sighs "Maybe he'll come back"

"Its been six years I haven't seen him he said I would never see him again but I do in my dreams"

"Have faith Bells maybe one day he'll find his back to you"

"Highly doubt that"

"You never know" Chris says with a smirk.

"So can you travel into the pass"

"Yeah I did once to save my family from evil Wyatt but I couldn't save him from becoming evil"

"Then how did you change the future"

"I don't know honestly it was torn everyone knew about magic and were afraid I don't know how they did it but in the old future those three Jack, Isabella, and Resa weren't around their parents died before they were even thought of"


"Wyatt had them killed because he knew their destiny and he didn't like it"

"So what happen to change that I mean"

"I don't know I saved mom and my aunts when they became goddesses"

"O this is all little too much to take in"

"Hmm but they ended up dying anyways except only this time after my cousins were born and after my aunts and mom became older"

"So Wyatt hasn't told anyone"

"Like I said because of the Charmed ones he knows they'll find away to kill him but they won't"

"Why not"

"Because he's family"

"but he's evil"

"Yeah but he's my brother and the only sibling I have"

"Even through you have them"

"Yeah I love him"

"Hm maybe you can save him"

"I highly doubt that plus Hope, Sam, and Augustine forbid them going up against him"

"But they break the rules"

"They're afraid of him and someone Stanton Crane"


"Tell you something else Wyatt is deathly afraid of Sam and Hope that's why he wouldn't tell anyone both evil and good doesn't want the public knowing anything"

"Why not Evil"

"They'll be destroyed"

Bella nods her head understanding

"One more thing through"


"Everyone here is a freak in some way another"

"They are not"

"That's what my cousin say"


"Well Izzie, Resa, and Jack like myself are the most powerful witches of all time"


"And the Carter family and Rory's family their mother and grandmothers are from a different time"

"So doesn't mean their freaks"

"Then there is Alf who is an alien and Lorne a good demon the only good one Angel good vampire like yours"

"But what about the Harriss's and other's"

"Okay so not all are freaks"

"They're not freaks"

"okay fine not all are special I shall say most come from the Royal Academy"

"well what about the Cranes"

"Evil dumbasses"

"So why are they here"

"Fancy and Luis are to be married"

"But you didn't answer my question why are they here"

"Fox and Fancy are twins they are truelly the only non evil family members um who else Nolen has been friends with Izzy forever the Carter family and Rory have no magic but their mother and grandmother some how came over because of magic going wrong and plus my mother and Aunts told the Morris's about our secret so that's how they know um lets see Jay knows but his cousin Tom doesn't"

"So why is he here I thought only people who knew"

"I don't know Ziva she knows because of Luis and Hank saving her ass so many times"

"But she's good at what she does which is kick ass"

"But she needed saving"

"Magic Bells"

"O right forgot but Luis he doesn't have anything"

"He usually gets her out of there while Hank and Jack fight the demons"


They stopped dancing and just stood there. Isabella and Resa rolled their eyes. They mutter something and Jack hit them.

"What" They say

"She hasn't done anything to you guys"

"Just fell in love with the wrong person"

"I bet you twenty she's going to go back to that vamp" Isabella announces

"Hurting Chris who has been through so much already" Resa says

"And I bet you she won't"

"Hmm and do you know that" Resa asks

"Izzie why don't you look for yourself"

"Um personal gang"

"That didn't stop you before"

The girls roll they're eyes

"Ah you do know something"

They both grumble

"what is it"

"WE can't tell the future it wouldn't be a surprise if we did"

Jack frowns "You do all the time"

"When someone is in trouble" Resa reminds him.

"How come Resa knows and I don't" Jack says

Isabella smirks "Cause its fun to toture you for a while"

Jack grumbles and walks away

"This Edward person better not come back to hurt her"

"She better not hurt our cousin" Resa says to Isabella.

Isabella nodded her head "Or else they'll be hell to pay"

"Yep lets go see how many Rory's drunk" Isabella says putting her arm around her best friend and cousin.

Colin was amazed that Rory could out drink Fin. He had to tell Finn who would definitely come and challenge Rory. He shook his head. He called Finn

"What's up mate"

"I know someone who can give you a run for precious alcohol"

"No one can mate"

"I bet she could"

"No girl can"

"I bet she could"

"Is she a red head"


"Dam and here I thought she was my soul mate" Collin laughs

"You'll never guess who it is or where I am" Collin says

"Where and Who" Finn says intrigued but Collin's cell got taken away.

"What the hell"

"IF Rory doesn't want to be found then don't tell anyone"

"But Finn"

"Then tell him who you are"

"He's been my best friend along with Logan for a long time now"

"Then tell them who you are"

"I haven't talked to them in a long time because of you"

"You will talk to them when you tell them who you are"

Collin frowns "Logan is here"

"So what he doesn't anything"

"I bumped into him"

"Did you tell him anything"

"Not about Rory but we caught up"

Isabella shakes her head "You're a chicken"

"Clearly you are to"

Isabella sticks her tongue out in response

"Come on Mia let's dance"

"Don't call me that"

Collin smirks

"And get that smirk off your face"

"Nope so is Resa still with that Ethan guy or was it Jared"

"Um if you can see Ethan is a coward she lied to the both of them which means she didn't trust them not to leave her she cheated on Jared with Ethan god knows why and she is back with Jay now as you can see"

"They always find their way back together why is that"

"Their meant to be but don't you dare tell her that or I will never hear the end of it"

"Or Whitney and Jason"

"Or them either but then again Whit doesn't believe in that stuff"

"O I think she does"

"Lets not talk because every time we do we get into fights"

"True but that's the beauty of our relationship"

"Who says we are in one"

"What do you call going out and doing it all the time"

Isabella laughs and shakes her head

"Besides I know your deepest secrets and you know mine"

"Nolen, Carter and Resa know too"

"But you don't sleep with anyone of them" Colin smirks "Besides when we sleep together after a fight its mind blowing"

"Yeah but I don't want arguing all the time"

"But don't you agree it is mind blowing"


Collin smirks and twirls her around.

