Summary: A collection of musical drabbles for the Naruto series

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto, but I DO own this plot idea!


"Lay Down" by Priestess

Neji felt guilty, felt dirty, but he would be lying if he said he wished for it not to happen. In fact, the scene of his shame kept repeating in his mind, kept arousing his body.

He was returning from a solo anbu mission, tired but satisfied with his victory. But he was careless, and didn't notice an oncoming chakra signature. Suddenly, his weary form smacked into a firm body of the S-rank missing nin, Itachi Uchiha. Quickly, he jumped back into a fighting position, taking in the other man's appearance,. There was something funny about the Uchiha, something odd in his chakra flow from what he knew to expect. Before he caught himself, Neji was staring into Itachi's eyes, the red swirls drawing in his pale lavenders. And in that millisecond he stared, reality was distorted. He was laying on his back, naked on an oddly colored ground and he felt a heaviness upon his body.

The S-rank ninja was nude in all his muscled glory, arms on either side of the paler mans head, his body casually in between Neji's bare legs. Without any warning, the raven pressed a bruising kiss to the others pale pink lips, his left hand wandering to caress the brunettes' side, down to his hip, then sliding under the strong thigh to lock the leg around his waist. Neji couldn't stop the moans from escaping his mouth, the pleasure of the Uchiha's licks and sucks in all the right places, the inevitable pressure against his groin.

He tried to pull away, but his body complied with its treatment and held on tight to the broad shoulders, curling his other leg around Itachi's wait to increase that sweet friction. He was an all to willing puppet for the older man, and when he felt something nub his ass, he bucked back against it, pressing a quarter of the ravens huge length inside him. This caused Neji to pause, the foreign feeling bringing the slightest pain, before the man above him shoved the rest in, eliciting an agonizing scream out of Neji's throat.

With each thrust came more pain, but so did pleasure. The balance between the two wavering, but it felt so right to the anbu, the grunts from above bringing him closer. Itachi slammed into him, reaching farther and hitting a certain bundle of nerves that turned him into a puddle of goo. With several more thrusts, Neji saw white, throwing his head back with ecstasy, and a wild cry leaving his lips. His walls tightened, and soon after Itachi filled him with his essence, riding out his orgasm.

Neji forced his body to get up and head toward the shower, failing in the attempt to forget the three days he spent with the Uchiha in his Mangekyou Sharingan, trying to remember the humiliation of waking up in the hospital with innocent questions bringing not too innocent thoughts to the Hyuuga. Sometimes he would wonder what Itachi was doing at the time, or why he did what he did that night, trying to feel anger from his helplessness. It didn't help his initial problem any, and if he was wearing pants they would be uncomfortably too tight.

Neji's slender legs awkwardly carried him to the cold tiled floor of his bathroom as reminisced about that last thought. He had stopped wearing clothes to bed after the first month. With a shake of his head and that thought in mind, he turned the shower to the coldest degree it could reach, washing away his forbidden desires.

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