A Charmed love 2

Jacob went to his father to tell him what he had witnessed earlier that day.

Billy's eyes went bugged eyed on him.

"I never heard of such thing happening although its not really surprising after all you changed into a wolf.

Jacob sighs "She threw a fireball at the Cullen's they ducked but then she disappears out of thin air"

Billy was disturbed by this.

He sighs he didn't know what to do. He saw Charlie coming out of his car.

Billy wheeled over to him "I can't come fishing"

"I know Billy my daughter is angry right now at the world and I came here to say sorry to Jacob and the rest of his friends for her she isn't feeling anything but anger right now"

"But why" Jacob asks

Charlie bit his lip

"And how did she throw fire at the Cullen's and change into a black panther"

"I have to go"

"Charlie we need answers" Billy says

"I'm not her father Billy she's well your enemy now" Charlie says getting back into his truck.

Jacob looked at his father "What does that mean"

"Lets find out" Billy says. Jacob nods his head. They head out to the Swan's place.

'This isn't a good time Billy"

"Well I need some answers"

"Can I check on Bells" Jacob asks and Charlie nods his head. Jacob goes upstairs


"Go away Jake"

"Bella tell me what's wrong" He says

She was bunched up on her bed crying.

"Did you know I can command your pack ah that your Alpha is useless I can do that he can't tell me what do I can turn into anything I want I also can hurt people just glaring at them and I can shimmer and throw fireballs I got that my father and my mother I got projection and hurting people Izzie she can project anyones powers she has visions to and can levitate and Resa she can blow up stuff and freeze them to including me Jack he has Chris's power which is throw any object or bring it to him he can also leave his body be into two places at once Jack can Chris can't he just inherited the power of telkeniese and to leave his body I thought I was normal I thought wrong I can't be with him or you and Edward seems to be the oblivious choice after all I'm part demon that's who my father is he is a shape shifter and demon his mother a shape shifter his father a demon he did the same thing as his father did, did you know my grandmother was banished from her tribe from La Push because she carried the spawn of the devil they thought" Bella looked over at Jacob "I'm your enemy Jake"

"No your not Bells"

"Yes I am I almost attacked you I was just angry for everyone leaving me for everyone keeping this secret from me and that I can't with Chris anymore after all Cole Turner half human half demon Jake and he become all evil what does that say about me ah I'll embrace my eviliness I will become an evil bitch"

"Your not that Bells I know your not that your carring and friendly and loving"

Bella cries "I'm sorry Jake I'm sorry for everything I'm sorry for what I'm about to do"

"Which is"

Bella turns into a black panther looks Jake in the eyes and then she jumps out running off.

Jake sat there on her bed and he cried. How could she leave him again.

Bella meanwhile just ran as far away as she could. She was determined not to become her father. If being her animal is the only way she could to keep from becoming evil and hurting the people she loved the most she would do it give up everything. She turned and saw Chris

"Bella I love you"

She came over to him and noggled her head in his palm

"Please come back to me we'll figure something out"

She nods her head

"Don't be Edward don't leave because your afraid of something happening to you"

Bella sat there

"Please don't be Edward your stronger then Cole or your father please I love you I want a family with you"

Bella turns back into herself

"Okay" She says kissing him and they orb back to the manor.

All three cousins Isabella, Resa, and Jack all said

"Ah man"

Chris and Bella ignored them and just kept on kissing.


AN: Felt like this was a good place to end. They'll be a companion piece to go with it I think not nessisarly a sequel or anything to do with Bella and Chris but to deal with Leah and how she moves on with another Halliwell