After awhile everyone started leaving.

Bella smiled at Chris as she was leaving she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Chris ran after her

"Um could we go out I mean not as anything but friends"

"Um okay sure why not where"

"P3 tomorrow night"

"Sure" Bella says smiling



Alice got a vision a sad vision of Bella moving on. She's been getting a lot of visions about Bella lately not just moving on but going to war but Edward isn't here with her to hear her thoughts and she was glad but she didn't know where Bella was. Ever since they left Bella Edward had left the family and Rosalie was angry at Bella for that. It wasn't the same without Bella around everyone was sad and hurt in some way or another. Jasper took off also without her. She needed to find Bella to bring her family back together.

Bella went home smiling. She didn't think about Edward the whole night. She went home and dreamt about Christopher.

Chris meanwhile went to sleep with a smile.

The next morning Chris found himself in a different room on the floor.

"Ah" they both screamed

"Chris what are you doing here in my bedroom" Bella asked confused

"I don't know"

"I was thinking about you last night"

"I was thinking about you to"

"Um this is weird"

"Yeah my Aunt use to think about Uncle Coop and he would just appear"

Bella's eyes grew big

"Wasn't it forbidden Jack told Rory and I once that Leo and Piper's and Phoebe's first husband was forbidden"

"Yeah but the Elder's saw and thought that Aunt Phoebe been through enough so they let her have her own Cupid" Chris laughs

Bella smiles and jumps on him

"Woah there" Chris says

Bella kisses him

"What was that for" He says after they kissed

"I don't' know felt like doing that I have since last night"

"Mind if I make the second move"

Bella shakes her head No and he kisses her. Soon they were in a full out make out session just getting to know each other psychically.

Meanwhile Edward felt something like he did once before, He didn't know what it was but he knew it had something to do with Bella.

After the kiss.

"Maybe we'll be just like your Aunt and Uncle" Bella says

Chris smiles

"That maybe too soon to see"

"Well lets see if Izzie can see"

"She doesn't really like you she won't help"

Bella frowns "well then lets change that"

"Its pretty hard to change her mind she still won't talk to Aunt Paige"

"Why won't she"

"Don't ask" He says kissing her.

"Lets go get some breakfast" Bella says jumping up.

Chris made her ham and eggs

"I'm usually the one to cook"

"Well my lady take a rest"

Bella giggles then the door bell rings

"Who must that be" Bella thought to herself

Bella gets the letter

"You've been called up to war"

"Do I need my father's signature" Bella asks them

"No every mechanic is being called out to duty" They say and Bella frowns looking at Chris

Bella understood

"Even Rory"

"Yes even her"

"What about her father"

"He can't stop it" They say

"When do we ship"

"0600 like always"

Bella understood and thanked them

"Your being shipped"

Bella sighs "Yes"

"Good luck and be safe"

"This isn't goodbye is it we can't ended before it started"

"We're not ending it unless you want to"

"NO I don't want that"

"Then we'll write to each other all one another do whatever we can remember I'm just an orb away" Chris says and Bella smiles

"Thank you for not leaving"

"Yeah well I want to see where we go and as long as you don't leave me I won't leave you" Chris says giving her a chaste kiss and continued making breakfast. He sighs he hoped their relationship worked out and she was safe.

Bella opened her package she just hoped she didn't die or in the same unit was the troublemaking twins.

Dear Ms. Swan,

We are truly sorry for interrupting your life and that of the other's we have called upon but we are in dire need of troops. Here is your team…..


John Carter

Lucy Camden

Jasper Whitaker

Selina Rico

Truly Sorry

Your Majesty the King.

Each of the Halliwell's were separated mainly because Resa and Isabella usually got in trouble or their peers in trouble or scheme together to do something or another to make the situation more dangerous.

She called up Jack and Rory after Chris left


"So who is going to be running the club and newspaper" Bella asks

"That would be Chris on both accounts" Jack says

"But isn't that too much for him to handle"

"He has help" Rory says

"From who"

"From family" Jack says

"But most of you guys are going" Bella says frowning "He's a teacher besides that"

"That's why we got Kay to run the paper, and Noah to book the acts and do the ordering he's in charge of payroll and scheduling" Jack says


"Hey O girl lets get ready and go clubbing"

"But we need sleep"

"That's for the plane ride hun" Rory says

"All right see you at seven for dinner"

"Why of course" Rory says

Bella smirks and they all hang up.

Seven that Night

"So who do you guys get"

Jack grumbles

Rory smiles

"I got MgGee, Ziva, Izzie, and Nolen, Mary and Mike as our commander"

"Okay and you Jack"

"Honey, Chad, Luis as our commander, Carmon, Rena and MicKole"

"Hey do you guys know about Collin or Whitney and Jason"

"Collin is with Whitney, Somne and Joey, Jason is with Lorne and Carmella, and Simon

Bella frowns "Hey I thought this was suppose to equal"

"Yeah it's supposed to be but we don't know anything" Rory says. After everyone finished their dinners and drinks they all went to P3 where the party was in full swing.