Summary: A collection of musical drabbles for the Naruto series

Rating: M to play it safe.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto, but I DO own this plot idea!


"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria

Naruto always knew who Sasuke truly was and was never fooled by the charade. He was just a conniving and selfish boy hiding under his clans name. Whoring his body to anyone who could help him in his hunger for power.

But look where he was now. A missing nin who betrayed his village for his conceited desires.

The villagers still looked at Naruto like a monster, after everything he had done for them, when the true monster was the whore in sheep's clothing, hiding underneath his fan. And when it came to accepting Sasuke back into the village because of the power of a name, Naruto stood by, chin out, left to grin and bare it. But that was the extent of his patience.

When Sasuke showed up on his doorshep the next morning, he was greated with drilling azure eyes. He left with a cold emptiness, but that was to be expected from the blondes point of view.

Sasuke could have been his everything, but that was for a different world. A world were Naruto would have offered his right hand and welcomed him home. But, alas, that was a love ever longed.

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